Medoboss (EUW)
: Why did you make this now they will never come true, becosue Riot refoses to take ideas x,D So good
There were some fanart skins that became real like Battle Bunny Riven,Void Fizz and Suprise Fiddlesticks
Dunkrius (EUW)
: We play the same champs on mid lane hope to climb fast back to diamond so I can fight player strong like yourself :c
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Are we gonna get a gift for being positive players in 2015?
There will be a gift chest when hextech crafting starts. Maybe its that?
Cabaras (EUNE)
: Low priority because dc'd from bot game
Have fun playing five coops for the low priority queue
: On a somewhat related note, is the seiryu for Dio among the cast? Supposedly the voice for Vanilla Ice is the voice of Japanese Jhin, but Dio's just so deliciously evil and hammy.
I heard the voice from Twisted Fate is Dio
: Radiant Wukong and Lunar Wraith skins
How does a sale even work on legacy skin like Caitlyns?Wait a whole year?
yarror (EUW)
: soon but first the lunar mask and mb bilgewater))
Bilgerwater mask?
IinTrack (EUW)
: manufacture armour, helmets and shields like ur pictures. Plastic and steel. email:
yarror (EUW)
: jhin wood-mask pendant
I would be interested in Kindred masks :D


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