: For example, a person can have accounts in 3-4 different regions ( just to have a lower ping and more comfort, playing in another country). You already start the conversation in a VERY abusive manner. End statement: YOU are the member, who is not wanted here. P.S. I would not be surprised, if you have banned accounts, as you clearly keep verbally abusing others.
Jesus, dude, i just made a statement, i didnt insult your entire family tree and all of their friends. No need to get so pissy. ######I guess that attitude is why you have so many accounts lol######
: Off Meta builds/picks are NOT PUNISHABLE
When i first got my rank reset it was pretty painful with my off-meta reliance. I main taric/elise top, i climbed to Plat 1 and even got into Dia V promos last season with them without a single question mark from my teammates, and yet this season i've already experienced three troll bans, four trolled games and two extremely toxic teammates due to it. If you wanted to win, why were you so easily ready to give up and feed on purpose? At least give me a chance to prove myself.
True Sight (EUNE)
: As requested, Doran's blade Icon reimagining
I'm sorry, but no. There's no fantasy element to it. This effect could practically be slapped on in a matter of 5-10 minutes. I hate to say this considering the background might have taken more work, but this looks really shoddy. https://yt3.ggpht.com/-uyd3nTae9m4/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/NlPzyOHeQ9U/s900-c-k-no-mo-rj-c0xffffff/photo.jpg A picture of a real, practical sword is way too realistic for League's art style.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hide on küsh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ofJvjzEs,comment-id=0004000100000001,timestamp=2016-12-13T23:53:31.510+0000) > > Those are some pretty neat excuses. > > I'm sure every single "feeder" and "noob jungler" you've had on your team can make those exact same excuses. > > Your problem is that you always assume if your teammates are playing bad, they're just trolling and doing it on purpose or they suck really bad and should uninstall the game. But when you underpeform it's cause you "got camped" or it's cause "your jungler never ganked" or any other bland excuse you can come up with. Hahaahahah Go and watch replays first noob.
And that was when he realized he had completely and utterly lost the argument.
Pillz (EUW)
: Auto fill has basically brought back the same amount of toxic players as we had in season 2 to 5
*Laughs in support main* https://media.giphy.com/media/APcFiiTrG0x2/giphy.gif
: BS. What if its ur 5th account?
Why would you have 5 accounts? If you get banned, stay away. You are very obviously not wanted here.
: If you're top laner like me don't ban her. No one on earth mastered her yet. Just wait, if they pick her go {{champion:122}} or {{champion:24}} or {{champion:114}} . Free LP.
That's cute. https://i.gyazo.com/e669da8864d5f54770d37a6741e71267.png
Eveninn (EUW)
: I saw only 1 Camille in ranked thus far, she was on my Team and we won. So I guess I don't have much to complain about. x3
You're welcome. :^) ######Just kidding there's no way i'd be anywhere near the level of glorious GPet######
: Yes I will ban Camille in ranked. Every game. Stop raging.
Funny you should mention it... https://i.gyazo.com/acf9109d08f055d4fad695c92b50f9ea.png https://i.gyazo.com/3faadcddcc092ffc2e513499228faf38.png https://i.gyazo.com/5b3a9dcc4c36a4d07b3832d7fe385455.png https://i.gyazo.com/05f8df0757054dfeee04527320e5357d.png EDIT: http://i.memeful.com/media/post/QRyVb4d_700wa_0.gif
: Elementalist Lux - Riot's behaviour towards their playerbase is asshole-like
What the fuck is wrong with you? "Waaaaah Riot you're assholes, you dont release a work of art at the exact time of day you said! I have to wait five hours! Waaaaaaaah!" Jesus christ. I never thought i'd say this, but stop being such a freaking crybaby. If you're going to call them assholes, at least let it be for a valid reason, such as the singed player permaban, autofill, how awful riot support is or how they treat toxic players. A skin release? REALLY? I'm so triggered. I cant believe just how spoiled you are.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Did you ever meet a smurf complaining about the low elos he is matched with ?
When i created a new account on EUNE to play with a friend i had multiple facepalms every game. Because i'm naturally not going to be matched with beginners after 2-3 games, i get matched with other smurfs - and my god do these people cry about low level play. A Plat-Diamond Vayne explodes at his unranked level 20 Braum because he's unable to match the two level 30 Jinx/Janna's they're facing. "fkn bronze" dude, he's not even level 30. Seriously. Dont make a smurf account if you cant handle getting matched with low level players. Jesus.
: Well freaking done.
> [{quoted}](name=Panathas3,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9KQHgbNp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-21T22:00:55.407+0000) > > Well **phreaking** done. ######there, i fixed it for you######
: No they cant be, they suck, even low dia palyers suck, but gold players suck more, thats just fact.
I call that "Diamond syndrome" - when you keep telling yourself, and everybody else around you, that you're better than them due to your rank, that you no longer play because you're terrified of demoting. Get a grip.
: DAMN, you are SO helpful! THANK YOU SO MUCH
The client isnt designed to be minimized while in use. Its a very simple truth, but that doesnt make it any less true.
: Wood League Warriors: Champ Select
This is so true. The marksman spends most of the match whining while the support encourages everyone, and then said support carries the team to victory.
: Keep disconnecting in champ select when I browse on internet.
How about... You focus on the game while you play ranked? How about that?
Rioter Comments
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: It is easy, just ask them to build it for the sake of the team, if they don't then they are intentionally choosing not to do it. And no, that blitzcrank should also be reported if he left his laner to solo lane. It is not okay no matter what champ you play. It is easy to distinguish the situations. It is not about playing outside the meta (I just played as a nunu support in flex for fucks sakes) it is about not ruining the game for others. Meta exists for a reason, if you break it for no other reason than to fuck over your teammates then it is easily distinguishable and reportable.
But that's where you are wrong. When its just a written report, how can you be certain it will be easily distinguishable? How can you tell if the person writing the report is lying and just reporting blitzcrank for the sake of reporting him (SALT) or if Blitzcrank actually trolled? What if it's just a jungler making up a story because blitz stole his red buff at level 1? How can you tell, from reading the written report?
Estti379 (EUW)
: >That i can report the enemy Bard for roaming top and ganking me. Sooo... you find it ok to have someone in your team who queues up as support, picks smite and stays exclusively in enemy jungle and just ganks mid and top. In other words, a support that doesn't go bot and plays as a secondary jungler?
I see it frequently in gold. I dont find it okay, but everybody else seems to. Karma support? Nah man, Karma top. Thresh support? Nah man, Thresh mid. Nobody complains when they do it throughout the entire laning phase, often not even their own adc. The real problem here is obviously Singed, and him being frustrating to play against. If Riot wants to ban this guy for playing this way, they should ban ALL roaming supports that dont buy sightstone. Simple. Either you ban none of them, or you ban all of them. If you ban individuals, you're just micro-naziing* the game. That's directly against the summoner's code and their own policy throughout the years. ######*lets just pretend thats a word######
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Nope, neither of those would be reportable. Roaming for a bit as a support (especially bard) is normal. Roaming for 5 minutes and leaving bot adc alone for that time, is reportable, because that completely ruins the lane for the adc. And forgetting and intentionally not buying a sighstone are two different things, one is normal, other is reportable. And the blitzcrank thing again, how does it even come close to this situation? Does blitzcrank steal your camps for 5 minutes while laving his laner alone? All of you should read more about the situation instead of making baseless assumptions and thinking that RIOT is instantly the bad guy.
And how can you tell if someone forgot to buy sightstone or chose not to? What if they just say they forgot? How would you able to tell the difference? I got a Blitzcrank that left his bot lane alone the entire game. He was literally following his premade Ivern around all the time, counterjungling with him, babysitting mid lane and helping to gank top lane. You know what their team said at the end of the game? Report lucian intentional feeding. But thats okay, right? He was just a roaming support. Thats not the same as a Singed support that does the exact same thing, right? The thing is, you cant really distinguish between these two. Sure, in extremely rare cases where a player is constantly reported that might apply, but what if it were a widespread thing? (Because it is, we just dont know about it because its very hard to report someone for "playing outside the meta". If Riot wants to ban this guy for playing like this, they should ban everyone. And we both know they cant, which means they shouldnt ban this guy either. Give him a ranked ban, not a permaban.
Eambo (EUW)
: Flex Queue Fix and (Re)Placements Information
I honestly dont mind climbing slower if i can stop facing Diamond players throughout gold. I was getting a little tired of me being the only player below platinum, as whenever something goes wrong things quickly devolve into a rank contest.
: The Singed support's threat of a permaban is utter lunacy
You know what this also implies? That i can report the enemy Bard for roaming top and ganking me. That i can report my Brand support for forgetting his sightstone. That i can report blitzcrank for stealing my jungle camp at level 1. Is this what you want, Riot? What's next, report mid for roaming bot? Goodbye {{champion:4}}, you magnificent son of a Riven.
: > [{quoted}](name=Trekkorm,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WgNHAW3K,comment-id=00020013,timestamp=2016-11-14T14:02:59.358+0000) > > I agree, i'm Gold 1 in both Dynamic Que and Flex Que and these matches have been extremely fun. Though it does feel like what team will win is now left completely up to the luck of the draw (matchmaking), the matches are a lot more interesting with teams being spread out between silver and diamond rank. Every game's unique. +1 PS. this will level out after some time when the higher elo players climb and lower elo players drop in their base MMR.
That makes sense, i guess. Will there be any noticeable changes to matchmaking after the current maintenance, or is that unrelated? ######Oh my god a rioter noticed me######
: The hypocrisy of LCS sheep...the Quasus case study.
You call this a good build? I've faced three nasus players the past two days that used it. As a top lane main, i cannot possibly understand why anyone would ever use it. Sure, yes it puts pressure on my lane early, and mid when he gets a zzrot portal. But so what? Not only is it impossible for him to win lane against me, but he also cant fight me whatsoever (he's practically dead weight in fights, other than being a meat shield) but his ZZrot portal is stopping him from stacking. Its not unusual to see them have 100 stacks at the 30 minute mark, because i'll just duel them every time they try. Its simple - dodge/shield/tank the E and he's got nothing left. He's same old Nasus, minus the damage. So i ask, why are people convinced this is a good build? I can only see this working against champions that cant build magic resist, or rely completely on basic attacks. Forget lategame. As they relied on dorans rings for damage, they're pure tanks with no damage, and usually get shredded by the marksmen and mid laners, if not by myself.
emthy (EUNE)
Ranked games are not supposed to be fun. They're meant to be a contest of skill. Now that it's completely screwed up, that's more true than ever. If you want to play for fun, play normal games. Me, personally, have been able to climb despite the horrible matchups - i'm currently Gold 1 in both Dynamic Que AND Flex Que, and i'm still climbing. I might be able to reach Platinum rank in Flex que, something i never managed in Dynamic Que.
: We posted yesterday that we are looking to address the ranked missmatch some players are facing. Additionally flex is not solo queue so be aware your solo queue ranked mmr is not the same as flex. Personally I'm really enjoying the challenge of these higher ranked players in my games. It's a great learning experience and I am really being put to the test even if I do get my butt kicked from time to time.
I agree, i'm Gold 1 in both Dynamic Que and Flex Que and these matches have been extremely fun. Though it does feel like what team will win is now left completely up to the luck of the draw (matchmaking), the matches are a lot more interesting with teams being spread out between silver and diamond rank. Every game's unique.
: WOW, congratulations, you just realized that many diamond players are better at macro play! Now you can start to realise that, this game isn't about winning your lane hard, thus you arent better than them.
Except that i do, in fact, beat most of them, and i usually translate winning my lane into winning the game. (Just {{champion:122}} things ) Sorry for offending your integrity, Mr. Gem. Some Gold players CAN be good at the game.
: This is honestly a nice experience. To play against someone better is awesome
The problem is many of them arent better. A lot of these players rely on teamwork and more often than not premades to actually succeed. I've only lost my lane once against a diamond player without any jungle/mid lane interference, and that was during tank Yasuo's peak strength.
Larry (EUNE)
: Hey, as a diamond player myself, in normal games there are not many things i can do more than a sivler player. I am diamond by playing support, and in normal games, i definatelly dont want to play support anymore. Besides, being "diamond" doesnt guarrantee personal skill, there are other aspects like doing the things needed, when needed. This does not apply to normal games since they are so random, you cannot make any coordinated efforts. Yes there are teams who cooperate, those who dont, but all these have nothing to do with a person being diamond in them. Whether you believe it or not, in every normal game i lose as diamond, i get reported for ebaying my account.
I can imagine. The MAJORITY of the diamond players i face are lacking in personal skill, but make up for it in game sense (e.g positioning, teamwork, vision control, that sort of thing.) I guess we're opposite sides of the same spectrum - even when i beat them, i'm harrassed by diamond players for being gold, while you're harrassed by gold players for being diamond.
Rioter Comments
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Almighty (EUNE)
: "We want the fewest number of queues that give unique experiences so we can keep queues healthy"
: 6.22 Notes - Time To Relearn To Play
JESUS CHRIST I ALMOST SHAT MYSELF READING THIS OH MY GOD ######Added page to favourites just so i can go back here whenever i want to in the future and remember this masterpiece, RIOT HIRE THIS GUY/GAL TO WRITE YOUR PATCH NOTES ALREADY######
: They look like this because i wanted to make them in this childish-cartoony, animated style to differentiate them from the other fan-arts on grown up characters . That's why i put a tooth on Lux, also i am huge anime fan.. :D I hope this answer your question, and thanks for the kind words.
Well then it definitely achieved its goal. Its very pretty, i especially like the way you colour in the "glow" around them. The pixels around Ahri is a very nice touch, too.
: Fan art of Ahri and Lux :)
Oh god hearing "fan art" and "ahri and lux" prompts my mind to think of _certain images_ that i wish i'd never seen. ######the internet has ruined me###### /topic; Your drawing style is very charming, very colourful. They are really cute! But why does Ahri look like a boy? And why does Lux look like she's 5? (because that's what having one tooth does to you)
desalmada (EUW)
: for amazing community toxic free
How is that even related to the post?
: I guess you didn't read. I'm plat and my mmr is arround high plat when I Q in ranked, in normals the mmr is lower because it's a different mmr system.
Your story sounds like my average gold/plat game. I'm currently gold 1 in ranked, but in normal games i get matched with Diamond players (usually 3 diamonds between IV and II) and two plats. As i prefer ranked over normals because ranked games are easier, i play ranked a lot more. I mainly get matched with people in low Platinum rank, and at least here i'm lucky if bot lane hasnt died once at the 4 minute mark. 2/0/2 jungle Rengar at the 7 minute mark? When i play Rengar i'm often 5/0 at 7, so consider yourself lucky. The rest of your match? That sounds like every game i play, regardless of the que. People feed, people flame, and "meta" lane dominance champions reign supreme no matter what mode it is. Its not just you, and its not just silver. Its how the game works. Complaining about it wont make you any better than the flamers, because you're spamming the boards rather than the in-game chat.
desalmada (EUW)
: thank you riot games
for making you wait until the final day to play your ranked games?
Dakreas (EUW)
: Gold series promos on deadline end
Well, you had the **entire year** to do this. It is sort of your own fault for waiting until the literally last few hours.
: ELO hell is actually real in silver
Do you know why people say "Elo hell does not exist"? Thats because its not a constant. "Elo hell" is individual for EVERY SINGLE PERSON playing the game. Your personal "Elo hell" is where you're no longer able to climb, but also wont fall down from. Wherever you get stuck in a loop of winning and losing - thats your elo hell. Or more accurately, thats the rank you belong in - right now.
Eiyuu Ou (EUNE)
: Can you get banned
If the reports are valid? Probably.
: Can Riot not disable my chat?
Wished for this myself. Its not going to happen. I suggest you download a program called SharpKeys, its a registry editor that lets you disable both the ENTER keys on your keyboard without affecting the game in any way, hence its not considered a "third party program" by league.
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SerHets (EUW)
: The boards are a circlejerk
This topic is like immigration, if you dont like it here you can get the hell out. Nobody's forcing you to read every single post, do like the rest of us and ignore the annoying ones.


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