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Salik12 (EUW)
: The Ink Mage Concept
As a midlaner, mages-player, I would fall SUDDENLY IN LOVE with this type of champion!
: is that a Trenitalia reference?
ExciterD (EUW)
: Ranked is worth it if you want to improve on the game.
I know it is, don't get me wrong. But the amount of stress and anger I was getting from them was not worth the deal. I just chose what was better for me atm. Also because a lot of players and gamers in general suffer anxiety and stuff, and this only makes it worse, that was my case. ^^
DMikaaa (EUW)
: It ranked worth it?
Just get Gold 5 for the rewards, then play normals. A lot of anger, stress, and such spared. This is what I do anyway, but ranks are not *that* worth.
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: ...and they managed to make the new player experience even worse.
1. Runes are a feature that you can unlock with time (just like old masteries, but instead of having old runes unlockable ONLY through huge amounts of IPs saved or money, you get it for free), the more you get familiar with the game, the more you understand it, the more you're gonna stop to read what runes do and use them properly. It gives better knowledge on them and experience with them all. 2. Leveling is the same, the amount of BE you earn now and the amount of IP you earned before is actually the same, with the only difference you now earn it every time you level up instead of when you finish a game. Also, there's a slight difference that make BE more convenient in terms of amount of things you can buy with them now. And a bit of luck if you get the shard of the champion you want right away. 3. This point is irrelevant since there's no correlation between the toxicity of the community and the runes. You just run out of arguments. Have a good day, hope it helped.
: > [{quoted}](name=BreakYourHeadxD,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HxUXfai6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-10T11:38:26.730+0000) > > then its full based of luck.. if you pick a counter you instant won most games ^
True, but also not. The 1v1 mode at the All Stars would be super cool to play: bans, strategy, you win on first blood or 100 cs. It could work.
Jaclan111 (EUNE)
: Where is the 1v1 solo queue?
I heard there was something similar back in the days, but never experienced it. Seeing now the All Stars event, having a 1v1 mode that is played over there would be super cool though. Or a mode where you play in team but somehow (I know this is kind of bad to say) you get judged on your solo performance.
: > [{quoted}](name=Trenitaliyah,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=y3U9dUto,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-09T18:42:02.051+0000) > > Yeah I'm sure everyone at Riot is crying broke right now. > > Wow...are there people out there chasing the *dream of Tyler1*? They sure need to set some priorities in their lives. Also, Tyler1-ish players are the one ruining this community. What the other guy said said was dumb, but Tyler1 inst that bad anymore. He really pleasant to watch nowadays
He can be a really good entertainer indeed, I was referring to the type of player he is in league of legends.
ee tt q (EUW)
: League of Legends is loosing so much on twich by keeping Tyler 1 banned
Yeah I'm sure everyone at Riot is crying broke right now. > making draven more appealing for the masses that are chasing the Dream of Tyler one. Wow...are there people out there chasing the *dream of Tyler1*? They sure need to set some priorities in their lives. Also, Tyler1-ish players are the one ruining this community.
: Aurelion vs Taliyah
My name gives you the answer :^)
: No I couldn't, that's why I came to the boards to get some help instead of a sarcastic answer like yours
: Zoe
Well, it's all skillshot so it's dodgeable, plus, the first Q she casts you can see where she lands it so you can already see where is the skillshot coming from. The only thing is being prepared to her sleep, if it hits you, because that's where she's gonna apply all the damage 95% landed for sure. Usually if I meet her, I wait for her to use her E, from a very comfort zone in the lane, and then start counting 10 seconds (approximately) and act during that time. It has helped me a lot. Also, be careful about what she drops in the ground and defend it to death, don't let her take anything from the ground and she'll have one spell less. Of course don't put yourself at risk doing so, but make her regret if she tries to. Counterpicks recommended: 1) {{champion:90}} is someone you can take a small advantage from. Use your passive to go in a fierce 1v1 (suggested you use your passive to deny her E), and after 6 it should not be hard. 2) {{champion:55}} the high mobility helps you a lot with dodging her spells and CC and easily take her out your lane. 3) {{champion:157}} windwall, E into minions, windwall, more windwall. 4) {{champion:105}} I guess you can make a good use out of your E here as well, and you have also the same high burst. Everyone in here has always flamed me or insulted me hard about this, but while I consider Zoe a very strong God tier pick, I don't think she's broken. She has a very high (annoying) damage, but that's what she does, that's her highlight, where she shines, so of course she oneshots you she's designed to be like that: a Xerath, or a Veigar (once he's 5 minutes into the game and has stacked up a bit), a Syndra, all those picks have similar damage with a mechanic even easier than Zoe's. If Zoe hits you from no distance at all she's not dangerous, but when she hits you from the other side of the map she gets rewarded, because that's what she will try to do and how she works. Honestly lately I've been more worried about some other VERY ANNOYING picks lately: can we talk about Morgana? Miss fortune? Teemo? Kayle? Jhin? Hope it helped :)
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yeah nothing against it,'s nothing special really xD
Smegenistas (EUNE)
: Rotating gamemodes
Quoting the patch notes, which are out way before 7.24 comes, and which you can find right in the client: "Legend of the Poro King returns from 12/12/17 at 8:00 a.m. PT – 12/19/17 at 7:55 p.m. PT and 1/2/18 at 8:00 a.m. PT – 1/8/18 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Pelt your enemies in a grand snowball fight on the Howling Abyss to summon the resplendent Poro King. You can also equip poro icons and fight alongside their corresponding poro skins during Snowdown." Please, use the client. Read it.
First of all, the fun mode doesn't arrive in live servers Friday at midnight, it usually comes in the afternoon/evening. Second of all, you really can't wait to play Poro King? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Trenitaliyah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xU9WI5AL,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-12-06T15:53:32.532+0000) > > Well, that is not true. If I was totally fine with old healthbars, and I am experiencing problems with the new ones, it might be the healthbars, even if I'm in the minority of players who don't happen to like them (it's not just my taste, I have a problem reading them). There must be some visual problem with them, and that can apply to a minority of people as well. It's not a problem ONLY if the problem is encountered by the whole community. > > The "go to a doctor" part of your sentence is worthless to comment, as it shows your desperate need to elevate yourself above the others like you're the only truth holder here. Boards are to confront, so if you're just gonna write "go to a doctor" please don't visit this site. He's the typical EUW player, nothing new.
Typical EUW player is the one that comes to the boards and discuss a problem he has with the game going in details about it and explaining what problems it's giving him? Yes I am a typical EUW player. What players is, on the other hand, one that comes to the boards, outside of the topic discussed and insults randomly? Your type, seems.
LiubenX (EUNE)
: Einstein i don't want to paste a wall of text in a single comment, the threads talking about that are not 1 or 2, i wrote a longer one myself... Here, educate yourself a bit, you need it clearly:
Sorry, new Varus lore still staying
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24thDiK (EUW)
: Coaching is useless
> Nobody can not know more than they do not know {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Viavarian (EUW)
: There is no visual problem. It looks different and it is perfectly normal that it takes time to get used to visual changes, that's part of how the brain works. What is _not normal_ is tilting into oblivion over such a meaningless change. The normal thing is trying to deal with a change - and in this case you don't even have to do anything special, except to play a few matches.
I don't speak english that well, so I will try to explain to you what is the issue with the new healthbars, I think I've detected: the modification applied to your/enemy healthbars take a little delay (that it used to be almost non existant with the old ones) and transform the damage applied/health received on that bar on a fluo colour instead of going straight to what your new health is. This delay and this fluo colour on the bar makes *me* (as I can only talk about me) not realize in that second I need it what is the damage that I'm applying/receiving, indeed I take the same delay to understand. Now, this is fine for most of the game and plays that happen, but can end in a terrible missplay in certain and specific moments of the game, all ins, trades, dives, etc. I did not tilt into oblivion, that's just what you're assuming. I never said I cannot play anymore lol because of this healthbars, I said I have a problem with them which I took time to understand and looking for a possible fix.
Altáir (EUW)
: you're so stupid I cant stand talking to u xD much lower in elo than me and telling me to get better xD
> I cant stand talking to u You still are, though. The "xd" say it all. And you're keep writing "much lower in elo than me and telling me to get better" but that's not helping your point, because I never said anything about being stuck, or about me wanting to be much higher elo than I currently am, so... Let's settle this once for all, I meant nothing bad you might have misunderstood from my posts, and I apologize. I'll give you tips on how to counter a Leona, and a free coach, just add me bud! And have a good day! :)
: mister trenitaliyah you're god awfully stupid and pathetic, please if u don't like a certain subject don't go tell people that they shouldn't discuss it when they clearly have every right to. broken champs exist, pro players who are far superior than you and mister altair say that broken champs exist. riot's nerfs prove that broken champs exist. also, get good.(how can u be gold v and that arrogant jesus Christ.)
If they have every right to cry, then I have every right to write back something too, don't I? Broken champions exist, better players exist, if Leona isn't a big issue for the huge majority of people in the LoL community, maybe the problem lies in the player complaining. If Riot nerfs (slight nerfs) arrived, then why cry? > how can u be gold v and that arrogant jesus Christ How can kkOma be stuck in Silver? You big grown up guys seem really careful and passionate about your rankings in here, in a team game where not everything can be decided by your plays or your roles. What you seem to miss is that a Bronze player can actually have more theory knowledge than all of you high elo scrubs put together. Whenever my aim and goal will be to be in higher elo, I will get there with no big problems, don't know about you crybabies tho.
Altáir (EUW)
: you're the most oblivious guy I've met in this board , really pathetic xD
It seems to me you came to the boards to cry about something you can't play against. I'm Gold 5, yeah, so what? I don't come to boards to cry about a champion no one complains about (because, obviously, the champion is fine it's just you can't git gud). Calling champion obnoxious when you could simply learn how to use your hands. Plus, I can afford the doing nothing at the moment, pretty rich, you know just hanging out here watching the world burning down, with mad people like you in it. What about you?
Viavarian (EUW)
: That's a problem with you, not the health bars. Go to a doctor?
> That's a problem with you, not the health bars Well, that is not true. If I was totally fine with old healthbars, and I am experiencing problems with the new ones, it might be the healthbars, even if I'm in the minority of players who don't happen to like them (it's not just my taste, I have a problem reading them). There must be some visual problem with them, and that can apply to a minority of people as well. It's not a problem ONLY if the problem is encountered by the whole community. The "go to a doctor" part of your sentence is worthless to comment, as it shows your desperate need to elevate yourself above the others like you're the only truth holder here. Boards are to confront, so if you're just gonna write "go to a doctor" please don't visit this site.
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: 2+2=4-1=3 ... Quickmath!
Altáir (EUW)
: lmfao u couldn't even reply , sit down kiddo
Uhm, I did. And that was 8 days ago. Move on. or find something to do with your life, because you really need to use your time better.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well you need to explain, they can't fix it unless they know what to fix, these new bars seem fine to me
I agree with him, but I don't share his non sense. I wish I could disable them because with this new layout it's like I can't read damage received or can't read fast enough when someone heals me. It's annoying and has brought me to missplays already.
: What the !"#¤ Riot?
Other ADCs are doing just fine and don't complain, the only one who does is 1+1 equals 2..................
: It really doesn't. I've had my cock noshed several times to the point of spunking up the wall and I still managed to win. This game takes as much skill as opening a bag of crisps.
And I suppose that's the reason you're unranked now, and were Silver in season 3 and Gold in season 4 and 5, right?
LiubenX (EUNE)
: Wow, he has much deeper lore now because - gays make it fabulous.... your argument is ridiculous, read one of the dozens of threads about why the new lore is unnecessary and only creates conflict...
And I suppose I should go read one of the dozens of threads because you cannot particularly remember why it is unnecessary and only creates conflict, right? It is what it is, don't like it? Don't read it.
: thats rly no big deal... they would just look confused... but nothing more would happen
Ace1308x (EUW)
: I totally 100% agree with everything you said...... APART FROM THE FACT THAT BLITZCRANK NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME
OR you...well, we, can learn to dodge his Q and then he's useless :D
: First of all, I dont pretend to be anything or anyone. I would never write and never wrote smth like "get c*ncer", because it is not a joke at all. But for you it seems "normal". You are toxic and worthy of perma, same as me. So dont pretend.
I've never had any ban or chat restriction, since I never flame or say anything at all. Indeed my philosophy is "If I can't say anything good, then I shouldn't say anything at all", discussing in the boards is different. Doesn't seem like your case anyway.
Altáir (EUW)
: you must be annoying at parties
Altáir (EUW)
: that a new champion ?
Yes! "Git Gud - The I will never do" from the Bronze region. His lore talks about coming to boards once in a while complaining about random champions who destroyed him in his most recent game. It's so beautiful and moving, can't wait!
: Riot, are you banning players in order to make people spend money ON NEW ACCOUNTS? TELL THE TRUTH
> BoostParis: u are failure of nautre BoostParis: nature BoostParis: lol nobody is ok in this game > BoostParis: u are 900 games in gold 4 BoostParis: which is the same elos as silver 4 BoostParis: which is pretty much bronze 5 BoostParis: and u are telling me about this game ? BoostParis: u ahve 0 practical knowledge BoostParis: so u decided to troll others ? BoostParis: sad low elo scrub > BoostParis: so sad panth is bronze BoostParis: lol BoostParis: u die BoostParis: and i dont BoostParis: im sorry for u parents to ha ve a sucha tard > BoostParis: u have a mental problem, i saggest u attend a doctor BoostParis: u will get banned for account sharing and vulgar language > BoostParis: cant help u, may be doctors will BoostParis: such a waste of my time > BoostParis: can uf ff fast ? BoostParis: im doing fast boost > BoostParis: noobs BoostParis: for BoostParis: noobs is on riot web site BoostParis: its not flame BoostParis: noob team gg > BoostParis: the noobs BoostParis: if u suk BoostParis: doesnt mean i suck BoostParis: play the game , noob > BoostParis: izi boost Here, I've enlightened what you do not seem to realize is the reason of your perma ban. I'm honestly happy about your ban, this kind of players are the worst ones honestly. Because when you have someone who writes "get c*ncer" on chat, that's an easy peasy report and that's just rage, but when it happens to be someone like you who "pretends" to not be flaming while writing the most pretentious and obnoxious and annoying things, then it's really where it gets annoying the most. Anyway, I would have just muted you. Happy shopping in your new account, who will get the same ban at a certain point. ps. Do something about your english please.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Even if it was "just" family, it still ruins the whole character. There's a difference between having a guy who's trying to avenge his dead family, and having a character who's just a plain killer who absorbed two gays to set himself free. I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous. Looking at the whole story like "he's still a vengeful badass" is a very shallow looking way at things.
Wow, a random guy who tries to avenge his dead family. Guys that was pure avantgarde, so GROUNDBREAKING! Nothing like a couple of people - who happen to be gay but whose sexuality has nothing to do with the rest of the story nor makes Varus gay - that got fatal hurt and fall into a fountain that contains an asleep Darkin that wakes up and decides to use the bodies of the two guys as receptacles to come alive again so they become a 3 into 1 being that goes under the name of Varus, that goes around seeking revenge. pls go back to his old lore because gay
Altáir (EUW)
: your most abnoxious champ ,why and how do u propose riot adjusts him(which will never happen) ?
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
I wouldn't delete any champion as I am perfectly fine and confident in my skills and understandings of the game that let me understand (most of the times) what I can or cannot do, or how to win a hard matchup (or how to win without actually laning my counter in the midlane, let's say). I also perfectly realize this is a game and you cannot have 100% winrate, so sometimes you win but sometimes you lose. I've realized people do not want to play LoL anymore: they either want to enter a match and start snowballing somehow (AND sometimes they still lose), or they spam surrend if they're having a hard one or one very hard to play, they do not think about what to do, they want kills, people in League of Legends like kills a lot in this game, for some reasons. "I must go all in vs a Zoe without considering her E or damage at all, even if I'm 0/5 and she's 5/0 and full health, because for some strange reason I could kill her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", then he dies and comes to boards writing "pls nerf zoe". Sorry I've digressed a bit, anyway...I wouldn't delete any champion! :) ps. I always get a ban to use anyway in my matches's like deleting one champion already :D
codeVayne (EUNE)
: Zoe
Fun fact: I never ever ban Zoe as I hope to lane against her because, either the player knows what he is doing or not, it's a free win in both cases. Zoe is such a fun champion to play but she has zero chances against all the midlaners that are so OP right now, she is only good to counter Aurelion Sol, Ekko and Veigar...but a part from that... :D I hope to meet Zoe, but I rarely do :(
Viavarian (EUW)
: No, you can't get banned for this. The worst that could happen is that you get a forced name change.
But see this in a positive way: a *free* name change!
GrimZea (EUW)
: Ideas for Xayah & Rakan skins?
They're gonna have next valentine's skins, 100%.
: **Ok so, let's not tell lies, League of Legends is the coolest game ever** No **It also requires skills and focus** No **but it also is stressful** Yes **I was looking for a similar type of game** Literally anything, and I mean anything that requires you smashing your face across the keyboard.
> It also requires skills and focus No lol
GPet (EUW)
: I hardly play other games, but whenever I fell out of league I spend a month in WoW and enjoyed it, else some minecraft or if specifically bored just jumping through browser games. x3 If I'd need something more consistant I'd likely be looking into the likes of heartstone.
No card games, I hate them lol And for WoW...I'm poor {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm is pretty chill in the fact or sense that they don't even have items in it lol. just pick your champ and you're good to go. Also no last hitting, so yeah.
That graphic tho...league is really the best MOBA out there :(
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