: ok but what is zexay?
she is the adc that plays way better without rakan
: Need of optical change?
did you notice that intor bots dont appear until you attack the tower (kinda). thats why my base damage is less when playing with d1 or masters.
: Hextech crafting
: Platinum ADC looking for a support main
: Garen on urf....
Hydnoras (EUW)
: That was a terrible attempt at being funny...
the noob - i meant to say pyke
: Kalista needs some ... modifications ?
kali is good if you play from the server room. ashe has a W that is way more useless. personally i use kali as a support. but if you can play her then her q becomes a flash over walls, her E can penta and ulti(linked to oatsworn) does more damage than mundo with mana, watch lcs and see how she does/
: Bot lane
bot lane is good enough to 2 v 5, unless the other three are afk. no one will take a jinx/morgana - sivir/morgana - best adc is sivir. jinx, ki sa and zexay best support is support, morgana, the noob and lulu
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GismoPogo (EUW)
: Which Map Side in Champion Select?
i dont think that should be an issue.i mean players should be competent both sides. perhaps bring in a vote, for instance a player can waive a ban to choose a side. obviously first pick ban.
: > [{quoted}](name=TaurusLT,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=hwTk489u,comment-id=0018000b0000,timestamp=2016-11-05T11:45:19.872+0000) > > I received email like 5-7 mins ago Ahh you are very lucky. Still waiting for mine {{item:3070}}
ShroOmzz (EUW)
: Alpha client commendations
i think bots can also honor exceptional players
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ƒangzı (EUW)
: [REMOVE] "Free Champ Rotation" button
leave free rotate on website - people can make the effort to look when in champ select highlight with shading free to play, not just ! . also free to play is a surprise, no one plans a free to play and after 2 games you would know anyway. also if someone use free to play in pvp maybe ip boost or xp. if plays well
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Can anyone recommend me some spicy ideas for my low platinum smurf?
Leblanc support Ashe gold item ap support Morgana ad hextech gunblade Btw what do you reckon about skin gifting. I dont mean via rp. I mean you gift a skin you own alread. You lose the skin other guy gets it? Janna with stattik is also cool
: Admin
cool , i have a wife too. it sucks bro. life is the fucking pits
: ???
riot number one policy, they never unban. maybe account suspend, but if ban. its over. you can tell them you got attacked by charles manson. if disconnect they dont give a shit. lol. queue dodge same lol. bad internet loss of bag descriptor. same lmao
: Get them free, the wife works in a hospital ;)
: Riot can't give a unique ability for a champion skin that just doesn't work xD Unique voice overs is fine but unique abilities no :(
that is fact. touche. the sprite size is totally screwed. its half the normal attack speed and that obviously affects cdr.
: Its your internet that is causing it Looks like you have a lot of packet loss resulting in you not being able to see the results at the end of the match (all it says is "results loading... skip results") something like that yeah... Also the freezing is probably because of a malware or virus you have in your computer, if Riot sees this they will ban your account until you sort this issue out (Had the same issue and they banned my account for 3 days till they confirmed that the issue is solved) Run cc cleaner and a full scan of your computer via an anti-virus Good luck
: So I sat down today and calculated exactly how much I have spent on Riot...
: Are you drunk? You started talking about skins and explained his ulti which is already op as hell?
well its a concept, like my legend noc skin speaks other things, why not give him a unique ability too, also i did not mean pull everyone back to where noc was.... but everyone back to where they all were. you know like soraka, thats hardly op.
btw ty for new noc splash screen becuase perfect. TERROR
Aldduren (EUW)
: Air client freezes constantly, if you so much as left click it hangs and crashes
Grips (EUW)
: Idea for Clubs.
yeah i think it helps matchmake algorithm to venn diagram it into more bite size junks and happy happy we end up playing with or against friends. randomly. but if you can search and friend a club, then its anyway going to become like trying to find out what is maximum requests, plus club owner forgets to even play becuase so many farewell notes he must write. that is if... i think play more, maybe you get random game out of the fucking blue with a club you like, and then by holy smokes, you get invite. or threaten with report if no invite after game.
LA Losty (EUW)
: You only get picked up by teams if you are one of the higest ranked players in the world if you prove yourself to them and if they decide that they want you. Its not Riot games who contacts you, its the teams. Also there might be around 100.000.000 players, so the chances of someone becomming pro are very very very small. Also there are multiple divisions in each league, so when you say diamond it can be diamond 5-1 (1 being the higest and 5 being the lowest). If you are anywhere below diamond 1, you arent good enough to join a pro team. Also the things you see when you hover over his name is his ranks from previous seasons. The past 3 seasons he has been challenger (in teams, which is something different than soloq, or dynamic q that we have now), which is the higest possible ranking, meaning that he is among the top 0.005% if i remember correctly. I myself am diamond 2 in dynamic q, meaning that im amongs the top 0.125% of players.
i am bronze 5 , why do i get consistent draw with d3 and higher? And why if my team wins i stay wood 5 ? DAMMIT
Rioter Comments
: Demonblade Tryndamere from Hextech Crafting. TY Riot !!
i got, mythic cassi, fnatic jarv, capo miss fortune, warrior sivir, blackthorn morga, pirate ryze and a ward. all for for free. but for some fucking reason they did not give me challenger nidalee or ravenborn leblanc. no problem, i know people who are 80 and in a wheelchair, playing top grade chess.
: Im sup main master , can i take your spot pls?
lol i am challenger main support, can i bot solo ?
: Why is there not an easy way to find a team to join?
No. Thats why riot created chat. Friend people and communicate. Fuck rito, where is my toilet paper?
Phyrz (EUW)
: I have a great idea that would be cool for me and maybe for others aswell!
Wtf is an ultimate skin? Also google does not like china
CaveMonster (EUNE)
: Where can I report boosted accounts?
Explain ' discovered ' My friends i want my popcorn
tartago (EUW)
: can't buy rp
I never knew Tunis dont have banks, how do you guys even play
Lovrothekid (EUNE)
Not knowing 450 buys you lcs tier champs. Rather buy a skin
iHuawei (EUW)
: Farming with mages
P1ngP0ng (EUW)
: Banned in New Year ;(((((((
Yeah its lucky they never banned your balls
i eat pussi (EUNE)
: Where are sexy champs and skins?
Pick syndra, make her dance, plan wedding day.
Rioter Comments
: Lets talk about surrendering.
I dont surrender becuase even when i am losing, i firstly agreed to a match by pressing play, i keep my pride under control and the most important thing is that i learn more. Surrender is for cowards. I have however surrendered at least 4 times to bots, as in our whole co op, randomly picked players decided to surrender, without being behind. This i find cool, like the time morgana bot made a penta. Its a way of praising the system. But real players, never.
Dromaius (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Archii ManiaK,realm=EUW,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=ErvzMk1Y,comment-id=0057,timestamp=2015-05-17T00:32:35.058+0000) > > why trying to solve this problem? riot won't gain money for that wtf , illogic . go make skin for $ Archii ManiaK, I'm very sorry to see you think of Riot this way. I believe we have shown time and time again that our main focus as a company is the players. Skins and the likes are for players who are interested in investing in Riot's products, so that we may grow our game and create new experiences (music albums, animation videos, events, game modes, etc). That being said, we have never stopped focusing on the player experience for the game - and as mentioned in the message, we are (and have been) working on technology solutions to prevent these attacks (solutions which, as you may guess, are not free). It is easy to forget the "good things" that we offer when you're being affected by these negative problems (as players, we feel them too) - but rest assured that we are working relentlessly on getting these things squashed. And monetary gain (as you seem to think) is not part of the equation whatsoever.
Thank you riot. Btw i called you guys fkn plebs, becuase of patch issues, lmao. I know i was projecting, ok but i still bought like 20 skins after that, and lots of extras. As an it and design guy i respect the product that makes me happy. So i willingly invest in it. And will continually do so. With money and my time(trying to stay in b5 lol). Its my only moba and it makes my feel good enough never to have deserted. Now if only i could get Ravenborn.
Bombardox (EUW)
: mentally sick people in every match.
Ask steven king, i am sure he writes his novels from a jail cell. As for you, well, i suggest having more kids yourself.
Cystra (EUW)
: Talisman or Frost queen ? How to decide
Talisman support and frost queen mid
Tiell (EUW)
: This community never ceases to amaze me
I feel for you. But your first responsibility is towards your team mates. My advice is you should be permabanned. Maybe you know a guy called eric Cantona. Yes i know its not all lcs, but no one would call him off the pitch.
Bombardox (EUW)
: [Suggestion]Guess the next champion that will receive championship skin
: I need help
Just kill him bro
: why people quit league
Keep telling yourself that. Either way you are owned now, and yes quitting is not going to help. My advice is start with pros.
Lissandra becomes devastating. I prefer doom bots
: Bot bans incoming
I have noticed a significant decrease in pvp and nothing in ranked. Thanks
exc4t (EUW)
: Runes and Masteries pages
Is there a limit on rune pages?
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