: same issue :(
> [{quoted}](name=Master NINJA,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=pKyllPRB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-24T21:01:50.316+0000) > > same issue :( stuck in the same game with him
CZickl (EUW)
: Mastery Auto Save
There would be a problem. What if you could not finish the mastery page?
Spick1 (EUW)
: shop
It is not implemented yet
Juliet (EUW)
: post-game token reward pop-up missing
You can´t see if you gain a token since Hextech Crafting is not implemented yet.
4b1 (EUW)
: Why do I still have to double-left-click (or single right click) runes to add / remove them? What's the point?! It should be a **single left click**!
I would guess that is has something to do with In-Game since you also have to right click to move. But I don´t know why it actually is the way it is.
zTorrenTo (EUW)
: Accounts
I disagree since you search for in game bugs on PBE which can impact a game and we search for client bugs which won`t (at least shouldn´t) impact the in game
: Search for a role in champ select
You have to select one of the symbols left above the champions
MinionN42 (EUW)
: Materies and Rune pages are awkward.
It is the same when you choose your runes and masteries in champ select.
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: It is supporting lol, you just need to add the folder manually and then you can optimize it.
: Hextech crafting
The only thing you are not able to do is opening the chest but you can still gain chest, Key Fragments and tokens. It also will be implemented some day but for an alpha version the rule is "just add the basics".
Raveη (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Add visual aid for friends
Actually there is. If you look closely you can see a black dot, if someone is In-Game. Even though there is a difference the should make it more obvious.
Mačka (EUW)
: So I've just become an Alpha Client tester
And Twisted Treeline is also aviable now.
: If you use Nvidia drivers, you may set graphics in nvidia experience...but I am not sure...
Nvidia Expirience is not supporting every game (including league).
: And ARAM mode now.
And now also Twisted Treeline.
JakeBum (EUW)
: Friends Tab
As far as I can say there is not an option to minimize the friends tab and since i have it open all the time in the old client it does not bother me.
: new at alpha
Since it is the Alpha version it is normal that the loading speed is slower.
iPav (EUNE)
Try installing it again
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