: Riot Balancing Champions *RIP*
Katarina didn't need the healing reduction buff -but- does it really effect how well she does in lane that much?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Well, the CDs can be increased if you want to ;)
Her cooldowns only affect her early lane phase, you could give her 20/30% cdr instead of getting a gunblade early but she needs gunblade for the passive and extra ad. Mana bar would only affect her build path, back to ludens first/second item and extra cdr. Energy wouldn't work at all, it'd only ruin her already weak teamfighting, of course if she gets fed she'll be good in a teamfight but if she's just doing "decent" I can't see her being able to do anything but get the adc low/kill them then die herself after running out of energy.
: I mean.....as an assassin she needs to be able to oneshot stuff or she´s trash. Goes for all of them pretty much, it´s their job, and they stay as part of the meta by being able to do it. If its healthy or not is another question.
She doesn't need to oneshot stuff, we're all just used to oneshotting stuff without having to ult, eons ago before the rework she was cleanup patrol, she was all about waiting for the teamfight to play out and find your moment to engage, she was a lot more healthier back then in terms of damage unless for some reason she went 7-8 kills before 10 minutes and had a mejai's. Every champ can come across as broken with a snowball, the problem is she's much more easier to snowball with now and she's almost completely reliant on it since her teamfighting is so much weaker now. I'd trade early game damage for less of a reaction off all 3 or 4 of the cc champs that are staring at your dagger falling in slow motion.
Babydrago (EUW)
: [RANT THREAD] Too many bad behaviors are still being tolerated
I was on a date earlier this year and halfway through it he asked if I play anything, I said League of legends and he doesn't even play it but said "oh.." and talked about the community. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Tahm Kench is a dead fish in the water this patch.
For now I think they're just using blitzcrank and renekton as testers for the shield break mechanic, if they're confident that it doesn't buff their winrate too high they'll most likely keep it and fine tune it, if it's the opposite they might just say "bye" to the idea and work on something else.
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Aechidna (EUW)
: Can we change the name of Teamfight TACTICS???
I won my first game of TFT last night literally only because everyone else got no good items or tier 3's. Winning out of pure dumb luck isn't fun tbh
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Multi-Billion dollar company {{champion:105}} .
Gladiolis (EUW)
: Client doesn't boot anymore
Sometimes happens to me if I dc without internet connection and have to close the league client, if you close all the league processes in task manager and reopen league it fixes it for me at least.
: the mute didn't help anymore, they left me alone to die when I got tower dived and they constantly stole farm when I tried to catch up while my support left me alone after 8 minutes or so. there was no point in continuing this clown fiesta ^^
I think you were playing with the premade I had, I got autofilled in adc so I picked a safe Ezreal and my braum left bot unprovoked and started pushing mid and top at 8 minutes while afking for a minute each time he backed, his premade yasuo kept coming bot while the enemy team were gone and taking farm "you don't need it stfu" while complaining about how useless I am, enemy team felt sympathy for me though and reported the braum at least for abuse, the yasuo continued to do it even while he had all his items then "gg report ez" by the braum at the end summed up how frustrated I was. I'm pretty proud of myself for not arguing back since I've never been so frustrated in a game begging irl for a surrender.
Trilink (EUW)
: You deserve the suspension for ruining your teams ARURF promo game. But seriously I don't understand why you got an instant 14 day suspension for doing kinda badly in an ARURF game, you got unlucky with the ban bot or there's favoritism involved? Either way Riot's penal system needs an accuracy buff, the suspension you received is overkill for a first offence if you can even call 9/15 in a fun game mode an offence in the first place.
I got downvoted for making a joke otherwise huge sorry to whoever I annoyed for speaking my mind.
Teeee (EUW)
: Seems like this Soraka player has some ties with people in Riot, and Riot doesn't want to admit they screwed up.
(Trade secret) A lot of mmo companys have a pay grade system, that's the only thing I can think of as to why he's getting the big D and other people that perform worse with more intention to feed get the big "no no, that's bad, don't do it again" Not saying Riot do since they're technically an indie company but it's the first thing that comes to mind when you see uneven bans in games.
: 14 day ban for one urf game - is riots punishment system unjust? [proof inside]
You deserve the suspension for ruining your teams ARURF promo game. But seriously I don't understand why you got an instant 14 day suspension for doing kinda badly in an ARURF game, you got unlucky with the ban bot or there's favoritism involved? Either way Riot's penal system needs an accuracy buff, the suspension you received is overkill for a first offence if you can even call 9/15 in a fun game mode an offence in the first place.
Lester the (EUNE)
: Excuse me but how in any way does saying that I personally think that it would be nice to see a Christmas without URF in any sort of way similar to protests against gay/lesbian marriage?
Yes that's 100% what I said word for word... No, my question was why do people not want it and all I said was it reminded me of those two particular votes where people that it didn't directly affect did not want it/voted against it, that's the only way I meant they were similar, sorry if I offended you but it wasn't directed towards you in the first place, I was just asking in general why do people not want it when they're not being forced to play it.
Zgragselus (EUNE)
: What gives you 14 days suspension
Happened to me too a few months ago, first offence, 3 premade harassing me for playing badly as shen on an aram match, I quoted a few of the things they were saying to me in all chat to see if the enemy team would support me in reporting them since I knew 3 of them would report me for "inting" and I was the one that was banned for 14 days. In my case I was stupid for quoting what was being said towards me even if there was no malicious intent behind it because the bot that bans you just sees the words used and nothing more, basically the best thing to do if you're getting flamed is to mute them and report them afterwards, don't give them a reason to report you because people can be petty when they're angry.
Caedopi (EUNE)
: No URF for xmas disappointment expression
Riot: "We're not gonna release URF anytime soon because it lead to players leaving the game" Players: *Leave the game after playing other games to relieve burnout and liking them more than league* Riot: https://66.media.tumblr.com/60aeee62dc1aee0c3c0fbad1702eb860/tumblr_inline_pfp352ORsk1r4hkfd_250.png
Walik91 (EUW)
: Please launch Snow Battle ARURF
I don't like it but I agree with URF being changed to all random, I also don't like how Arurf is being played at All Star right now while we get stuck with Nexus Blitz. (Also why are there so many no votes, it's not like you're being forced to play it if it comes out in the near future.)
Godalor (EUW)
: I really don't understand how nexus blitz can be fun, but I want to have fun, help
I can't agree more on this, ARAM is just mind numbingly boring to me now and I don't like Nexus Blitz at all, URF/ARURF, One for all, even Poro king were at least enjoyable and different everytime and you could actually have a laugh when they came around but I haven't seen any of them in a long time. I also think letting the players at All Star play ARURF and then giving us this cop out mode for christmas is unfair and in bad taste.
: > [{quoted}](name=Trilink,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=epNr0EFg,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-05-06T02:17:59.074+0000) > > *deals with flamers by flaming* >>>>>>>>>>wasnt even flaming
Wasn't even flaming - What everyone that gets reported thinks
: I don't even feel bad for you, flamers are literally the worst, I bet you was toxic as hell and now you cry to forums. Pathetic.
*deals with flamers by flaming*
: [World wide message.] My personal thoughts about The weekly totating Queue for Game modes
Everything you said is the reason for at least I know why i'm stressing. The last event was at Christmas leaving us with nothing new to do for 4 months since, the rotating game modes at first sounds nice but it just gets stale with time as you say and don't get me wrong I like April fools jokes because of how stupid I feel for falling for them but this draven April fools event went on so much to the point it's just bad mannered teasing with me staring at the computer screen looking for something to do with my free time which is a bad combo. If a proper event is coming before the weekend is over and college/school begins again for a great number of us fair play to riot and if it doesn't and it returns to the odd time playing league all I can be is disappointed with riot and the static pasted draven head event we had on april fools. This isn't an urf rant by the way, just a rant in general.


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