897zua (EUW)
: Has anyone had a game that wasnt finished in a stomp ?
Idk if its cuz im a master at throwing but i feel like games never end by 10min
: EKKO Main Name
Someone on Ps has 4 sekkonds.
Vingthór (EUW)
: The "enforced 50% winrate" conspiracy theory is so blatantly illogical it boggles my mind how anyone can actually belief in it. If there was truly an enforced 50% winrate, how would anybody in this game have any other rank than silver? Maybe gold and bronze due to statistical variance, but how do people get to plat, dia, challenger etc if their winrate is forced to 50%? Moreover, how do people manage to drop to iron with 50% winrate enforced? How do you not see this glaring problem with your strange theory? Also, while this is less obvious, being stuck in place without any progress does not generate any enjoyment or longer engagement times. Slow, continuous progress is way better for player retention.
Its like the earth is flat all over again.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: It's not against the rules to ban the champion your ally picked (pre-pick banning in draft)!
My issue is more so when someone bans trist with the reason: ”I dont want a trash faker wannabee”, or if they then flame me for not being able to perform at my highest lvl. Sure i have other champs i can play on one a high gold lvl, but high gold lvl isnt platinum lvl, meaning i will perform worse.
BatyaBog (EUW)
: The passive effect of Oblivion Orb - changing the balance of objects hanging "Grievous Wounds"
I would much rather want them to swap magic pen to grievous wound on the item so u have to fully upgrade it to get the pen
: I have been saying it for 1 year and I will say it again now...
Atleast now they touched the right thing: her Q aa Q aa combo. By increasing her energy, she is unable to do it wothout using W.
Fikuss (EUNE)
: Help me find a Club with a tag Lulu please (EUNE)
: /mute mutes everything, including pings.
Mu favorite is when someone uses /mute all and then wonder why they cant hear our pings. They need to fix it
: How long are we gonna let AP shyv be a thing?
Its her E. Also, wtf. She has 1 useful ability atm
ivõ (EUW)
: Hiding QWER
Its because its bound to something else
SepharU (EUNE)
: Quote of the day
Inb4 karthus R or zoe W
: Sylas' Petricite Burst doesnt proc Keystones like Press the Attack
”We want to make omnistone a good rune.” So we make it roll dark harvest if someone is low (including urself) and we make it bugged on some users. I feel like rito wants me to int when it gives me DH while i have 20% hp and the enemy full.
Ranzbart (EUW)
: not it does not. i tried to dodge 4 times clicking the X and it started the game. my guess is that once the last person locked in you cant dodge anymore. sucks ass because red side counterpick just gets stronger than it already was that way.
Since my comment i have failed 2 out of 40ish times
: cassio q with rylais has no counterplay
Dont let her land her first Q. Same goes with illaoi. Just use the dodgebutton and dodge. Its not hard. Its not like she can E u to slow and then Q to chase u down or anything
: make abilities only give 1 conqueror stack for ranged champions
Or just make lt so ranged spells with a <1,5sec cd gives 1 stack only.
: Patch Notes
They removed it. Somewhere on the client is a link to the website with patchnotes, but they arent directly in the client anymore.
MVNleague (EUNE)
: Nerf Lee Sin
As long as i can still miss his Q, he needs buffs
: > [{quoted}](name=Trist mid opop,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cef9ZamA,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2020-01-22T08:51:40.672+0000) > > Lvl 4 sett with talisman > pickaxe lvl 6 trist with full hp. You want to 1 v 1 a bruiser who is made for duels as one of the weakest ADCs in early. No surprise you lost it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Weakest adcs early? Trist has really strong base dmg on E being able to outdamage champs such as talon early.
: The color of Shaco‘s ult clone for his allies.
I assume colur blind mode didnt help. I got 1 method that works but its a bit annoying. If u press f2, u should See from your junglers perspective so then u can just press R in the center of the screen
: Nami and boots?
Nami puts the shoes on her staff to make it pull he faster. Nocturne uses the shoes to protect his blades when he sleeps. Cass stored poison in hers but often slipped and dropped it in her friends
: Prestige True Damage Senna W: Triggering Epilepsy
They have fixed skins before due to causing seizures
: Wait.... It does that????
Ye. So either you are crippled and cant fight back or you are stunned and cant fight back.
: Still % health true damage should be removed from the game entirely both from camille fior and vayne. And IT scales with ad no less !! Thats wonderful.
Her W atk speed slow feels worse to play against
: My Opinion on every Champ right now (10.2)
Fiora’s passive isnt Rng. There are a lot of videos that explain how to manipulate the passive. Tldr: bottom/left and then top/right on repeat. And there is ways to choose if its bottom or left too.
Blue Ahri (EUNE)
: So when is Sett gonna get nerfed?
Lvl 4 sett with talisman > pickaxe lvl 6 trist with full hp.
: already read messages shown as unread
Dont hve friends. No more unreads will pop up. Youre welcome
: Vlad 100% needs a nerf
He is weak for being a lategame monster, but he still isnt bad early. Especially with the 40% rush build
: Hide & Seek in Summoner's Rift!
I feel like hextech flash would be strong here.
Infernape (EUW)
: I would ask for proof but then I remembered Riot support telling someone to take Cleanse into Malzahar lmao
Cleanse will make the malzahar underestimate u. He will think that you are so much of a monkey that he doesnt need to R u
: ***
Wait wtf are u smoking? Remember the global xer Q. U want to ban everyone that died to it?
: Ty for calming me down I was scared!
Camping autofilled players in ranked isnt bannable for exploit so this def shouldnt be bannable either
: You can roll Predator with Omnistone without boots
I usually get Dark harvest When im the one thats low. Its supposed to be when a nearby enemy is low but so far i only get it when im low. ”Youre low, go in and int in hopes of a stack”
Morrhen (EUW)
: You underestimate how incredibly easy it is to abuse it.
My friend got kicked from a csgo match cause he didnt wanna surrender and his team kicked him for it
: Old ranked vs Current ranked (champion select)
I might be fifth pick but im mid no matter what.
Cheini (EUNE)
: Request for an option to disable the profanity filter for a friend's PM
There is. In the top right of the client theres a mechanic thingy. Press it and disable language filter Nvm: didnt read the full post.
: Senna is actually really bad in solo lanes. I can't understand why you think she is op.
I have played her with great success mid. Few champs can stay healthy enough to fight her
Alatharia (EUW)
: They'd understand it, but you'd probably get reported for "hacking". Most people in Gold or below, won't understand that someone cares so much about that match that they'd track summoner spells. This is mainly done by the support or jungler (people who afford to take 2s away from laning to type it out without getting punished too heavily) But to give you a quick rundown of how it's done: 1. Enemy mid flashes, you check what his flash cooldown is, add it to the current timer, and type in the time his flash will be back. 2. Paste the previous string of timers (CTRL + V). 3. Select all (CTRL + A). 4. Copy the new string (CTRL + C).
I usually ping summoner spell usage in the middle of a fight and write timers after. I have horrible shortterm memory so i would forget if they used flash or not to escape.
: I started with zero stacks.
Was it the total dmg or dps that was different? The ticks can be based on every second on the counter so if u R at 6min and 43,5seconds etc.
: Best champion for first blood?
Depends on lane. Xin is good jungle Talon trist mid Draven adc Blitz, thresh
: Smurfing on ranked should be bannable
Sometimes you kinda have to smurf. My first account was on eune but when i switched school, most of my new friends played on euw. That meant i either had to spend 20$ and not be able to play with my old friends or make a secondary account on euw and ”smurf” my way up to the elo i belong. The euw account is currently at its peak as im hardstuck plat 2 on this account.
: Give Yuumi back
I know the song in swedish, but this is the first time i’ve seen the entire lyrics in english. This is much better
: Dude! Don't waste that talent! Go to some kind of art school! I just printed your masterpiece on a high quality paper and put it in a frame just above my notebook so I can watch it while my games load! Thank you!
They should use this instead of the current kda akali splash art. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Hi there, Emissaries are part of the "Riot community Volunteers". Meaning first of all, please don't mistake us for Rioters, we do not work on the game or for Riot and won't be able to remove Aphelios :P --- Emissaries are chosen from the most active and engaged players around here. Most of what we do revolves around the Boards, and we are in close contact with Riot and the Player Support to clear up problems if needed. - We engage with the community, try to help with any sort of questions that come up, or even forward immediate problems to the Player Support. Most of us have been around for a long time and have specialised in Player Behavior knowledge. We've stay in contact with Riot's Player Behavior specialists, gave feedback on issues and most importantly, asked questions about PB topics as much as possible. - We also work as a group to organize contests & events that are basically just for fun and engagement here on the Boards. - We also moderate these Boards (ie. delete all the spam & inappropriate posts) --- We're connected across all the regions and know/talk to many of the other Volunteers in EU. You'll find Volunteers _(playerswith a fancy Boards color)_ on almost every language of the Boards, they're just not called Emissaries everywhere ^^. Let me know if you have any more questions. :)
If u cant remove religious Sona combined with halo, can u atleast remove either Yasuo or every Champion i usually lose lane to? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I can provide a list if needed
Uriel (EUW)
: 2020, year of the rat, but NO twitch skin?
: Is it just me or are champions coming out of nowhere recently ?
The only way senna isnt banned is if aphelios is out and etc
: Poll: What aspect of the game needs (drastic) improvement?
Client and playerbehavior without a doubt. Oh, and the availability to Crystal Scar in customgames.
: Funneling strats need to be adressed and nerfed
The reason 3V3 was shit was due to funneling. After funneling being meta for 4+years, rito removed the mode.
: About Lucian build
Botrk is better mid where mages has less armor and melee champs has more hp than marksmen.
: Can we please get back SPECTATE LIVE feature???
They removed it because it was a nightmare to be in one of the featured games. So many friendrequests. Im guilty to quite a few sent friendrequest.
: Bring back dominion T_T
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