: Because you gain LP* when an opponent AFKs... (which should have a 5/4 chance of happening, making you actually gain LP from AFKs overall)
You don't get the point. nobody should gain/lose LP in a game when someone decides that he doesnt want to play anymore. The game should just end so that nobody loses time. The person that DC'ed should be punished not the team he is in.
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: Win as team, lose as a team, basic concept of a team oriented game
Funny bcuz he left the team so the 'team' concept isnt here anymore
: Because you probably won your cut of games the same way, and i don't remember you coming here to protest about getting free LPs when an opponent runs down mid.
Idc not gaing LP when an enemy decides to go afk. As long as we can just ff so we dont lose time. The only one who should lose LP is the one who DC'ed.
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