Byakurän (EUNE)
: what a time to be alive, bravo riot, at least we wont have any toxicity in chat! XD
i play since season 1, back then legue of legends was so goddamn toxic mate u wouldnt believe it but the games were so much more better. At least u could say that that lee sin isnt first time lee sin or that irelia top knows what she is doing. the people tried much harder. I mean i think its good they got some control over toxicity but imo permabanning people for trying to win is too much. they wouldnt dare do this in s1 but now that the are big they can do it because the people who made them big are banned xD
Punshero (EUW)
: I get banned every week one perma, but i never say any bad words like i hear every game in my team. I never trolled or inted or left lane etc. I am pretty sure i have the world record in perma bans. Also i got most bans because i got bullyd from premades 3+, mostly 4 and they think they are allowed to do everything and ruin my game as example: I am jungler and they all try to steal my camps or let me die and laugh or dance... and i need to play this 50 mins.. But who cares lel LuL
: Be honest. Any of you ever been banned for flaming and are you reformed?
i just got permabanned here isthe chatlog: Game 1 TrollSup: dont worry i camp him TrollSup: i gank lvl 2 top TrollSup: go to lane dude TrollSup: i gank him lvl 2 TrollSup: take what u want TrollSup: man TrollSup: u are fkn bad TrollSup: gg TrollSup: i wll come again tho TrollSup: ok gj TrollSup: i will camp him anywy he has no flash now TrollSup: i know TrollSup: no its not TrollSup: xD TrollSup: graves bot TrollSup: renekton come herald TrollSup: haha well the joke´s on you TrollSup: i wish i could jungle for myself while playing mid or top TrollSup: 4 bot TrollSup: ineedfarm u guys ar fed enough TrollSup: ure just throwing like noobs u are TrollSup: u have 9 kills and u still go for another kill instead go for tower TrollSup: ure jsut rash TrollSup: thats what i mean TrollSup: no matter what lane i go TrollSup: always idiots in league of legends TrollSup: now we have so umuch gold, but we wont push 1 tower because this is low silver and u guys re just to damn bad TrollSup: good question dude TrollSup: nothing its the same shit TrollSup: stop what mate u have fkn 7 kills go and win the game TrollSup: allready TrollSup: mid TrollSup: hahaa TrollSup: u watch boxerpete? TrollSup: whatever TrollSup: because i dont care TrollSup: uwont carry anyone syndra TrollSup: u can have 1000 more kills u wont carry TrollSup: im not inting i just play hte game TrollSup: i jsut go in TrollSup: tht all TrollSup: haha TrollSup: easy game mate TrollSup: :) TrollSup: watch replay TrollSup: there u ahve all answers TrollSup: hihi TrollSup: i go in TrollSup: i dont back of TrollSup: i go mid and i go in i dont wait TrollSup: gg easy Game 2 TrollSup: x TrollSup: nice dmg kled thats actaully sick TrollSup: i thought u give blue TrollSup: mb TrollSup: im trying to winhere i dont care what u think TrollSup: i play 100 times better then you nocturne TrollSup: i did see the map TrollSup: its ok to die 5 times its not hte end of the world TrollSup: and its not a reason to tilt so much in silver 1 TrollSup: same with you illoi TrollSup: what do you think u arent gonna get ganked u push 15 minutes into nasus TrollSup: and then wonder why get ganked TrollSup: botlane is 0 7 by the way TrollSup: and u blame me TrollSup: i know i die while pushing well shit happens kled hard dmg TrollSup: but i try to do somehting TrollSup: and its fine TrollSup: 5 deaths isnt the end of the world how do i reform? Guess its too late im so fkn toxic maybe i should just kms.
: Can't handle knowing the Opponents Elo? Don't use 3rd party websites. (+tips)
100% agree, go into the game make a few sidesteps here and there, here a trade there a trade and u know if the enemy is good or if he is bad.
: Matchmaking is terrible and RIOT knows that
it is what makes u play and stay at the game. that the reason why every season your elo gets reset and u have to climb to where u was before. this is their way of making money. It has a little to do with matchmaking but i also believe that they intenionally give you idiot teammates vs good ones. No matter the elo. For example: Every game i play my supporter never upgrades sightstone and tries to battle for vision, enemy supporter always does that. then i get one game where i have one super strong team and the next 5 games are again total idiots. mmr doesnt matter. Its RIOT way of keeping you play. If u chase the GOLD or PLAT or CHALLENGER every season.
: I am not followed by hatred and sorrow depending on my elo or whatnot, i am followed by hatred and sorrow if i have a player like you in my games ^^
GLurch (EUW)
: Sarcasm is impossible to tell apart from being serious in the internet if you don't mark it in a way. If I write to someone "you should get gunned down on the street like the degenerate you are", I could afterwards claim it was only sarcasm, but do you think anyone knew that at that moment or even afterwards? Do you think there even is a way to know if it was sarcasm or not?
but if you say it after we make u pentakill at bot and i ask you how was that and u say "you should get gunned down on the street like the degenerate you are" i would take it as a joke obviously. It is all about the context you dont have to claim anything. Like i said it in this game which lasted for aproximetely 45 minutes and was barely won. Listen im fine with my permaban i dont give a shit its not my main account anyway, i just wonder what people think of the game2 and its obvious to me that the only way to keep you sane in this game and not get your acc banned is intenional feeding. I know that this game is utmost toxic game in the world and its not because i made it like this it was toxic all the way long i play this game since season 1. i know how it was back then. I think its just funny that kids win, that u can actually get banned even if you literally dont do anything wrong ->see game2 .
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: You deserve it without question lmao.And no i'm not talking only about those games, you probably flamed most of ur games and I'm happy you get to pay for it :^)
*probably, how do you know? i played 500 ranked games on that account this season. no i didnt flamed in most games infact ive been honored in more games and people add me because im more of a sportsman than u will ever be. U say its deserved because u are butthurt. Im happy that u will suffer more then i do so we are cool.
Lauralf (EUW)
: Everyone knows how to jungle
No, as jungler u have to make the "plays". Whenever you qeue for jungle u need to have a gameplan of what u want to do. U cant just go into game and farm it out. As jungler you have to gank. depending on what jungler you play you have to make things happen otherwise u dont grab the game by the balls. Lets say u play lee sin u have to kill or at least pressure early on lvl 1-5 u have to dominate the jungle and make things happen. I dont care if u think u need farm u need to be effective in your clear path and know where the enemy jungler is to counter gank him or steal his camps. now this is all theory obviously it never goes as planed but you need to have a game sense and gameplan of what u want to do and what is the best thing to do at that very moment. When Toplane says no flash then u have to at least plan to try and make something happen but if u ignore it and go for a blue invade and die - > give double buff to enemy mid -> then your decision making as a jungler is poor and when the jungler is poor all your lanes are fked unless they can clutch it out in a 1v1 or 2v1 scenario. because if the jungler is bad and the enemy jungler notices that then the enemy jungler will take all your buffs, all your camps, gank all your lanes, simply because he has more experience and makes better decisions. The moment u enter a game u have to think: Where do i start, where does he start, how do i path, where will my path end, will i be healthy, shall i invade, is he invading, are my lanes safe, can i gank, should i back, should i ward, am i ganking jungler or a farming jungler, whats the best way to have the most impact in the game??? And last but not least, u cant just say the junglers job is this and laners job is that. The reason why so many people flame the jungler is because you arent communicating with them. tell them what your plan is. thell them u are planning to counter gank bot so top no help for a while. tell them u will cant gank u have no ulti, tell them u come when they get lvl 6. it all comes down on what jungler you play. if you play every game a different jungler chances are you arent really experienced with the specific powerspikes u are playing with. Countless times i had junglers who didnt gank in 20 minutes. 0 0 0 in 20 minutes. and even low level. thats because tehy have no gameplan and are just coi flipping junglers who rely on winning lanes who cant make things happen by them selves.
Neurotoxin (EUNE)
: Why this guy still play?
because its not banable. only if u rite mean things its gg for ya but if u have a bad game and ruin it for others. well.... -> qeue again.
: Why do I lose every ranked game?
hey buddy here is a simple tip. when u pop of top take turret and then go mid or bot with your feeding noob teammates and teamfight with them. since u are the most fed dude in the game u need to apply this pressure on the map. If u just port back after every kill instead taking a turret then u are doing it wrong. If u get fed like you u have to play overly aggressive and be the "playmaker" dont let your enemy of the hook. push him in but be careful of when to push and when to retreat, good luck.
Byakurän (EUNE)
: How to rid myself of toxicity?
u just have to int down mid. before u get restricted just int. dont say anything just have a fun time in league of legends. help for me to be honest. i got several accounts banned because i always "tried" to win but it doenst help the people ua re playing with are idiots it just is how it is. So you either accept the fact that u can loose and just try to ahve fun even in rankeds but when u are done just int into 5 people finish the game and start another one and try your best another time. U think im trolling? no im dead srs. The only way to get elo is actually get better and carry really hard. but in order to do that u need to be really good at the game and the only way to get good at the game is by practiing. If u get stuck with 4 idiot in a team and its not fun just /mute all run down mid finish the game and start another one. I know i felt bad myself the first tiem i did it but its the only way to get out of a game without getting your account banned. trust me on this one. u wont get any penalty for feeding. only for chatting. if u really gain elo then practice the game but if u feel sick of playing with noobs just int. The best part of inting is, u might win the game eventually. out of 10 times when i see it makes no sense this game is over i win about 3 just by inting. and i let my team carry me while i ahve fun dying and "having fun" as Riot would say. Before you start to rage at your mates, /mute all and int. Trust me u will never get one punishment by this one and the games end faster.
RallerenP (EUW)
: You are literally salty about your permaban. It was justified, and you would understand had you actually read the rules.
GLurch (EUW)
: If you're harassing people over their elo without them having even done much to you, you shouldn't be surprised to receive a punishment.
GLurch (EUW)
: I can't judge that, but I doubt the system would have punished you if there was only game 2. Which is why you got punished for game 1 and 2. While this wasn't the most toxic behavior I've seen, the system is supposed to work like this. It wants you to have completely reformed till you get to the permanent ban, which many people do. About 91.6% of the people that got punished once never got punished after that and only about 0.006% of the community gets a permanent suspension.
thats a lie, if u believe that u are just fooling yourselve. u see im not toxic. i have chatlogs that proove im not toxic. But i know for sure the moment i enter a silver game again its going to be flamefest u know it and i know it. everyone knows it. But look what i "said", its not toxic. U believe in the unfailable Auto-Ban-System yet i have chatlogs that proove im inocent and u still say its justified.
: If you said the 'easy' in all chat i am happy that you got permabanned because you deserve it with 100% of you entire body and soul :)
it was obviously sarcastic since it was a tough and long game, i know u kids dont understand that and in silver where u play there is only hatred and sorrow.
GLurch (EUW)
: You got a 14 day ban which told you the next punishment was going to be a permanent ban. If you are still toxic after Riot gave you 3 chances and warnings, even if just slightly, it's obvious you failed somewhere. Generally, if people fail at reforming after so many chances, they never reform.
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: The saddest truth is that what you said in game 1 IS actually what has to be done in order to win a game. And people banned you for understanding what winning a game meant.
i won that game, i banged my head over and over again 1v5 took baron and won the game.
Shadir (EUW)
: If it wasn´t game 2 it would have been your next game. nuff said
So the logic is, i dont care get out? And u call me toxic? i rather be toxic then crazy :) People like you are the reason they abolished Tribunal, because u would punish everyone with the argument well if its not this game sure its next game. MAN I LOVE THE FACT IM NOT LIKE YOU. <3 ban deserved i rather be banned then such a spineless beeing.
Shadir (EUW)
: If it wasn´t game 2 it would have been your next game. nuff said
So the logic is, i dont care get out? And u call me toxic? i rather be toxic then crazy :)
: No. If that is really the entire chatlog of that game it shouldn't be in there (imo).
it is the entire chatlog i send a request @support to interview them about it. However i know it wont be lifted but its the entire chatlog and it is obviously used to justify my permaban.
Perilum (EUW)
: Cool kid speak for "hurr durr insulting and harassing people is ok".
TrollSup (EUW)
: i got tyler1ed, now look at the chatlogs and look at game2 and tell me what do you think
Game2 i get banned for i had a score of 2 5 3 and get permabanned. %%% it was worth. It was worth telling all the people what they are. my acc is banned but at least i know im not a hipocryte like u all are. U point the finger on others yet dont see that u are all alike. I get banned for nothing literally nothing and people still insist im toxic. u guys are insane. this company is insane, their players are hipocrites. U are all on Reddit and twitch barely 20% of you is above gold and u think u are all so smart. I say i got unjustified banned i have even chatlogs that proove that game 2 is a unjustified ban and u still say im toxic. I think u are all a little insane to be honest :)
: Game 2 wouldn't be enough to get banned for. But it's not just game two but also game 1. It doesn't make sense to just look at one game, that's not how it works. Just because your behavior was fine in one game that doesn't change the fact that your behavior was not at all okay in that other game. Game 1 easily justifies a suspension; more than that is not required. PS: The special thing about Tyler1 is that he got banned (as a person, not as an account!) indefinely. That's not what happened to you. You are neither banned as a person nor are you banned indefinetely (but rather temporary or permanently....which is not the same). So you didn't get "tyler1ed"
oh ok my bad then, but u think game2 is ok to appear as an argument to get banned for? ok i respect your opinion.
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