Barty (EUNE)
: 1) I'm a heavy mid main but also a very good support and decent jungler/toplaner. 2) "There is a difference between maining a champion and being and one trick pony though." - I just wrote that. 3) "There is a difference between maining a champion and being and one trick pony though." - I just wrote that. Um, and I just wrote it once more. And btw, that one trick pony Draven who wins maaaaajority of his Draven games and loses terribly that 10% games he doesn't get adc is not any different from someone else, who wins some games when he is just good and has some bad games that he loses terribly. The only thing different is that you know that guy is Draven main.
1) Don't take it personally. I never said that you're one of those people. 2) I'm talking about people who say "Main Draven", when in fact they are OTP Draven and can't do anything else decently. I liked your idea about OTP Draven having it's positive side, but 10% terrible games as OTP seems too small to be true. And OTP an adc\mid is more forgiving than OTP squishy top\jungler. A lot of games I win as Mundo, after being wrecked in lane, just because they have no tank to 5v5 us and I get 4k hp in lategame and tank their turrets while we demolish their base. 3) The biggest problem with OTP for me is their chat and mentality. They cry all game from pick screen to allchat about how lost the game is because they don't get their champ. And you're lucky if they don't feed as well.
Barty (EUNE)
: When you main a lane, you give yourself an advantage over people who don't. The same goes for a champion. There is a difference between maining a champion and being and one trick pony though. Important thing to say is, though, that none of those approaches are bad.
Say it again, when one of those people writes: 1) Omg I can't play *whatever role he set as secondary*, plz let me *primary role*. If he doesn't get his lane, he gets stomped. 2) Or *omg they banned my -ChampoinName-* > plays terribly, because he didn't master any other champion. 3) Or *squishy toplaner* is my main, I don't care if we really need a tank. Most people got the idea right. When I say "maining is bad" I mean those who overdo it. And there are a lot of those.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FrostyFracie,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rVoWlXAG,comment-id=00090000000000010000,timestamp=2016-07-25T15:56:50.858+0000) > > Not really. There is still the chance of someone asking to swap with you during champ select which would put you in a lane you didn't originally pick. > > And at that point in time, what do you do? Because turning down the persons offer might just put them on tilt for that game as they don't want to dodge and are one of those people that pick the primary as the only lane they want and put the secondary in hopes it doesn't get picked. maining a champions doesnt mean you only play 1 champions in 1 lane.i play 4 toplanes this season(trundle,irelia,gnar,lissandra) all the adcs 2 junglers 1 midlaner and 3 supports.
There are a lot of players who play only one champion or one role, sadly. These are the ones that I hate. They will lock in their {{champion:157}} top or {{champion:11}} jungle, even if the team desperately needs a tank.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Why Does Irelia Need A Rework?
Anyone who calls himself a "main" in ranked is the worst.
: You did good
There are still some people who manage to complain about it.
: is this really the kind of behavior riot lets go unseen?
He'll get banned in a few games of doing that. The system forgives if you're toxic in 1-2 games a week, but not if it's constant. Also - think about it, why would you care about what some complete stranger says to you on the internet? Even school-age kids can play this game and say whatever they want, because you can't punch them, or talk to their parents on internet. So my advice would be to mute and ignore people like that. (And don't forget to report) {{champion:17}}
NumLox (EUW)
: Anyone else think this is about LoL
THIS IS SO RELATED TO LOL _Seriously, this is why people get addicted to this game:_ They join a game as newbie -> they get flamed for being noob -> they learn to play, so they could "prove that they're good" -> -> when you have finally learned to play well, you get some toxic teammate and you tilt -> next games you play like a noob, because you're on tilt now -> -> this song plays in your head -> you want to play one game well, before you go to bed -> you just lost 5-10 games in row, because you coudn't stop playing while tilted -> -> lie down (at 4 p.m.) -> try not to cri -> ? I promised my bro I'll never play more than 2 ranked games in one day (from this month and onward), because 2 bad games are tilt-borderline for me, there's no sense in playing 3+.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Has League Of Legends Died As Competitive Game?
: A small QoL Change for Junglers.
The number on SoA buff is not even that important. I'd vote for removing it. If you wanna see your SoA stacks - just put the cursor on the icon and read the tooltip.
: Imma just say this, dont have auto attack on, its useless it doesnt help you, just have it off. There is no reason you should have it on to my opinion, it messes with your farm, its just really really bad to have on.
I tried it off - didn't work well for me. For farming - I just use S to command "stop" and my champion will stand still until next command, for me it's more convenient. Auto attack helps when enemy tries to bush\vision juke you. It helps to farm jungle camps. It helps with skills that cancel the aa command on melee champs (like Vi's Q or mundo E). Basically is saves you from mashing rmb all the time just in case something (spell\stun\vision loss) canceled your target.
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: Is There a 'Jack of All Trades' Champ?
For me it's {{champion:127}} and {{champion:133}}
: just something to cheer you guys up
: > [{quoted}](name=Trost Brony,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=owB2EHVV,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2016-07-08T06:51:31.712+0000) > > Ever thought about practicing vs bots? i can win against intermediate bots by myself. like, even with 4 bots on my team feeding the int. bots i still demolish them.
nvm, I didn't notice it's ARAM. The balance for fighters\assassins is nonexistent there imho.
: > [{quoted}](name=JayHog1992,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=owB2EHVV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-07T21:31:50.390+0000) > > Question is, how terrible were you to end up with a D? im pretty bad at this game, and have no motivation to get good. i used to play ranked in season 2, i dropped to 600 MMR and still couldnt hit a 30% win rate. i actually totally believe i am the worst legitimate, non faking, league player. like its easy to drop to a 25% win rate at 600 mmr if you try to drop, but i would drop to 20% win rate at 500 mmr while trying my hardest to win.
Ever thought about practicing vs bots?
Lee Singed (EUNE)
: This is getting out of hard for real now.
The game always forced you into 50% winrate, even before dynamicQ. It's very frustrating. You get "awarded" with terrible teammates for "winning too much".
: The enemy team can see where you are channeling to. This isn't gonna work on a normal match (and this is obviously staged), no one is gonna stay still in a bush with your whole team, tunnelvisioning so hard while Ryze's channeling (red on your screen) animation is on top of you.
So, the destination area is visible from channel start, even if Ryze is not visible? Phew. I though it has no warning.
: first of all u prop don't know how trick with kalista and blitz works but whatever, i just mean by all that that u wont see any of that tp combos that often, it's hard to pull off and i think that u could do smth like that with ult it's interesting but that's it, to see problem in that situation it's strange it's not gonna affect u in any way i more than sure that u not going to have problems with that combos, would be people who would like to try to pull them off but it would be just for fun, no one gonna take that serious so chill out
I've had enough of Maplhite+Yasuo bullshit. Requires no skill whatsoever, results in tons of dmg and 2 long chained knockups on 1-5 enemies. The problem is that both of these are easy to pull off, and too rewarding, while leaving little counterplay and not putting enemy team at much risk. Therefore it's ultimately frustrating for the victim team.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thx for replying for me. P.s. Oh, all the downvotes (on my original post) from restricted kids like Membont. They make me feel nice.
: that's a really really stupid solution, u not going to see a lot of tp with nunu and galio ults it's just fun thing that u can do such as kalista blitz hook it's cool thing but how often do u saw that? so no need to making really retarded solutions for problem that is not a problem
Ah, how nice of you to call my solution retarded right off the bat. Anyway, even the teleport+any aoe combo will be just as frustrating as this, because it offers 0 counterplay (no means to avoid it). The example you gave with Kalista is different, because most of the times you see that Kalista did ult and you have time to react. Also Blitz is left exposed in the frontline after the ult.
: Good job riot.
There is an easy solution: this teleport should stop all channeling spells before they TP. Or even silence every teleported champion for 0.5-1 seconds, for counterplay possibilities.
: "You are among only 5% of League of Legends players to recieve a chat restriction"
It's super hard to get restricted in this game. Therefore, only 5% get restricted, while around 20% deserve it.
: So support would always autovote surrender?
You're wrong. KDA is (assist+kill)\death So if a support is 1\3\8 it is (8+1)/3 = 3 KDA. Ironically, support is the easiest role to maintain high kda.
PengWin (EUNE)
: Is this bannable?
Well done. Teemo is very fun to play because of his annoyance factor. I'd play him more often, but most times we need a tank top.
Fawkz (EUW)
: 500 Lifetime Upvotes
435 here. Boost me up. {{champion:17}}
: I do not care about loss. I do care about wasting my time and the enemies' time cuz most of the time those who fed the most are the ones refuse to ff in an obvious losing game. I do hope that they all get permanent banned. I am not sure I will win games always, but at least I can move on and start a new one :)
The game should automatically vote yes (surrend) for anyone with <1 kda. Seriously, if 3-4 teammates (including me) are at <1kda, the is not much sense in expecting a comeback.
: That last point is really good. I had never really thought about that. The ADC can get a bit overconfident if you are their looking after them all the time. It's a sort of "tough love". I had an excellent ADC tonight and it became clear early on that s/he was potentially going to carry the game. So, I stuck around bot for longer than usual to make sure that he was well fed. He out-levelled the enemy ADC and did go on to carry the game.
I figured that one out by accident: One day I've got that "flaming\hopeless adc" 2-3 games in row. It's so fun to support that kind of players so I got fed up with all that and just went to gank mid\top. It worked surprisingly well. Now I don't stick with my adc entire game if there's someone with more carry potential. It's both more fun for support and better for team.
: This is exactly what I had as well in a quite large number of games. I play support, and me and my ADC manage to get out of the laning mostly on top. However, it seems to me that's too late, as at least one of the other lanes meanwhile has fed an enemy really hard, so that by the point we leave the lane the game is pretty much GG. I did not yet find a solution for this; I'll think about leaving my ADC alone for a while and go to other lanes earlier.
Ye, as a support a lot of times leaving your lane can be a good idea. I didn't do it until recently and it's really fun and efficient. But you need: 1. Some advantage at botlane, so your absence doesn't result in turret loss. 2. Good adc, who will play carefully while you roam mid. 3. A good mid\jungler, who will react and make your roam worth. Also if your adc is feeder, sometimes it's better to go support your top\mid teammate as soon as you get lvl6 instead of staying bot. This way your adc will be forced to farm under turret (instead of dueling and dying), while you can make difference in other lane.
raps1355 (EUW)
: I can accept a loss if i got fucked up on equal terms. If at any point im losing to people with visibly inferior skills, movements and tactics simply because they are fed from my team or have the luxury of using numbers to topple someone better than them individually. When im trying my absolute best which is rare to get me motivated to do that and it only applies to a small fraction of my games i will not be killed or outplayed until the enemy gets dramatically fed and my first death will be around 25-40 mins simply because multiple people commit overzealous resources to do it as if i were a boss mob superseding baron. When you lose to someone on equal terms because they were better this is a nice feeling and you can actually respect it.
This. When you get your first death at 22 minutes (I really care about not dying), but your teammate is 0\12. Sigh...
Rismosch (EUW)
: Why can't you stand a loss?
It's just sad when you win your lane perfectly, getting a turret real fast, lots of farm and a score like 5\0 only to get stomped by that super fed enemy from other lane. And I mean SUPER FED. Sometimes, my teammates in upper silver (or low gold) manage to die 5+ times by 10 minute mark, and this feels unfair - getting matched with someone, who has no clue how to play safe or simply trolls.
Mr Volens (EUW)
: I'm tired RIOT
I have the exact opposite problem: my teammates often seem to not care about their kda's and die 7-10 times at 20 minute mark, which I find unacceptable. Care to swap?
L4rs (EUNE)
: Game-ruining players
I've struggling with the same problem for 3 years, here is what I've figured out: 1) Don't ever chat first. Preferably don't chat at all. Even if you're up to writing positive stuff - people will feel more welcome to chat aswell and it goes from friendly chat to blame fest between teammates quite fast. Just stfu and kill your enemies as much as you can. Also: turrets > kills, don't forget to push. When I don't chat, a lot of games end with 0 to 10 messages in chat. And it's netter that way. 2) Don't play more than 2 ranked games a day. The tilt is one hell of a thing, you also loose focus after playing hours in row. On top of that, I feel like matchmaking gives you those uncarriable tilters if you play >3 games a day. So generally, if you spend entire day on this game and end up lower then you started - you'll feel like poop. But if you play 1-2 ranked a day, the maximum loss will be -40lp and 1-2 hours, which won't feel as bad as loosing -100lp and 5+ hours.
: This we can agree on or at least some of it xD I aren't playing in silver or gold, so I can't say anything about how ranked is working down there, but yea I could imagine it is easier to be able to play all roles decently against your opponents, but at the same time I'm not sure about this, because yes the skill level overall is lower down there but that goes for both sides obviously. The last thing you talk about that for you it removes the fun in the game, I think this is a big point in our discussion, because I doesn't find it boring or that it takes away the fun, I feel the other way around that having to know 1 lane completely (Or the best you can ofc) makes the game way more fun and intimidating. So it really depends on the reasons for why you play I guess, for a casual player who likes to play different champions, and mostly are here for just killing some time and having fun, would obviously not like the idea of having to play only 1 lane. Where on the other hand a player who is here, to compete against other players and trying to improve the best he can, will for obviously reasons be more motivated to learn 1 lane, so he will have a way better chance against the players he compete against. Hope we finally came to a conclusion xD Even though I like the discussion about how and why the things are as it is :)
Ulriah (EUW)
: Of course, whenever something doesn't go our way, we obviously have to look for an excuse, and preferably make it someone else's fault. Before it used to be ''my teams are always bad/trolls'', now it's ''my team is always solo but I only get matched against premades''. 4v5's, trolls and bad matchmaking have always been a problem, but of course now it's Dynamic Q's fault because why the hell not, the other excuses are illegitimate anyway.
I wonder why do our brains work this way. If you keep blaming the others for your mistakes\incompetence, you'll never learn!
: I do get you point but you obviously doesn't get mine. I could learn 1 champion in bot or more yes but I don't want to use my time to learn that, especially since the champion isn't the biggest problem, the problem is I just simply doesn't know how to play as an ADC, and it would take me far too long to learn how to play it, so I could actually compete against other players at my elo. As I said top is my main lane and I wanna improve on the lane, that I am going to play with in tournaments and with my team. As I also said I can play any lane except for the ADC, meaning I do know how to play others champions then my top lane, but the ADC is simply just not a playstyle I either like or are good at. If I should be 100% honest it would probably take me at least 1-2 month, to even be able to compete against other players at my elo as an ADC, and why should I use 1 month to learn a role I hate playing, and then get worse on my main lane just because of that? The reason they made the new ranked system, was so you could get your main role and only needed 1 sub role, so you didn't have to be forced to know all roles, since it is impossible for anybody to master every champion, and mastering only 3-5 champions when you main a lane is not enough at all, at least I wouldn't feel comfortable only knowing 3-5 champions in top lane. It's basically the same question I keep answering for you, and I really don't know how to put it more simple for you.
Dear FaMeQui, I totally understand what you said from the first message. You're totally uninterested in mastering adc role, and now you get forced into adc role. I get it, it sucks. I was looking at LoL from soloQ perspective. This way it always **seemed **to me that a good player **must **know how to play any role. So I was kind of happy when people who "main" roles struggle. Because they looked like cheaters to me. Now that you mentioned pro players I actually think I get it: I think it is much easier to be good at all roles in silver, but higher it becomes harder to maintain skill in all roles, so people start to focus on doing one thing well. Would you agree with this? That is why I'd rather play normals only as soon as I get to gold5. Ranked is fun because of the challenge, but you're limited to playing your best champion and role, which takes a lot of fun away.
Silisa (EUNE)
: I disagree.
Silisa (EUNE)
: The matter is a bit more complicated than that. There has been a lot of changes in items and meta since the beginning of the Season, and getting back into the loop is more trouble than it's worth. What is the point anyway? Ranked is a joke, and there is nothing to really motivate an average player into getting better at the game.
It's the same kind of excuses I was making, when they released WoW:WotLK (which meant I don't have the max. level and best gear anymore and have to grind/learn again). I was too lazy to do that again. I called it "a joke update" and quit. I think you're just bored with the game and seek for excuse to call it quits.
Ulriah (EUW)
: I don't know why you bothered with such a long post, SoloQ fanboys are more irrational and stubborn than flat-Earthers.
Haha, good one! Ironically, I play ranked soloQ 80% of the time. _The other 18% is normals with my brother and 2% of playing with someone good from last game._ People are just too lazy to adapt, and look for excuses. **Ranked is legit.** (Well, except for those 4v5 games that still count)
Silisa (EUNE)
: > Maybe I am mistaken (I'm silver, so you may think I'm not experienced enough to judge), but I feel the same level of confidence on any role. I'm a support main. I used to play all roles except ADC, so I got 60-70% of my games on support, 20% on top/mid and the other 10-20% in the jungle. That was the old system, where we used pick order to decide roles. I was great at support, and pretty decent on top and mid. My jungle games were so-so. Since the implementation of the new champion select, I've played maybe 2 games of anything other than support. It's my main, so it makes sense that I would want it as my primary, but because the demand for that role is so high, I haven't play anything but support in months. So, unless I wish to put myself through the hell of re-introducing myself to all the roles I've simply lost touch with, there is no way for me to be equally comfortable on all roles.
Lol, does auto-fill really happen for support mains? That doesn't make sense. xD P.S. Also I don't get people who refuse to learn new roles. For me playing same role gets boring real fast.
: Having a main lane doesn't mean you are a one tricked, I can play almost every single top champion because it is my main lane, and I want to be able to play anything up there. But I have quite some champions on every other role except for adc. Anyway how you try to explain or turn it around, nobody can be just as good on every single champion in the game. Imagine if you had to practice every champion and just to hold your performance on those champions, you would have to play them 1 time each week, that would mean you would have to play over 131 games a week, just to get those 1 games on each champion. Obviously 1 game isn't enough to learn how to master a champion, but that clearly shows the point that nobody can be good at everything. For example as I said I main top lane and I have some champions I feel 100% comfortable on, but I also have some champions where I might only feel 80% of even less comfortable on, then imagine playing a lane you never play at all and on a champion you probably never play, keeping in mind all of this in a ranked game, where you are supposed to give it 100% to hit the top spots. If you don't get my point after all this, I don't think we have to discuss this anymore because this is the best way I can explain this to you.
I'll keep it brief and simple: _Please answer to this question:_ What's stopping you from learning 2-3 adc's (in normals), just in case you get forced to play adc? I learned to play **3-5** champions for **every lane** and have no problem filling a role now. 3x5 = 15 champs, 5x5 = 25. Having 15-25 champions mastered in 2+ years doesn't seem impossible to me. That's around 1 champion per month. > Imagine if you had to practice every champion You don't have to master **most **adc's to play botlane. Most adc's share a same set of things to learn: lasthitting, positioning, keeping yourself safe in teamfights (because the focus is hard on adc's). I had no problem switching between Caitlyn, MF, Ezreal, Varus, Tristana and Sivir. The only adc's I avoid are more tricky ones, like Lucian (low range), Kalista, Vayne etc.
: Where does all this come from and where are the facts for this? As far as it goes for myself I don't care at all about those things, I only care about getting to play my game and have fun with it, even as I said I don't mind being forced to play the adc role, I will do my absolute best on it even though I suck on it, but having to play a role you suck on knowing you will get flamed at some point is just so demotivating to play.
You see, the problem you just stated is flame, not auto-fill. And Riot has a secret solution hidden inside a (Tab) menu, called "mute".
: Nobody can be expected to play everything well and the reason "but your high elo" is not a good reason, because the people I play against are also high elo = It doesn't matter if you play master vs master or bronze vs bronze, being on a role your not used to or uncomfortable on, would always result in the enemy having a higher chance to stomp you. I can fast and easy learn to play a champ on my comfortable roles, but that doesn't mean I master it at all and same goes, for playing a champ on a role I am uncomfortable on, I would defiantly be able to learn to play the champ decently, but that would mean I couldn't practice on the lane I actually wanna practice on, since that is my so called "main lane" that I play in most scenarios and with my team. Sorry if it might be hard to understand what I mean trying my best to formulate myself correctly xD
I understand you, but why do people pretend that you can only play **one lane** and only 2-3 champions well? Every time I hear word "main", I hear "one-trick pony". What **fun **is it, limiting yourself to 25% of the game, or even less? (Hello, Annie Bot) Maybe I am mistaken (I'm silver, so you may think I'm not experienced enough to judge), but I feel the same level of confidence on any role. The only way I can check if I'm right is the stats: kda\winrate. My stats are the same, no matter what role\champion I play. (With a rule of playing 5-50 games (malzahar\garen\malphite\ashe = 5, azir\yasyo\riven\fiora = 50+) before taking a champion to ranked) Most of the lanes share a lot of common skills (lasthitting, trading, setting up a gank, warding, knowing when push or freeze), and many champions share similar skills and mechanics or are ridiculously easy to play. I don't know how is it possible for a guy, who plays this game more than 2 years to be bad at any role, unless he didn't try to learn that role intentionally. And if that is true, I don't see anyone else to blame but himself.
: 1. Picking roles. Nice feature and stuff. Except now instead of "mid or feed" shouting last picks we have "omg I didn't get mid and I can't play top, give me mid or I troll". This problem is a separate problem that would be solved if Riot has started to ban trolls and people who sabotage their team immediately instead of waiting months and still doing nothing at all. 2. You meant probably - more motivation to boost others and ruin the game for solo players. It's not lesser chance of flame. It's mostly 0 communication from premades in your team towards solo players. Especially 4-man premades are abusing this completely. Not mentioning having to play all solo vs team with 3 or 4 premades which happens regullary everyday is tilting people and rise toxicity levels. 3. DynamicQ isn't needed to chose roles. It is a separate feature. Role selection can be implemented for SoloQ as well. Queue times are 10 times worse than before. Before dynamicQ the longest wait time I've ever encountered was 10 minutes (during night hours) which was completely understandable. Meanwhile at hours when there are the most players in the game I usually wait from 6 up to 18-20 minutes. All this in Gold league where queue times are around 3 minutes on average - by Riot fake charts of course. if you average 10 seconds queue time for support and 15 for rest of the roles there we go where these 3 minutes came from. Fake as crap charts are just showing that Riot thinks we are all idiots with no IQ. 4. Hextech chests are nice. True. On the other side latest changes to mastery system which connects hextech crafting and mastery level is bullsht. Anyway another money grab here is vayne skin. I love to play vayne. Vladimir has his own soulstealer skin that I can buy anytime, but i Don't even play him or own him. Of course Vayne skin is only available by dropping a special shard (which will probably drop for few players on the whole server only) or crafting 10 gemstones, which drops once per year maybe from chests you get for getting S. So you either buy 213214234 chest from shop or you can forget about any gemstone. Some guy lately said that he bought hextech chests for 100 euro and got 0 gemstones. Bye bye Vayne skin. See you next year maybe. 5. I understand reworks of old champions, but meta should not be controlled by Riot. few years ago it weren't controlled, but then Ghostcrawler was hired and everything went to sht. Currently there are too many overpowered champions that needs to be banned. Considering not only tanks, but asssassins can build tank and dish the damage of on-release Xin Zhao, I'm thrilled to see there are still only 6 bans. You know how it is with "For me it's great". It's the same as with putting sh-it in the middle of a road and asking thousands of people what do they think about it. Most will be disgusted etc. but there are always few exception who will say it's fine for them.
You complain about stuff that doesn't even matter that much, and compare my opinion to poop. Great job. Just in case: 1. Happened to me less than 10 times in 400+ games. With old system, someone was unhappy about his role every 5th game. 2. When there is a booster, there is also a boosted. Feed on the noob, faster then their booster gets fed = profit. If you demolish most of his team, one pro is not likely to carry anything alone. Also - smurfing always was there. When I play with 3-4 premades (and I am solo), I often leave the coordination to them, because most of the time they have team-speak, which is superior to chat. Also I don't chat a lot, because noobs won't follow your advice anyway and good players already know how to cooperate using minimap and pings. The only bad side to this may be when people gang up to flame you, but mute works well there. 3. If you split queues into soloQ and teamQ, there will be less players in each queue, thus making it even worse. The long queue times came because of the new pickscreen, and the fact that not that many players support willingly. If they left it at old draftpick, but with dynamicQ - wait times would be less then ever before. 4. I had one gemstone this year, while the system is just a few months old. Never bought anything this year. Disassembled the gemstone for more loot. Hextech Annie\Vayne looks like tough lottery, I agree. That's why I don't bother with them and enjoy my free "Super Galaxy Rumble". For me a free epic skin is a win-win. 5. Who should controll the meta then? I always thought that the developers own the game and have the access to the source code. As an ex-dota\dota2 player I find every champion possible to counterplay (if not super fed), except for tank Fizz, whom I ban every game ;) So to summ up, this year I got (TLDR): 1) (almost) Stress-free pick screens in ranked. (before, 20% of pick screens were a disaster, because of fighting for roles) 2) No significant change regarding dynamic. I rarely get more than 2 people premade in my games if I solo. I could get 1-2 duo couples in my team during previous seasons too, right? 3) Longer queues (bad). Sad, but I'd rather read the book waiting for a legit game, than dodge pickscreens because 2 kids fight for mid. Also, if I want an instant game - I can play supp. Being rewarded for supporting feels fair. 4) Free stuff, I'm not investing into this game anymore (Put $70 into it, more than Overwatch costs). I don't have problems with my willpower. 5) Champions\builds that I never saw sense in playing become viable, what a disaster. **sarcasm** I don't see any problem really. Champion masteries are useless AFAIK, limited skins don't bother me, ranked is almost the same as is was in seasons 3-5.
: [DynamicQ] It's time to stop kidding around Riot
Let me list a list of **good **things they introduced: - New pickscreen, defined roles. Now people don't fight over roles. I hated when 20% of games were lost in pickscreen because someone is not happy with the role he is "forced to play". - More motivating for people to play with friends. I've never seen sense in playing 3v3 ranked or 5v5 ranked before. Seriously, who the hell cared about those ladders? Now I can climb the "main ladder" with any amount of premade teammates, which is cool (I still play solo 95% of games though). Premade groups mean lesser chance of flame. (Who would queue with a flamer?) Matchmaking will find a premade of the same size for my and enemy team so it's ok balance-wise. - Qeue times Yep, the whole dynamic qeue is made to shorten qeue times (for both premades and solo's). You could say that it didn't get shorter, but you have to remember that now the matchmaking has to find all roles for the match to start, which is why dynamic is needed. - Free skins How the hell does that feel like a "middle finger"? Even for a player who never pays, it means free skins every few months, which is better than nothing (duh). Also seeing other players play with skin more often is refreshing. You could say it's a bait to get money, but it's all optional. Riot needs to make money, and they try to find new ways to do so, can't blame them for that. - Reworks Reworks are what keeps this game from getting old. The meta shifts and with it, you find new champions to main. Why not? Adapt instead of complaining, and use it to your advantage. - Clubs What is this? I completely ignored this feature without any noticeable drawback. Feel free to prove me wrong, but for me this game is just as good, as it was in season 4. The only thing I miss is the way they quickly delivered restrictions in season 4. Misbehave in 2-4 games and you can't play ranked or use chat. That was brutal and I loved it.
: All i said that it's ok to forfeit a game but when all the players agree. It is a good option, but it's forcing people that have no fault to waste time. Maybe because this game is meant ONLY for kids now, that have nothing to worry about and have plenty of time. Some of us play only few games a week sometimes, and mostly to vent and have fun. When you actually get even more frustrated playing it, because of bad managment like that...well you got my point hopefully. Simple and effective change that i offer is just that ---- " team, do we agree to forfeit? YES/NO" that's it and by TEAM i mean TEAM of 5 people, not only premade friends and trolls.
If ALL of your teammates don't want to play his match anymore, why should they be forced to? Also, if someone is "trolling", by intentionally feeding/afk, he could spam "no", to make others waste more time. Right now the team can forfeit even if the troll is voting "no".
DumLoner (EUW)
: /remake useless
I think /remake is **not** made to counter intentional afk trolls. It is made to prevent those moments when someone's game crashes or he can't connect.
: Lee sin Q bug, unable to activate second cast/disappears
For me it looks like your Q went a bit right from Yi, into the pillar and wall.
Solash (EUW)
: This is by far the best example of Spaghetti Code i've ever seen (Taken from Reddit)
I'd actually enjoy having sightstone as my jungler. Guaranteed vision. And **boots **that have **Teemo in their inventory**? Count me in.
: The big problem with auti-fill - RIOT plz read this
Wow, that's actually quite bad. Well for the people who spam one role, at least. But then, aren't players at platinum and higher supposed to know how to play all roles? I'm silver 2 and I feel comfortable playing all roles equally, and manage to keep my 3 KDA **average**, regardless of roles (which I think is good enough for upper silver).
: Can we have a soft reset at some point?
I had a big series of loose streaks, which took me 3 divisions down in 2 weeks. Uninstalled. You can see my history. Last 20 games my teammates had a really bad kda's.
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