: Pantheon Rework Idea, Multi purpose fighter!
Seems fun but don't get how his passive works.. You can just change ur auto and q every 12 minion kills but you are unable to move for an entire second? Seems kinda scary cause a good laner can just count the cs and see that Pantheon can change his weapon and then try and engage when he changes his weapon.. Maybe make it interuptable or something so that changing wont be such a big deal and you can take the risk..
Aargus (EUNE)
: Karma and Caitlyn
What are you tryna say here?
: Just a suggestion on auto-attacks
Imagine an Evelynn walking in a teamfight and oneshotting the adc and mid and then she continues to kill everyone with her autos xD.. Ap assasins would be even more 'broken' than they allready are so let's not do that
Tarolock (EUNE)
: actually you dont have a shadow without the sun (or some light source) so i guess he saw more sun than a lot of us :D
The theories that keep us up at night..
: Vote for my "my shop"
I got Masquarade Evelynn and some other but I wanted that eve skin so I'm delighted :D
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