: QSS never worked on malz, it's a supression.
QSS does work, cleanse doesn't. You should read the description again.
: Diversity? There was many time when you have to ban XXX or play it if you dont want to loose. And electrocute with ignite being taken the whole season? So much diversity
Basically Zoe, irelia and leblanc.
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: All the time high elo players said it's easy to climb out of low elo... If you're plat tier player you'll climb out of silver/ gold easy ( just example.. ).. But you don't play in silver/ gold... You can't even imagine lvl of toxicity in those divisions... Number of ppl who after one death say ' fck it's gg team is bad '... I'm in low elo (S3) but i didn't play ranked for moore then half year bcs of that... You Q for ranked go in and just see you're midlaner ping his net ping and go afk, or you're supp just go solo invade give enemy jg free first blood, you're toplaner who counterpick himslef go all in after all in end up being 0-8 and blameing jg... If someone get lead, god help you, they think they're so better then opponent so they start some crazy bullshit plays.. Go in 1v3-1v4 all the time and when they die type something like ' Noob team ' or ' GG 1v4 '... It's frustrating to play in that elo.. It's a fact you can't carry with toplaner ( example ) bcs at the time you hit that lead like 3-0 with 30 cs lead your teammates will be 0-4.. I'm not saying i'm high elo tier player bcs i'm probably not... I was placed in S5 ( first season playing ranked ) go in S3 in like one day and stop playing ranked then i come back go in promo for S2 and got multiple situation from post... Most of them is just afk midlaners or botlaners who just ping their net ping or go afk cuz supp take 1 cs... You can win lane with someone like Renekton but enemy jg Master YI and enemy Midlaner Katarina will shit on you cuz they destroy you're team...
You can easily carry with a toplaner actually... If you notice that midlane is losing hard, you can roam to mid and help your laner. The same goes for other lanes. That's how I got out of silver.
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