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: You are correct that players who intentionally ruin games are purely doing so to seek a reaction (Same reason some announce in champ select they are going to int / troll), at least that is also my belief. That is also why an option to disabling chat makes all the more sense, granted common sense isn't governing Riot or it would have been implemented long ago.., but I am still hopeful that a Rioter will read this thread and bring it to the developers desk, or bare minimum chime in with thoughts or comments on this.
I completely agree. I sincerely hope a moderator will read and reply to this post...
Ehsanelite (EUNE)
: Just add a vote kick to this game, why can't we play 4v5 like every other game? kicking a troll is even better than a ban I literally prefer playing 3v5 than 3v7 this way if someone fed unintentionally and their teammates kicked them they can just join another game, and players who get kicked a lot can get real inters actually get punished while innocent people might only get kicked from one game
I respect that idea, but I think that players who always have a really bad early game and an astonishing late game performance, they would get kicked a lot during the game because players think he is feeding. Therefore he won't be able to show his insane performance in the late game (just an example). Your idea might work, but it has negative side-effects too I guess. Thanks for commenting :)
Ceberuz (EUW)
: Sidenote, your native tongue may not be English, but there mere fact that you use punctuations and separate your points, makes it easily understandable and enjoyable to read. I don't know if what you experience is a new phenomenon during your 2018 ranked experience, but I am confident I am not alone when I say this problem have been persistent throughout this season, to a higher degree than previous seasons. This is also what I don't understand about Riot (or their board supporters who keep fighting this with pseudo arguments). When will we finally get the **option** to fully disable chat through the client? There is no down-sides to implementing such an option in the client, since players can then moderate their own chat without having to repeat the process every game, saying it will lead to increased trolling is a pseudo-argument, because players who wish to troll or intentionally suicide to ruin game, will do so anyway.
Thanks for replying! Season 8 was indeed by far the worst experience i have had with "inters" and "trollers". I understand your point about fully disabling the chat in the client and I am certain that there will be less inters. But I don't think Riot Games will implement such a thing. :( We all know it is very common that inters and trollers use chat to piss off the other players. What point is there to int if there is no reaction in chat from the positive player? Because the only thing the inter wants, is a reaction, or am I completely wrong here? They just want to make the lives of the other players miserable because they have possibly been a victim of an inter in their games. It's just a chain reaction. I hope a moderator will react to this post, but I sincerely appreciate your comment. Thanks :)
: After 10 mins? That's a long time! Mine mostly start at min 0: "Your winrate is bad, you suck" or "You don't know how to win your lane" (adc vs zyra, fun)
I feel like more and more people who play league of legends are "emotionally unstable". They get angry so fast and give up. It's not fun for the usual grinding friendly guy! I get you bro.
: If you really like the game you can stream it too
I love that idea, but I don't have money to buy the equipment :p + It might not help the toxic community.. I would love to help fixing the community by checking ban requests and reports. That is the whole point of this post :p But thanks for your comment anyway :)
: i'd remove the names for the sake of keeping the post up and not taken down by a moderator. While he can edit the names out i once got my post taken down due to "naming and shaming" and it would be a shame (pun not intended) for all the effort you put into this post to be deleted for such a thing.
thanks for the tip! :)
Lonser (EUW)
: In my opinion the game experience when I'm Ingame is fine. The problem is; I need 4 hours! to find people in Plat 5+ to play FlexQ 5v5 with. That's just way to much time... When we are Ingame the game experience is nice, the balancing is fine atm and we have intense and cool games, sometimes nice comebacks, sometimes god like plays that can carry games but how I can experience this nice moments when I need that long to find Premades :( Riot pls: Support the League Team experience and make it easier finding premades :( I can only play 1-3 games per day because searching people takes 2-6 hours depending on the time I start searching, only because you does not support team play in a team game... Luckily I do not experience games like you (Inter or flamer) because I only play with premades but that leads to the problem above... In my opinion Riot need to fix this problem and your problem would be solved aswell :) btw. No native english speaker aswell, hello from germany :)
Thanks for your comment! I love flexing with premades too, but I do like to improve my skill by playing alone, that is why I encounter this problem a lot. But I understand your problem too, I hope they do something about it :)
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