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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Accounts undergoing a suspension are unable to be gifted. Your friend would not have been able to proceed with the gifting as he would be provided with an error message.
wait but he got the rp that he sent back to his acc not mine
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: Probably just a visual bug? Try relogging, the only time I think skins are ever taken away is if they were gifted and the person who gifted them to you got banned (I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on the boards where that happened?) Either way relog and see if that works. Otherwise shoot support an email at: gl and hf :)
i tried to relogging in several times but it didnt work and as well as the option u told me to ask for my friend that got banned but no he wanst and even though he was banned most of my skins are from him, so they shold have also been taken away i dont really know whats the fliping reason about taking my champ zed and project yas (btw yas and zed main more sad omfg)
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