: Nah, it's fun to have a nice lil' debate on this, and I really like finding out things about the game along the way. Did you know that a fulli stacked dark seal is worth more than a fully stacked mejai? (% wise)
Interesseting Fact i basicly never use Majai's so yea xD
: If you're ali and you're behind the adc in lane you're doing something wrong. Also, try building jungle items on just the support gold you get from minions dying. I'm not even joking, go into a practice game and do it, time it and share. You can even get coin for the extra gold generation. Then go jungle with anyone with a semi-decent clear. Maybe you'll see the comparison.
Honnestly ignore it this guy wont understand how difficult it is to be a good supp
: ***
Maybe u should try playing supp yourself befor u flame the supp mains
: Wow reading these comments below... My god... Are these idiots idiotic? Flaming this guy ain't gonna make anything better, it's even illigal on the board to offend people who gives concepts. Either you like it, (Like me) and give a good reponse to it, thinking why it would be good. Or you don't like it, and give your reason for it. Don't just say "oh this guy is a crybaby, go kill yourself" or "This champion shouldn't be allowed to exist if this change happens" I'm not even sure if you guys are Sane or just Rengar one-tricks. But threatening and flaming this guy for giving a good discussion Is not how this forum works like. ___ I say this is a great idea honestly. Doe I think he should only be a change if Rengar somehow happens to get a overbuff. Like riot has stated before, they dislike Riot's concept to jump out of bushes and 1-shotting people like you mention. It's not only Riot but pro players also say this stuff. Rengar has been a broken champion for quite a while, and "too good" for the META, whenever Riot see him "strong" they pretty much insta nerf him to the ground until he gains new treats. This would probobly help him to work less as a laner as better as a jungler where he is meant to be.
Hey just wanted to ask if u voted the post up so Riot actually watches into it ^^
: and the assassin mains come out to state nonsense like vryx, comparing other champions, to rengar.... truth be told rengar is a no brain infinite jump high damage champion period. and should indeed be nerfed with cd.
Hey just wanted to ask if u voted the post up so Riot actually watches into it ^^
: Rengar Jump Cooldown
Also guys there is no need to instandly flame me for not knowing a counter play just explain a counter play and I'll accept it my god
Vryx (EUW)
: That is his entire Premise... Let's not let Ahri use her dashes within 10 seconds of eachother, because having those 3 dashes is unfair to play against cause I can only flash after her once! Lets not let Fiddle use his Drain.. because he just STANDS there and deals damage to me and heals omg were counterplay!!1 Nasus is so unfair, he kill me with 1 q after I let him free farm for 45 Minutes and built no defensive items :( From August himself "..We get to let Rengar's leap be INSANE because of how clearly gated it is. Are you away from brush, Rengar can't get to you without ult. Are you near brush? Rengar has an undodgeable 700 range jump that doubles as an attack with NO COOLDOWN." His ENTIRE KIT plays around using the BUSHES for mobility. That is his THING that he does so well. Are you near a Brush? Rengar has the advantage? Are you not? Rengar is at a disadvantage ( Unless he is fed ) Kat has her Daggers, Zed his Shadows, Shaco his Boxes and stealth, Kha his Isolation mechanic. All champs have something that makes them good but are clearly gated by something else. Do you remember when Zed was the King of Mid lane? And then they added a 1 SECOND DELAY to his being able to retake his R shadow? That destroyed a HUGE amount of his playmaking and outplay potential. This was reduced to 0.5 seconds and even then. that can kill you a lot of the time. Adding delays into a key aspect of a kit can destroy a champion completely. Adding a cooldown to his Leap, other than his AA timer would make him unplayable for anyone who doesn't play him for the "omg 1shot no counterplay lul"
Okay fine but then tell me how to counter it except for staying away from bushes cuz u cant stay aways from bushes the whole game
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: well to make it more acceptable 2 leaders one for each team Restart game must be accepted by the 2 leaders only but showes to all both teams the action pf the voting , can use fastforward again after 10min to block the damn easting action constantly xD fast forward must be voted by the full 10 players or whatever they are numbered anyother action is by the team full voting But the CDR refresher guess taht's better
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: That information is completely wrong. Reports don't negate honor in the manner they suggest, and you do not need to be honored in order to gain levels. As long as you behave honorably, you will gain ranks. Getting honored will only slightly increase the amount of honor you get after a game, but as long as you've behaved, you will get a passive increase.
Good to know thanks ^^ i meight misunderstood somthing somewhere
: > [{quoted}](name=FrostyCookie,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=OKmBu6cI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-13T03:21:02.333+0000) > > well i guess there is a reason why u are honnor lvl 1 soooo it will take some time i guess Lots of worse things other people did, i don't consider myself toxic since it was a one time deal plus i have other accounts lvl 5 and 4... It's unfair to be honest :|
The honner system works like if u get honnored u get honner exp, if u get report you loose a lot, you also loose honnor exp if you dont get honnored for like 10 games This is only a guess how it works btw. I've never lost any honnor levels soo idk if it works like that :x
: (Suggestion, Idea) Tournament money bets
There is no way they should make it possible to bet for real money. It would be an idea to bet with Blue essences but definetly not with real money cuz there are many kids playing this game and just think about that: Your Son/Daughter is playing the game and got somehow acces to your money and is just betting all of your money on that game and loosing it. That would be terrible right? So i disagree to that
: Riot want money ?
Well actually i dont know why you are crying about stuff like that i mean its just totaly luck based what u get i got Darkstar Oriana for example and some friends of mine got only crap too so you cant blame them for that. Thats just how luck works
Híśoká (EUW)
: i am stuck in honor level 1 for weeks now
well i guess there is a reason why u are honnor lvl 1 soooo it will take some time i guess
: I Can't Do It (EUNE)
Its just the community thats nothing about the server EUW is just nearly the same. I'd advice u to get some nice premades ^^' then u dont have those problems :P
: Though I guess that would have taken A bit more coding
not that much tho its just simply adding a button to choose your quest thats it it would actually be better to accpet quests like that by yourself so u can choose already with accpeting the one u wanna do
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: Master Yi nerf
Bitte begründen warum nein oder ja :D
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