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DarthRap (EUNE)
: What you think would be the best thing that you think Riot could do in (near or far) future?
Give it to Fox so they make it crap and we forget about it in three months It worked with Fantastic Four
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: My little pony = For all One piece = For all Berserk = Gore Jormungand = guns and blood Nagi no asukara = Love story with a crazy scenario Love live = For young girls but..... actualy it got a very good story. Ro-lyu-bo and Ro-kyu-bo SS = A dude training little girls playing basket, kind of weird with ecchi (Japan....). Strike witches = If you like to see girls wearing pants all day with a story not finished and fighting in war that's your call, but I really hope that it get a better story because I'm really not a fan of ecchi stuff. Terra formars = Gore like hell !!! Hokuto no ken level here ! Sokuraso no pet = Slice of life, good story. B gata H kei = ecchi comedy, a girl want to have sex with 100 dude but.... since she is a virgin it's hard for her, it's a great comedy. Sengoku basara = Fighting style, epic. Psycho pass = Mind blowing story in the future You should find something you like in this varied list, if you want a special categorie like more gore stuff or more love story tell me.
Thank you for helping me in my journey making nothing of my life. Be proud of what you did today.
InCrt (EUW)
: Silver = Hell?
Social life. All you need
: i need help
Now you can continue your social life and become a astronaut. I wish you the best luck.
seXo Jon (EUW)
: I recently watched that one with the devil working at mcdonals, it was quite fun (There is only one season though). But usually I am disappointed with animes. Or not with animes in general, but with the animes other people recommend. Prefer regular shows.
Thats not a TV show, thats my local McDonalds. Is this another employee advertising? Oh yes, give me another happy meal to ruin my health. Thank you
Eeten (EUW)
: One Piece
Oh yes, pirates, o yes beautifful, yes Thank you for this offer, you just totally fucked me. You fucked me more than when i ordered a Lumia from Microsoft. Yes, thank you.
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Shishin (EUW)
It is possible, but with some work Blakinola made a tutorial how to do his. Its probably similar
: How to be good at League of legends:
Stupid Diamonds... When will you get this game is about kills? Nexus 1 health, Katarina 2000? KILL THE KATARINA OMG, YOU NEED KILLS! -Your Bronze overlords
Tryboy (EUNE)
: Any good Games ?
Hello Kitty Island Adventure
: > [{quoted}](name=Twisted Poro,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=HyodfznA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-14T16:06:13.893+0000) > > Oh yes, i would like to feed. I dont really care which lane, i would love to feed for your team. Honestly, i will be the best thing to happen to your team. Im best feeder EUW, youknow? your in team :P
Nah, forget it. I checked on you guys, WOW 1 DEATH? REALLY? You guys cant feed for sht.
: Looking for team ? join us .....
Oh yes, i would like to feed. I dont really care which lane, i would love to feed for your team. Honestly, i will be the best thing to happen to your team. Im best feeder EUW, youknow?
Arsene (EUNE)
: Akali or fiora?
Who is Fioraso? O fuck i want to play him. Link please
: Gold 3 female player looking for another female partner
If i cut my gentleman off can i join you?
pouya007 (EUW)
: :| spammer
How am i a spammer? lel
pouya007 (EUW)
: and who are u riot sup???
Not only Riot supp knows this shit.. Its pretty obvious:; If you flame you get chat ban. If its really your first time and you get 75, you have been REALLY naughty. Dont be mad over a game and enjoy your game, toxic sir. Do u like being toxic? How does it feel? Must be painful
pouya007 (EUW)
: SIlver 4, stream is live EUNE
Oh yes, i would love to watch you. Yes, i would be enlighted to, totally. Thank you, wow.
: you could get it for free not riots fault you havent
Well, everyone signing up now wont have it for free. Probably someone signing up right now. And if they think thr skin is cool and want to have it, then they will lose something.
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Solash (EUW)
: I made a Blitzbank
Make a Balista.
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Oblivianos (EUNE)
: League of Legends on Linux
This sounds douchy But if your gonna buy a Linux, dont expect that you will play alot of games
: Let's move the focus from punishing to rewarding players!
Ideas on Boards never get accepted This will never happen, sorry To cheer you up, here is my cock.
: Lets see, can i get banned from the boards for posting this
Borbland (EUW)
: I lost my virginity to this pick
: WOW ! just , wow ! :O
Solash (EUW)
: Why is the Baron Buff good for the brain?
Lajneen (EUW)
: Have fun in jail.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Why did Jon Snow wait in the Apple Store line?
That last episode of Winx Club sure was terrifiying,
Lajneen (EUW)
: Why? :o
legendgery (EUNE)
: we want three more summoners for 5 premaders my nick is legendgery
Im not a summoner. Im a normal human being that enjoys playing games like League, that has a passion for making people shut up because they call me a summoner cause i play a game where im just playing a fucking blue chick with blue spears firing it at a blue thing.
: Lets see, can i get banned from the boards for posting this
6 long wieners
Kohilo (EUW)
: Just finished my 5th or 6th ranked ban!
6 ranked restricts? That is actually impressing.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Irelia's splash art
Who the fuck buys skins for splash arts?
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: nederlands platinum team zoekt plat/dia top main
Sorry, ik verstond je niet, met je KUTNEDERLANDSE accent
: Gold xD
not like my elo
pompeii12 (EUNE)
: first we need to make small nerfs to him every patch then we make bigger ones, then we remove his q,w,e,r and he is left with his passive . now he"s a blanced champion. People will get angry about it so we will remove ekko completly and not refound the ip paid for him.Everyone will be happy and every new champion will be vel"koz gg
stratetic diversity
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Emillie (EUW)
: The moment when you realize that utility carries games and not just health/damage is the moment you climb out of bronze/silver.
im bronze and i get that but im secretly Sneaky
: WTF are you retarded he is already enough fking op already cost me 20 lp gtfo idiot./
Thanks for the compliment, i trolled someone succesfullyy
: Bards Useless Ultimate
LA Losty (EUW)
: Make me.
You asked for it.
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