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: This is actually a case of get good. Since you are bronze the only thing you need to worry about is to get better at the game and in fact the item you are relating to is only built for fun or when you are snowballing super hard on champs like riven or jax.
You guys really need to stop about silver / bronze players that needs to get better at the game. There are smurfers that can't climb up because they are stuck. yeah maybe with another smurfer you can win more games but oh god can people just stop saying you are silver/ bronze blabla. There are players that knows how to play this game but can't climb up because of noobs in the game
: If you are decent at jungle or top you can deny Nasus many stacks, but since people are really bad in these elos they don't know how to do that and usually, he has a very high win rate in the low elos.
You can't deny nasus stacks dude .. he can farm under tower and build tanky items cdr + insane high stacks after they buffed him. You can't deny nasus his farm with teemo Q that lasts for 2 sec or garen Q that lasts up for 1,5 sec. Champions have Cooldown reduction you know ? What i am trying to say that nasus needs nerfs now. Cmon man this is ridicilous now to play against .. While a jungler has the most responsibility in the game we can't be everywhere.. If nasus is top and botlane needs help because botlane keeps dying so they need my help while nasus gets stacks stacks stacks and I just trying to help botlane meanwhile top get destroyed because they don't know how to play .. or recalls when lane is not pushed or minions not cleared .. cmon man they have to do something about unexperienced players
: > DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE UNEXPERIENCED PLAYERS .. IT'S NOT FUN ANYMORE What they did is that they put them in bronze and silver, while experienced ones are in gold and higher. If they are even worst than that then they will be placed iron. So level has nothing do with it. The fact that you can't climb to gold means that you're inexperienced too and you have a silver level just like them. You're just trying to put the blame on your teammates out of frustration. If you had a gold level, you would have easily crushed silvers and climbed to gold. You only buy 1 control ward per game and die way to many times after 3 years of playing and yet dare to blame your teammates and call them "inexperienced"
I don't know it anymore bro but this game is really cancerous now. There is really something wrong with the items on adc's after patch 9.3 Why should i buy more control wards if everything is warded and they don't destroy my pink ward ? It's funny that you say "while experienced ones are in gold and higher" I was actually gold 4 player but then iron 2 now with other account. Thanks to placements it puts me back to silver 2 -.-" because the system think it's my elo based on mmr . I ve never seen this before in my life now . Go make an account and try to play on bronze 1 / 2 with 4 noobs on your team vs 4 noobs and 1 good player that is maybe higher elo then gold ( smurfing ).
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