Almighty (EUNE)
: The usual "_ks noob report_". Ungrateful ADC wanting to report me for taking farm when i had {{item:3302}}. People threatening me with reports when i decide to disobey the "meta" and take a non-standard support like {{champion:245}} or {{champion:421}} in "norma" games. Yeah, i forgot experimenting is not allowed. _Almighty._
that's still annoying af dude.. regardless whether its a normals or not
candoodle (EUW)
: any one else think loading screen is lingering on 100% a little long this patch?
: If someone analyze somehting in the past, he dont have to live in the past. Or did you never analyze a historical book or something like that ? If you can see the Account: GeT CoN TRollED played aleady rankeds in season 2. We are at Season 6 now. SO he played for 5 Seasons League of Legends. BTW im posting a analyze about a guy who played 5 years Heimerdinger and is Bronze 5, maybe you will get it some day
farewell troll, you had your fun.
: I explained his strategy on playing Heimerdinger. Just read the text and you will see why he dont pick flash. 1 Game dont show you enough to judge about him. I analyzed the last 5 years of him playing Heimerdinger.
Hmm.. something smells a little fishy here... you stated that you've analyzed his games for the past 5 years, yet you account is only a year old ? Strange isnt it ? Oh but thats not all, apparently the HEIMERDINGERS account is only 3 years old ? wow? what am I missing here? You're clearly lying aren't you.. Besides all that I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as a : E-Sports confederacy : "Real Brazil - E-Sports" While you may have made that up yourself and used it to fool others, I'm not impressed nor fooled. Lastly, what I stated in the above post isn't regarding just a single game, hes consistently performed at a level around bronze or worse in my opinion and i'm sure of many others. To be honest, I think you're just a friend of him, or the heimerdinger himself who lacks attention and is therefore making this post from another account.
: Is there instalock in ranked games lolololol HAHAHA. I was in that game and you did all the flaming and feeding.
Fact is, you weren't in that game according to Besides that, you claimed earlier in this thread that this person is your father. That being said, there is all the reason for you to have his back against the statements listed above. What I said is true, and you wouldn't have any knowledge of it because you were simply not present. If you're going to reply, at least ensure it's true and not a lie simply to stick up for your dad. Really sad.
: he just need to play more games , then he will reach challenger for sure with all his experince on Heimerdinger
No he won't. Read my post i made earlier on this thread.
: GeT CoN TRollED - The new Heisendong?
Just had a game with him, he was top lane. Our team was in need of a tank seeing how everyone else was squishy. He instalocks heimer, and when confronted about it by his team he arrogantly links THIS forum post in the chat to boast about how often he plays heimer. Curiously, i check his during the loading screen and I see hes lost 75% or so of his last 20 games or so that were shown on Nevertheless, we get into the game and hes against irelia top. He doesn't help out his team at all, in fact just stands at his tower and farms minions whilst his team is getting shat on in other lanes. Somehow irelia managed to HELP her team AND be 60 cs ahead of this heimer during lane phase. Not long after, heimer starts flaming his team of course. Later on, I started questioning myself, why does he not take flash ? he is heimer, he has 0 escapes in his kit. Then i realised hes just another arrogant bronze player after all.. Really.. hes nothing special simply because he plays heimer alot doesnt mean anything, hes in bronze and is supposed to be there for sure.
: You just don't give a rookie team a chance. They played pretty good in the split zand they still have chance to do something at MSI. Also they probably read this and get even more frustrated, I'm guessing that they are sad enough without you. Everyone has their rough times so I say don't judge them so harsh! GO EU>NA!!!
Do you even know what happened with G2 the past few weeks?
Globator (EUW)
: Good feeling :)
I got the same message today when I logged on, It indeed feels good :)
: Virgin media - league dced?
Same with me! I was in a match and dc'd had an issue regarding it not being able to reconnect and it's been over 10 minutes now.. 100% sure i've lost the game 40 minutes in -,- Does anyone know if i'll still get a ban like an AFK person would? or would riot be able to distinguish that i had server issues? OR better yet.. will my loss be prevented..? I was winning the game 40 min in .. Edit: I'm on Virgin media too..
: That is no excuse to market a 'UK' uni competition to just fucking England. It's bullshit and you know it.
Yes, I fully concur, that would be terrible.
: As a Xin player, riot why did u buff him ?
just wanted to throw this out there: As a lol player that mains mid lane/supp I tried out xin zhao sometime last week for the first time, and I must say, he's truly OP. Today alone I got 2 consecutive quadra kills ( in different matches)and the only reason I didn't get a penta is because the enemy had 1 AFK. Rito nerf this champ pls, or maybe nerf the devourer jungle item.. it's what makes him OP kind of.. and the heal from his W needs some adjustment other than that I think hes healthy ish
: im feeling challenger right now!! 60 mins que time <3
it's a bug, just restart client and have <3min queue's
: Ultimate bronze 1v1 at top
hmm could've gone either way
: But I really love her like a lot. I've never felt like that, that is why I'm taking it seriously :|
of course you love her a lot at first, the first few months, i bought my gf so many stuff (mainly make up) because I loved her so much, wanted to marry her etc.. LOL was I wrong, you seem like you don't know this girl yet, do you know what shes like outside of school or work or whatever? once you know everything about her, then make the decision to stay with her or not because quite often it'll turn out bad ^^
: Why are junglers always blamed for everything?
the Jungler is honestly the key in every team I believe, but sometimes people need to realise their own mistakes^^
LA Losty (EUW)
: So you're into men then? Im going to assume that since you clearly dont like women. :p
Nope, I'm into women for sure. Relationships are overrated, not everyone's experienced it and therefore they think it's some sort of "heaven" but good luck dealing with a girl all day everyday, sometimes you just can't keep up with the bs ^^
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: Lol don't tell him this kind of shi*. Maybe your "dating" was actually not dating at all?
I was, we were together everyday pretty much , which is what she genuinely liked, and so did I at first, but seeing each other pretty much everyday kinda got boring, and so did everything else. Idk why but girls may seem like heaven and you may hate yourself for not having a girl, but honestly it's reallly not all that I promise you..
: This is completely off-topic of LoL, but I need help
Lol! makes me think about the times I friendzoned a girl after dating her for 6-7 months, girls are boring and agitating, it's really not worth it. Just friendzone them. This doesn't apply to every girl however.
: Scotland have fantastic universities not just England lel.
Sure they do, but do they compete with England on a global scale? No, not at all. Not even close. While Scottish citizens may find the best Uni in Scotland to be "Extremely good". Little do you know that perhaps your top 3 unis don't even fit in the top 20 of England. No exaggeration. Again, please don't take any of this in a rude way, I honestly couldn't care if England has worse unis than Scotland, I just wanted to put it out here. Don't reply to this, i really don't care about Unis tbh.
DarKie (EUW)
: eeem, Heriot Watt university, Edinburgh University. you say glasgow, yet Strathclyde is one of the best engineering universities. so yeah, no good universities, maybe think a little.
Check the top 10 uni's in the entire world, if memory serves me right, 4 of them are from England. While the Unis you stated maybe good on a national scale, I was thinking more in a global scale.
fairpaddy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyde DV,realm=EUW,application-id=EcLQbP23,discussion-id=a2FKTo5t,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2016-02-16T18:00:18.951+0000) > > That's pretty much how everyone sees it tho, When you hear UK you don't think Wales or Northern Ireland, you'd automatically think of England. What planet do you come from? No one sees the UK as being only England, that's why its called the UK! i live in England btw. Plz get yourself together before you start throwing offensive comments about.
Don't think it was rude, didn't mean to be rude. Was merely stating a general perception. once again, interpret it however you desire, I quite frankly don't care. This is the internet after all.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: When you pick support as your primary role and you get your secondary role, mid.
Has happened numerous times with me, Supp/fill and often I get "fill" kinda sucks :/
: Why do the french get "the most hate" in this game?
Because of Dofus{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
AV2006 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tyde DV,realm=EUW,application-id=EcLQbP23,discussion-id=a2FKTo5t,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2016-02-16T18:00:18.951+0000) > > That's pretty much how everyone sees it tho, When you hear UK you don't think Wales or Northern Ireland, you'd automatically think of England. > > Besides that, they are British uni's meaning it's a event in the UK which England is part of so it's totally fine to state it that way. > Also, as a citizen of London, I have never heard of any good or popular Uni's outside of England besides maybe Glasgow ? I believe people from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are wanting to leave the union, because of people like yourself.
Feel free, no objections from me :) Although I did not mean any of it in a rude way at all, go ahead and interpret it however you desire.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: UK=england, apparently ? good to know that Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland are no longer a part of the _ united_kingdom
That's pretty much how everyone sees it tho, When you hear UK you don't think Wales or Northern Ireland, you'd automatically think of England. Besides that, they are British uni's meaning it's a event in the UK which England is part of so it's totally fine to state it that way. Also, as a citizen of London, I have never heard of any good or popular Uni's outside of England besides maybe Glasgow ?
skena82 (EUW)
: Longest que i've ever seen.
it's bugged, you could've waited for 1000 more hours, it wouldn't find you a game. Just restart the client and it'll find a game within minutes.
: Bronze Vs Challenger - A Comparison Video
I died at 2:45 that actually made my day {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: So when are we gonna give Lux E some more counterplay?
I always thought that her E worked like {{champion:34}} Q, that you would need to double tap E to activate the ability. ( while it travels in the direction you click) However, when I tried her out for the first time, a while back, I figured out it wasn't like that at all :p So perhaps, make Lux E work just like anivia's Q ?
: Transfer to NA?
By creating a new account im afraid.
Its joke (EUW)
: Bug report - Thresh
happens when you have quick cast on, just some visual bug i guess.
Specko1903 (EUNE)
: Loss prevented is BS
A lower LP loss should do, I believe, perhaps only a 5LP loss and 3LP gain for the oponnents.
: Higher MS at evenings
Maybe because more people use the internet at night in your household? it should increase your ping.
Ruxkn (EUW)
: ITS BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No it isn't.. not for me at least T_T
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: I got warned for using MK Jogo.
This is what riot says about it(and any other external software): "No software should interfere with the League of Legends player experience between when you press “Play” and the end of game screen. This policy allows for all the cool stuff we mentioned before, like websites and apps that don’t interfere with or grab data from the player’s actual game client. This also allows us to explicitly disallow anything that directly integrates in between the in-game experience and after-game stats."
: "Starting authentication progress..." forever
same issue here.. and i dont use mac.
: is euw down?
yeah, I can't log in either..
: Yasuo's Wind Wall
Pretty sure Thresh's AA counts as ranged, because when playing him as a supp {{item:3302}} passive doesn't work. Unless you happen to last hit.
: how old is my account?
You ought to send a ticket to support, they should be able to tell you.
Eclavyrr (EUW)
: Hi, the Riot Kayle skin was was only available as a Give Away at the Gamescom 2014 event in Germany. It can now sometimes (very rarely) be obtained at similar events where Riot is present such as Pax, E3 etc. It's hard to come by, but when Riot gave away the Riot Kayle skin in 2014 they activated the purchase of old Riot skins (such as Riot Blitz) for a short time in their shop. I think that will be your best bet. Or maybe as a random skin during a Mystery gift or for not being reported like they did at the beginning of this year, since they give away all kinds of skins then.
Damn.. Guess I must be super lucky .. Sadly I never play Kayle and probably never will {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
doublerif (EUW)
: I got the same exact skin, I think it was because I created my account in season 4 and when I started playing in season 5 I got it and I also got kayle (since I didn't have any champions) :)
This could be true, because this account wasn't very active at the start of s5 when it was created. It barely had any champs, and I guess Riot must've gifted me it for not having been reported at all. But i'm not entirely sure, i'd like a correct answer.
candoodle (EUW)
: maybe you got it for good behavior at the end of season 4/start of season 5? riot gave everybody who had not been reported a mystery skin
Hmm I don't think this account existed in s4, perhaps start of s5 but that mustve been when this account was pretty much inactive, perhaps one or two games a week. I doubt i'd get a skin for that!
Rioter Comments
Serage (EUW)
: RIOT: Please add a replayer
try out within a minute or two by changing one of your rune pages to "" you'll be able to view all your games after you've played them.. without downloading any program(with the choice of downloading the gameplay). It's so simple and useful!
: I wouldnt play any safer. Because QSS removes the stun, not the damage of the ult, and if you build it early, you wont have the damage to finish me off anyways.
It won't stop the damage, unless you're out of range, so unless someone stands right in front of your nose, you'll never be able to actually do much damage. Also, If a qss is built, I may not have the damage to finish you off. but you won't either due to the MR it gives. Combine that with MR runes and the fact you could never ult me efficiently and you'll have quite an easy time in lane to simply farm continuously.
: Build that Qss early and you will have to face some serious problems farming and keeping the damage up. That QSS is equal to bf sword in terms of gold, and that QSS just sits there waiting for a Malz ult? And if you manage to build it late, it won't even matter as you are gonna have to take care of other CC. In conclusion, QSS is a poor choice, unless you are really ahead, and its hard to grab an advantage against Malz, because he has one of the cheapest and most cheesy builds you can see. Rylai + Mask and then stacking CDR, alongside with Zhonya. He doesn't even need that Rabbadon.
I always build a Qss simply because it gives MR and it stops his ultimate.. If the malzahar notices that u have qss I'm sure he'll play much more passively allowing you to farm with no pressure and then just earn that 1250 gold or so back with ease. If not a qss, you could always go for the cleanse summoner.
: play {{champion:90}} and you will change your mind he can Eazily 1 vs 1 any shit in this league
As long as {{item:3140}} is around.. i think not.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If at all, it's discrimination, not racism. Since Europe isn't a race.
Communist (EUW)
: Gangplank's barrels
maybe watch an LCS match wherein the pros play GP, it also taught me a lot of stuff about him as I had difficulties ensuring I wouldn't lose my barrels to the enemies hands.
Perilum (EUW)
: B4-5 isn't the ELO Hell, B1-2 is
I know how it feels! you can add me for duoQ so we can both get out of Bronze :) I main mid :p
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