: Banned for 2 words? Nice system Riot
The system is intended to be quick in punishing such behaviors. Chat isn't really intended to be a place for trashtalk/flame/... Use it to encourage your team instead. Or give a compliment whenever your get outplayed by an enemy opponent :) Honestly honor level 5 wasn't that hard to obtain. It's not because you get to that level, that you can go around and shout anything you'd like. Everyone has bad days, work towards having a more positive attitude, even on your own bad days. Getting positive attention from your teammates or enemies is way more satisfying than the attention you get from typing trash in chat! :)
Revman101 (EUW)
: Earning a rank in the pre-season
Hi, Your ranked games in preseason will affect your ranking in season 8. So you'll want to make them count! :) Some advice, don't jump into ranked instantly after hitting level 30. Ranked queues are quite different from normal queues, especially blind pick. Try starting in normal draft pick and build yourself a small champion pool. Get real good in a particular role and a particular champion. You don't want to jump in ranked if you have 0 backups tho. Remember there are 10 bans. If you play champions that aren't as popular, you might be fine, but you'll still want to make sure you can play something in case your main pick(s) get banned. You don't need to know 10 champions per role, but try to get at least 1 for each role other than your main role, 3 if possible. Personally I have 3 main champions for midlane right now. However i have plenty of other champions I can play in here (think 10-20 champions). For other roles I have around 2-3 champions per role. This is useful for when you're autofilled. It's very unlikely that you get autofilled and all 3 champions you practiced for that role have been banned/taken. Long story short, make good preparations for ranked! You want to make the games fun for yourself, but also for others. I jumped into ranked as soon as I could. And yes, I kinda regret that :D I start bronze 5. I can assure you it is a very long road starting there! :D
Zekutsu (EUW)
: Can some Diamond player look at my OP.GG?
Hi there! I might not be a diamond player, but i might be able to give some tips :) Taking a quick glance at your stats and at first sight, you don't seem to be making any huge mistakes there. (this is however after taking a **very** quick look) Here are some quick basic tips tho: * Warding. You might wanna pressure yourself more in warding. Wards often win games. The different warding spots also matter. Don't just ward to get a ward down. Think about what position gives you the most valuable vision. Also don't forget about Control Wards, they help you gain vision, but also deny the enemies vision, which is something you'll want to do. * Minimap. Make sure you frequently watch your minimap. Every x seconds or so try to get a quick glance on the map. Not only for you, but for your team as well. See the enemy jungler? Ping them on the map. Your team needs to know as well. See the enemy midlaner roam? Ping it. * Wave control. There are plenty of videos you can find online to help you improve here. Basically you want to control the minion wave in a way that you gain more minions than your opponent. There are plenty of ways to do this, so watch some videos about it! :D * Keep track of item/spell cooldowns. Enable time stamps for chat and ping summoner spells whenever an enemy uses it. Work around those cooldowns. * Positioning. Always keep track of your enemies position and position yourself around it. Don't be the frontline adc type of guy. This doesn't mean you can't poke or so. Just stay safe :) These are just some basic things I can think of right now (besides cs'ing ofcourse). You'll want to invest in learning your matchups. Get basic knowledge on different champions. Know how they work, know how to play against them, even against your counters. Practice, practice, practice. Also watch videos of pro players explaining their thinking process, these might help you as well. Always keep a positive mindset :) Games may seem lost pretty, but i can assure you I've had games where my nexus was open after 20 minutes and we still managed to win. Never give up, keep the spirit alive. Hope this was useful! :D Have a nice day and good luck out there!
: There was a notification on reddit.
Not everyone reads reddit :) May seem odd, but I don't like the reddit layout :p (I have to get used to it). And as far as I know, Reddit is not a product of Riot, so not the place where they should post such things.
CryGods (EUW)
: Fixed LAG ms ? "87 ms"
Hey Rioters, I would like to spill my thought real quick. Riot is always talking about how much they value communication to the community. But unfortunately in this case, I feel like we're left out... 4 hours ago we got notified that there is indeed a problem. However I had to FIND this message in the COMMENTS on BOARDS. Meanwhile in game plenty of players are complaining of lag and nearly none of them knew it was a server problem. Where is the notification? Where is the status update? When you get in the client now it seems like all is fine, but it's not. At least inform everyone via a notification in the client and at status service. We'ld also like a brief update on where you are standing now. It's been 4 hours mates. Thank you.
: Hey Folks, Currently trying to address this issue, could you please run tracerts to and post the results here along with the name of your Internet Provider? Instructions on how to perform tracerts can be found here https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs#wq2 Thanks!
Belgium - Using Telenet as ISP Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 12 ms 14 ms 9 ms 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 12 ms 12 ms 9 ms dD5E0FA01.access.telenet.be [] 5 11 ms 10 ms 12 ms dD5E0FA42.access.telenet.be [] 6 17 ms 13 ms 13 ms 7 25 ms 16 ms 16 ms ae-1-3101.ear3.Amsterdam1.Level3.net [] 8 16 ms 16 ms 14 ms 9 * * * Request timed out. 10 46 ms 45 ms 47 ms 11 45 ms 52 ms 47 ms 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * * * Request timed out. 15 * * * Request timed out. 16 * * * Request timed out. 17 * * * Request timed out. 18 * * * Request timed out. 19 * * * Request timed out. 20 * * * Request timed out. 21 * * * Request timed out. 22 * * * Request timed out. 23 * * * Request timed out. 24 * * * Request timed out. 25 * * * Request timed out. 26 * * * Request timed out. 27 * * * Request timed out. 28 * * * Request timed out. 29 * * * Request timed out. 30 * * * Request timed out. Trace complete.
: Pick Order: URF
Caughtion! You might want to turn the volume down... :3 - English subtitles! https://youtu.be/BUySLPv0y1M
: I don't find it worth to implement such a system to prevent just one small part of the numerous cases of pre-game trolling. It's like dropping 5 ults to kill a support.
Taking care of every little part step by step will eventually make a big difference though, i find it very unfortunate not having you interested in this option
: 1) The first restriction is only 6 minutes. If you actually care about climbing in ranked, you should have a lot of time for that, so 6 minutes isn't the end of the world. If you have to dodge multiple times in the same day, you either got really unlucky or you're biased and dodging just because you think the team comp could be better - which isn't the intended use of dodging, hence the penalty. 2) You don't lose MMR while dodging, only LP. Now I'm all against this stupid hidden rank BS, but that's still how it works. The LP you lose by dodging will essentially be earned back in future games, as your gains should slightly increase (or losses should decrease). As for the time lost, it's certainly shorter than what you would waste on a troll game. It's not a hard choice at all, if you know you're getting trolled and you care about the outcome, always dodge. 3) Riot is working on a teambuilder ranked queue. Now that's not saying much, but at least they're aware of the issues in soloqueue. 4) With your suggestions, some players would straight up stop playing ranked. I know I would use it to dodge an Ashe or Urgot if I had one in my team, just because I dislike those champions and believe they're bad. But what about those guys with 3k games on Ashe or Urgot, who only play them? Should I have the right to prevent them from climbing, just because their champions aren't popular?
You dont need to dodge an urgot or an ashe... You should be smart enough to check the players statts before you use the system to dodge such champions. You dont lose mmr, you still go down though. Great that riot is working on the teambuilder thing, but i still think this is a faster solution, they could make this temporary and still release the teambuilder afterwards
: What if there's more than 1 troll? What if all 4 others are trolling? What if they dont tell you that they're trolling right before the game starts? What if someone won't press "yes" and the game actually starts? Bottom line: won't work.
You still have the option to just dodge a game :D Its still worth a shot, dont you think?
CG Spazie (EUW)
: ♥ Sp4zie - Ask Me Anything
What program do you use for editing your videos? How did you learn editing? Did you do it all by yourself or did you get some sort of lessons for it? Did you make your twitch intro and montages by yourself? Btw i really admire you! When i have a bad day, i just start to watch some of your old videos if a new one didnt come out yet, then i get happy again. You keep me smiling and happy day after day, thank you for that!
Petsho (EUW)
: I would love a champion select disband vote. Currently I never dodge, I just deal with the trolls. EDIT: DJ Sexy Jon changed my mind. > [{quoted}](name=DJ Sexy Jon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=X4q4UuEA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-03-02T15:21:21.070+0000) > > yes but the disband system would not be fair. It's not the intention of draftpick to dodge every time when you are outpicked. It would lead to endless delay
Riot could also have the option to give you a maximum /disband uses per day/hour. Let's say you can only use this command once every 3 games or so. This way they'll less likely use it for own purpose and more for the purpose of the system.
seXo Jon (EUW)
: yes but the disband system would not be fair. It's not the intention of draftpick to dodge every time when you are outpicked. It would lead to endless delay
Riot could also have the option to give you a maximum /disband uses per day/hour. Let's say you can only use this command once every 3 games or so. This way they'll less likely use it for own purpose and more for the purpose of the system.
seXo Jon (EUW)
: > 1. You quit the champion select, get a 10 minute ranked restriction and a 3LP loss No. It's only 5 minutes > 2. You don't dodge in the hope somebody else does it in your place If you already intend to dodge you can trollpick a lane that is already taken and pick troll summonerspells. This way you have a higher chance of somebody else dodging. This technique is not recommended for promos because you might have to play it that way. quoting is buggy, it doesn't want to make a 2
Well, first of all it depens on how many games you've dodged already. The more you dodge, the longer the queue. Second of all, if we have a vote system like this, you won't need to pick a troll yourself, you can just disband and have no chance of losing at all. If the champion select does not get disbanned, then it means other players still have faith in the game, so you should get some too.
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