Aqualyn (EUNE)
: EUW super overrated
TBH I play in EUNE but there's a lot more feeders and trolls, I think that's what makes their skill lower than EUW players. Plus EUW has a lot more players than EUNE so climbing is a lot harder. Being from the top 20% among 100 000 summoners is not the same as being from the top 20% among a 1 000 000.
: Giveaway
Sounds Cool!
: I got Chat-restricted for this????
Just avoid using the "f" word, you should be greatful for not getting a 14 day suspension, Plus, don't have that negative attitude (Saying:"let's ff) you want to surrender vote yes but don't rule other people's opinion. Stay positive and avoid toxicity. GL & HF {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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