: i definitely dont want to play with you. how do you manage to get 30 accounts permabanned?
2011 -2019 thousands and thousands of games ur just a euwforums simpleton do u know how many rp I bought or supported riot since my first account got banned? zero. did i stop playing? no did I change? no.. as a matter of fact I do a LOT worse now than what I used to.
: you sure these are even your games? your op.gg's empty. also, if they are, no1 cares about your cs/min, that's just a part of the things that determine skill. please deflate your ego
I got over 30 accounts perma banned, and 6 accounts active. I play since 2011.
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: Just a game in euw plat elo
do the same, lets kill this game together.
: Season 9 ruined EUW too
Thanks for this, Im happy that is happening, and its not just me making my team lose on purpose. Say thanks to matchmaking, it will only get worse, until this game is completely dead.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: Trying very hard, but losing joy in this game with each day going by
Ty for your feedback. This is exactly what I want to happen, and its the result of riot banning people so no one cares about the game anymore.

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