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: users, moderators and riot employees are lying on this forum
Level 25 and multiple chat bans. holy moly
Feezlim (EUNE)
: @Uppercase My best regards to you ! I really hope this situation will end in the favor of both sides. In the end, when everything will settle and if Riot allow you to say and us to know, will you update this post of yours on how things ended ? I am really looking forward to this !
Okay the Rioter mailed me now and asked kinda hard questions about the account creation to verify, I am the account creator. But as I allready said I am not the creator, it was my brother and I don't know where he created the account (he was studying 600 kilometers away from our home and also making a gap year in whole europe where he was traveling arround the continent, staying like 1 month in each location) I don't know when he created it, i don't know if he mentioned his real birthdate, i dont know what he used to buy rp etc. etc. I am completeley lost now, i don't think I will get the account back to me ...
Feezlim (EUNE)
: @Uppercase My best regards to you ! I really hope this situation will end in the favor of both sides. In the end, when everything will settle and if Riot allow you to say and us to know, will you update this post of yours on how things ended ? I am really looking forward to this !
First update tho: I got a reply from Support, that they can't help me while I am logged into my account [in support forum], for security reasons. He told me to send another email-adress, so they can open a new ticket. I mean fine but if I would be a hacker / scammer what ever wouldn't I also jsut create a new email adress and send this to them? I ca't find any aspect of security here... Also again I need to wait for an awnser now...
Feezlim (EUNE)
: Usually expect an answer within 2 days. Depends on the situation and the gravity of it ! But my experience with Support has been always positive and responsive within the frametime of 2 days from submitting a ticket. I am not sure about Saturdays and Sundays, which is why you should expect in those days a different situation (as expected normally in workforce).
: up to 48 hours. and since you did not inform of this incident, it's not quaranteed you get it back. Hopwever stay calm, most likely you will get to keep it. Sorry for your loss.
Thank you for your awnser and your empathy. I did not thought I need to inform Riot tho, I know it's forbidden to let others play on your account but since he was gone and he had a letter saved in his desk in case of his death I got to the account. Well I'll see what will happen. Thing is i pretty much i connect the account with some memories so I really hope i can geti t back :/ EDIT: Just to make sure: he had no single letter only for his League account, but a letter with login data for everything you could need
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: > [{quoted}](name=I Heel Hook,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iWmuv7Mp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-12T21:16:00.443+0000) > > see idk if thats a joke or not lol. Can you? not a joke, that's how i reformed.
just make sure u don't unbind enter key and then get in anger and try to write "did you ever face a quality ranger like i did as i was in tennesse?" BOOM everything on cooldown [but with emote bm in the end]
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Casshin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7v5AHER9,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-08-06T18:58:45.691+0000) > > So lately I've been looking at the teams in my live game via various websites. One of the things I've noticed is that far more often than not, the season 7 platinum player, that no is in gold 5/4/3, is by far the worst player on the map (I'm low gold and so is the rest usually). Is anyone else experiencing this as well? It also seems like they miss basic mechanical skills and knowledge, making me suspect they've bought their accounts. Not really man. I see you play on EUW, well ... this region is by far the strongest of all other regions (excluding KR). Former low plat players can't climb to plat again this season unless they duo with someone, they simply can't get out of gold anymore. It's a fact! Go play on EUNE or NA or Oceania, climb to high plat / low diamond and then come back in gold elo on EUW, you will see there's not much of a difference.
well this is... kinda wrong? I don't know in korea, but from bronze to mid diamond every region is the same
Büqæÿ (EUNE)
: It is a good system if you ask me, otherwise people will abuse the system and whenever they get in promos they will just dodge until they find a decent team comp. Just learn to adapt!
well i think if it doesnt count as instant promoloss it should count as 1 lose for the promo, so you think twice about it but you have the chance to get rid of a troll / toxic guy
cheexy1 (EUW)
: Zoe is bugged.
Spells are working mostly 2D in League. So if you watch from a top-down-perspective your skillshots will most likely behind or infront of your target. I said mostly 2D, because you also have to know about high- and low-ground in League. Check this Video:
ShanksFX (EUW)
: [Click me]( i bookmarked this comment, especially for occasions like this. Pls dont waste the supports time and annoy them with tickets, im pretty sure they are more than busy without you.
maybe you are not informed, but NA is testing rightnow to lift permabans to 14 day-bans.
: İ Finally Stopes Playing League! After 4-5years
> i highly think that you should read this 5 rows below: > dont tell me its cause of my rank cause hell no! i have lots of friends in master and chall. İ used to play in high diamond for a long time. dude for real. wtf are you talking about?? "i know a lot of challengerz so i know a lot about the game"? Your first point is a contradiction in itself. You say the game is either they win fast or you win fast. also you played high diamond for a long time. 1. tell me. How can this be possible when the game only started to snowball this fast 8 month ago? 2. CLEARLY higher elo games are faster. The adc get a lead after 10 minutes? he knows how to close a game? gg at 20 and this is fine! because you shouldn't be able to get such a lead which leads to the win that early! this means you are better than the enemy. second point. u think writing is needed? dude there are 5 different pings ingame. u want to make a call? ping it 2 times with standard ping. you want to make a call after next objective? omw ping to the objective and then to your next target. Dude it's for real that easy! [high diamond did you say?] uhm again 1?: you. can. pick. what. you. want. and. win. and this up to high challanger. If you know how to play against enemy composition with your own compostion you can compensate it! 4 you are flamign and blaming here rightnow pretty much, don't you? 5. you just said you win or lose fast. so how can you need 3 hours for 3-4 games? your last point without a number: No. League did NOT take any time. You spent it into it. It was your decision, your own fault ("Are you really blind enough to see flaming is not helping?") It is a game and it looks like you forgot about that
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: low priority que is meant to be punishment for leaving champion select, not game those two are much different also i dont see toxicity in leaving champ select nah lpq is also for leaving games also i think low priority queue is not what i ment. What I mean is a special queue where you get matched with other leaver / toxic people. I think it has the same name but different meaning
effexs (EUW)
: Punishment is okay as long as it's fair... Obviously it is not fair but I can not argue too much since I didn't report them so there's no second side to the story anyway. Hope you can comprehend how it is relevant to the title now. Regards
okay so why is it not fair? I does NOT matter what others people say to you. All the system counts is what you write in the chat. So if you write "%%%% you stop it you little shit you play shit also" etc etc YOU were insulting. For YOUR punishment it doesn't count what others did. Same for them. If they write "lol u suck no %%%% you no i wont stop you noob haha clearly not you whore" this will get them punished.
voidsyy (EUW)
: a player doesn't get any punishment for telling me to kms
I always report killthreats to the human people and say I did not report them in the client, so they have to go through manually. Most of the times it works. You can't do this tho for "mama he called me noob"
: My teams becomes exponentially bad everytime I get into p2 this season
well that's a pretty big coincidence. Since your MMR is hidden and your Rank is only a cover-up it has no influence in which division you are. You can be platin 5 - lose 10 games, still be platin 5 due to derank shield and play with / against gold 3-4
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
sometimes pretty sad tho :)
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: I used to think so too but report calling off of itself isn't bannable it's just if it becomes a starting point for harassment when it's bannable.
most things are not "bannable" but they will flag your games. [death threads are bannable tho] With enough games flagged you will get your chatban / ban
Wârrod (EUW)
: Promo to Plat
The promo "boost" is only bronze-gold, so i guess there are no free wins from gold 1-plat 5 and upwards (in plat sure not and higher i don't think so)
iSneez (EUNE)
: 1) yes, hey are reportable 2) no, they will never be punished for because they are minimal offences, so only if they had 14days ban before its a chance they get punished.
your 2nd point is kinda wrong. The games will get flagged and when enough of these minor misbehaviours count together he will get punished. Even if it is his first punishement. [as far as i know]
iSneez (EUNE)
: Clash
I mean it's not like it is the first post on the frontpage of league, but here you go:
: Trolling Epidemic in Ranked
Yeah trolls are a problem. But do you know what sucks? Smurfing DuoQ from Bronze to Main Elo. It's disgusting seeing minute 15 5:7 in kills but 0:5 towers, because of the macroplays... [smurfs..](
Sontax (EUNE)
: Most is actually Croatian, I was mostly focusing on my lane until I saw botlane losing 2nd tower then I started flaming them.
You can tell us a lot of things... Chatlogs or never happened
Kinshira (EUNE)
: Saying report to someone who wishes cancer.. is toxic.. right. At that point, if saying report is toxic, why not make it full ->>> ****** ? I will tell you why, because it is not toxic.
You are offending someone else by telling others to report him. That's a fact and causes your game to get flagged. Also you DON'T know, whether he get's banned or not.
jOhNyPx (EUNE)
Check this one out:
radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
: Ranked system socks
Yes you win and lose as a team. But in a lot of games the team with the higher average skill will win more often then the one with less skill. And when you are the one who plays better then the other people with your mmr you will climb sooner or later
Blue009 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Peerless Lucian,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qn6zYv0d,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-14T08:44:27.034+0000) > > I think i can tell what is an addiction for me and what not. And in average 20 games per week over 6 Years? Yeah i think this IS an addiction for me > > > Btw how can you be lvl 15 with 20-30 games per day? Started this acct like 3 days ago
The thing is you think "play a lot" == "addiction". But there is a lot more behind the word addiction
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Playing Ranked after reaching Gold just feels like unnecessary stress
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > But these patches rightnow... i just do not have any fun anymore. Don't worry it was mid-season patches, they always get hectic. The point of them is to make game more healthy long term. Upcoming patches will be more about balancing the game. > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=r1eqke0v,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-06T15:55:55.181+0000) > > Post-Midseason stability > > Now that all the midseason changes, bar the couple of new fighter items, are out, we're going to focusing mainly on polish and stability until preseason. We've made quite a lot of changes recently and want to pair that with a period of low systemic change. That will mean patches being more just balance adjustments, and less major overhauls of anything. That's something we aim for each year after midseason, as we hit the second half of the ranked season and the run up to Worlds. Looking at the amount of change we've made this year though, and the style in which it's come out, it feels extra important to do. > > In particular, spreading midseason changes out over a few patches was more disruptive than we'd anticipated. We were hoping to minimize the shake up of any individual patch and keep things steadier since we'd have time to react to each set of changes separately. In retrospect though the outcome was more a period of constant readjustment than greater stability. We'll be aiming to cluster changes back in a single patch more in the future as a result.
Hey, thanks for your reply. Yes i know the game get's polished in the next weeks / month. But still this won't make me feel better rightnow about how bad the game feels rightnow [for me]. And saying "just stop playing for 3 month then" is really hard. I get up at 6 am and i am back home from work between 5 pm and 6 pm. then i got 4-5 hours for myself and my gf. Let's say we cook and then watch a film. Then i still got 1:30 - 2:30 left. And then i sit there and got nothing to do at all. Also watching a film every day? nah i don't think so... And it does not help that i am completely unhappy with my current state of life (wake up, go to work, have a few hours, go to sleep) because these 9 hours of work are no fun AT ALL rightnow. It really feels like i am close to a depression and losing the game i played for 6 years almost every day doesn't help at all
Blue009 (EUNE)
: 30-40 GAMES per WEEK? dude thats not a true addict, i do 20-30 games/day with this account.
I think i can tell what is an addiction for me and what not. And in average 20 games per week over 6 Years? Yeah i think this IS an addiction for me Btw how can you be lvl 15 with 20-30 games per day?
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: Instant feedback report appears if they got punishment
just as Strigina told ya. There are no official numbers of how often you get an IFR, when your report was correct. But it IS public, that it is NOT 100%
: Riots Punishments are questionable
Where do you know from they don't get punished?
GLurch (EUW)
: As others explained, it means "et cetera" or "and similar", but in my case it was also a typing mistake, because "the" and "like" in this context still seem to be used without a "-" >.>
allright thanks a lot. It still sounds weird for me that it stands for "etc" but okay, guess i have to admit that :D
: Get out of Silver - go to the EU LCS!
w... w... wait? 180 Euro for a meet and greet with sjokz? why do i see thsi in mid season not at start of the split? CMON
GLurch (EUW)
: According to the Terms of Use, the account was never your property, all you gain is a temporary access to it, just like when renting a book. If it's Riot Games' property, they can do what they want with it and you don't have any right to complain, because it never belonged to you to begin with. If you're buying things like RP, you're only buying even more rentals, which belong to you temporarily. Anyways, what exactly do you mean by "reform wave"? There never was such a thing, you get punished if you behaved in a negative way. In most cases, lthe first punishment you get is a 10 games chat restriction, after that a 25 games chat restriction and following that a 14 day ban. The 14 day ban also contains a last warning to you that the next punishment will be a permanent ban. If you still behave in a negative way though, you get permanently banned. In rare cases where people weren't just toxic, but used hate speech, such as racism, xenophobia, death threats and the like, you can skip the chat restrictions. In most cases, you still get "just" a 14 day ban though. In even rarer cases, people skip directly to a permanent ban, but it's very rare. The point is, you most likely got another punishment before receiving a permanent ban. If you got chat restricted a few seasons ago and behaved good after that, the chat restrictions should have been cleared off of your account. If they didn't, that means you never behaved good enough for the system to consider you reformed after your punishment. However, if you seek to get unbanned, no one here can decide that or help you. You'll have to contact the Riot Support: As a warning though, I wouldn't state I'm a lawyer. It's possible the person working at the Riot Support believes you're trying to threaten them, in which case they'd never answer you and instead send your case to the legal department within Riot Games. They also probably won't be able to give you as much insight regarding your case as anyone here on the boards could, since their time is only limited; They need to answer tickets as fast as possible and go over to the next ticket, so they can't afford the time to answer you in-depth and will instead likely just send a pre-written template. If they were to spend all this time writing individual answers each time, Riot would have to employ a lot more Support workers, so it'd make them lose a lot of money. Anyways, if the Riot Support said No to your appeal, you can't get unbanned. They are the only authorities who could decide to escalate your case and unban you. If they decided not to, no one on the boards can do anything either to get you unbanned.
> In rare cases where people weren't just toxic, but used hate speech, such as racism, xenophobia, death threats and the-like, you can skip the chat restrictions. What does "and the-like" mean? Serious question, not mother tongue english. Or is it just a typing mistake?^^
: thanks man :) i apreciate the thoughtfullness. no my account will never get unbanned, and altough its definetly annoying, it doesnt really affect me anymore. as i said this happened about a month or two ago, but a few weeks back i decided that i at least was gonna try and appeal my case. riot has been unwillling to cooperate, and even tho i believe thier permaban policy to be more damaging to the community than helpful, i still respect thier decision. after all, i did click "agree" when i started playing this game more than 3 years ago. i decided not to create a new account, i was very frustrated and angry with myself the first couple of days after my ban, but after not playing league for more than a month, i finally feel like league of legends has run it's natural course for me. i really enjoyed this game, but it is time for me to move on. im honored that my humble post helped you out and i hope you dont get permabanned like me xD gl hf :)
Well it's not permabanned i guess. You can safe the logins and maybe in 200 Years League is still a thing and your children children children children can play on your account! Wohoo!
: DNS was the first part of the guide, you can simply skip that if you want but at least add game to the windows firewall exceptions :P
It again happened yesterday... luckily ranked were disabled and we were 5 pre playing bronze bravery (more or less succsessfull :D) but still completely random. Teamspeak ping stays on 19 +- 0,3 and ingame it spikes to ~300 and stays for a few minutes between 100 and 200... I really don't know what to do from here. I tryed everything support could tell me. BTW: i Can't reinstall league because when i do there is a high chance i get another error again and again. I was texting with support for ~2,5 month and in the end it just worked again, but there was no fix...
: I see, Try doing [this]( firstly and then adding [these]( changes. Are you using Wifi or Wired connection? If you're using Wifi I would highly recommend buying that RJ-45 connector, it shouldn't cost more than 3 euros for 10m. If problems will still appear then next step would be port-forwarding your router with league ports :P Port-forwarding is different for many routers, sometimes router doesn't even support port-forwarding, then you will have to call your ISP and ask them nicely do it for your router from their side. But [here]( are the main ports that you should port-forward for best experience in league.
Meh sorry for the late reply, i jsut forgot about this post here... So let's go on: - League is started as admin every time. - I won't use Google DNS, because this has nothing to do with the game. Using a DNS only helps you browsing, because it's a library containing the translation from URL to IP. There is no way this helps fixing ping problems. (Even tho if you want to use a DNS try and, this is like 10% faster than Googles DNS) - I will try the port-forwarding today
: Try launching your League Client as an administrator. Simply right-click it and choose "Run as administrator". Try that, let me know if it works out for you.
Nope, didnt work :/ Also i had yesterday a bug, taht i finished champselect, but game didnt start. I got the button "skip waiting for stats" and after cklicking it i could press play again. After restart my PC (game restart didnt work!) i could connect into the game. But still Pingproblems
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: Getting someone banned because he acted like a normal human being and trashtalked in a VIDEO GAME. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} What a %%%%ing whiteknight
1. there is a difference in: - trashtalking and - insulting other people 2. Even when you are trashtalking how do you want 3rd party people to understand this? They just read "haha god you are sooo bad u as*hole". Clearly an insult out of context
Gondawn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=iSneez,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XYkpPMrE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-18T00:28:34.973+0000) > > Maybe he want to get drop in placement to get bronze or something, it happen all time some people do that, nothing you can do about it. It happens all the time and it's not okay. Instead of getting to lower ranks they should be getting their accounts banned
> they should be getting their accounts banned I am with you buddy. But let's take a recap: If Riot notice someone getting boosted they permaban him for Accountsharing. What is pretty cool, because it's bullshit. But then this preseason thousands of Accounts were flagged as boosted and the HONOR was set to 0 and the REWARDS were taken away? I mean you take someone a free skin is not similar to taking someones account he spent a lot of money in, is it?^^
: I think it is because of the missions. People who would normaly not play ranked because they dont want to or they are not sure they have time to finish are forced to play 10 games to get xp. This means people take higher risk and plays when they should not play to get those 10 games.
Yeah i can confirm that in some way. Missions are complete troll. I didn't play league like 10 days before the new season started. So I had the mission "win with rune xy" not completed on tuesday this week. Since i wasn't sure if i had time yesterday i just went into a ranked game playing Thresh with Glacial Augment and Hextech GLP :D We won that game, but it was really stupid. I think many players do crap like that only to finish their missions
RallerenP (EUW)
: Preventing players from being queued because of reports would be 100% abused. People would just start reporting people who have bad games in low ELO and people who are really good in high ELO.
Well since reports get flagged as "positive" and "negative" it should be easy to implement, taht you can not be placed in the same game with someone you reported with a "positive report". Clearly only for Diamond 3 and lower
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