Enjutsu (EUNE)
: oh so that's the real reason people are angry, they want urfwick.
No people are angry because the system makes no sense and is not sustainable. Atm everyone has an amount of BE. What if they all spend it in the BE-store, or buying chromas, mastery 6&7? Then no one has BE and the real complaining is going to start. You cant get as much BE as you need, to buy Champions, Mastery 6&7 and so on. This system is going to collapse for sure. 800 BE after 15 Games - You got 1700 IP after 15 Games. And as much as the level grows, you get way less BE for the amount of time you put in. And now you get punished for playing the game. You get with less games sooner a level up, if you play once per day. So its easier to gain BE for player who dont have much time. Thats fine and a great idea. Thats not the problem. The problem is, that there is no other way to gain BE. At least you should get 40-50 BE each game and after a level up a bigger amount of BE. That would be fine. This is not World of Warcraft, or Elder Scrolls Online, or another **MMORPG**. This is League of Legends, a **MOBA**. There is no better gear to unlock, no raids to kill and no stronger environment (Mobs) to legitimate such an system. You just cant put a MMORPG system into a Moba and then wondering why everyone is angry.
Welttan (EUNE)
: Hey btw one quick question. What if i play ranked now when i have 0lp can i decay or did they delete the derank system during preseason?
You can still drop/derank, but its not having any influence on your actual season rewards anymore. If you are nervous about that, wait until you got your season rewards. Preseason ranked is just for fun and maybe to improve your MMR, so you might getting placed better next season :)
Welttan (EUNE)
: When we will get our ranked rewards?
The ranked decay is stopped after the end of the season, you are safe. :) And the rewards shouldve come in the next two weeks. Victorious Graves is already in the patch notes included.
: 1) I don't care about champ mastery, it's just show off thing 2) You get BE for free, you got massive BE for owning runes, runepages, and skins many more, u will have good amount of BE in set amount of time, but not excess in just one game 3) You pay 6300 for a champ u wanna buy, but you get that champ at huge discount if you were to have that champ's shard, and unlock the shard, rather than buying 4) it's chill, now you focus on game, rather than grinding IP
Actually i want to grind IP/BE because i want to buy Urf Warwick and i have not enough BE for that. The shop is closing in 3 weeks. With the old system i couldve reach the amount of BE i need. With the new system its not gonna work. So i hope they going to do something at that point very soon.
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