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brankost (EUNE)
: Problem with client - can't play
I tried to play lol on my mates pc and it works, I guess it does not work on Mac?
: Hey again, i think that you should do a factory reset (save important files on a USB key) or send a ticket to riot.
nah is calm fam, i just dont care about it anymore
: Connection problem
I just gave it a last go, but nah that shit is still happening to me, I just gave up on this shit really{{summoner:1}}
: Ok so i looked on the lol boards and it looks like other people are having this issue as well.
ya, I saw too, seems lol isn't doing nth for it :(
: Ok so i have one more thing i want you to try. Try running lol as an administrator.
tbh, I don't feel like playing this game anymore, this is not giving me that excitement anymore idk zzz
: What country do you live in?
: Try restarting your pc. And unplug your router (internet box) for 30 seconds then plug it back in. Maybe that will work. If it doesn't it is a problem with your league of legends launcher so go in the league client options (on the top right) and initiate a full repair in the general tab.
I have done all that already but still, when I logged in it shows me reconnecting. It's been happening for 2 days already.
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brankost (EUNE)
: Problem with client - can't play
still cannot play this bloody game, been trying to log in for an hour still does not work, this is BS
: type Win+R, type cmd and hit enter, then type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter again.
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