CC King (EUNE)
: Feeling Dizzy and Lightheaded from playing League?
My guess would be: 1. Bad nutrition. Are you eating enough? If so, is it proper food? 2. Lack of physical activity. The body needs to move, you don't have to kill yourself in the gym, just take a walk for 30 minutes, preferably in the middle of those 8-9 hours of gaming. 3. Too much time in front of the screen, it might be exhausting to your eyes, thus causing dizziness. I used to suffer from this when I was younger.
: ARAM high queue times
It's a conspiracy to make more players play that ARURF garbage.
: nerf nidalee in aram
Just, dodge it?
Luqiez (EUW)
: Nerf Fizz !!
God dammit rito no ****ing counterplay !!!! lel
Wolity (EUW)
: " i want to carry the game " mentality can lose you a lot of games
Yep, that's the typical ego mentality of a player. If he feeds and gets carried, ''f my team they didn't help me''. If he gets fed and doesn't carry, ''f my team they fed too much''. If he and his team get fed and stomp the enemy team, ''ggez all me, rep my jgl for losing 1 dragon'' If he gets fed and actually manages to carry, ego level is now over 9000.
: Just give us pure Solo Queue
Latarnia40 (EUNE)
: Adrent Censer and Forbidden idol items should apply self healing and sheilding amp.
No, just let support items be for actual supports ffs.
: How do I counter Zed?
Yes, Zhonya is really good against him, both because of the armour and the stasis. Speaking of, take armour in the last small rune when going against him. Also, Bone Plating helps A LOT against his burst, consider taking that in your secondary tree. Play behind your minions, that way if he hits you with his Q's, the damage taken will be mitigated by one of you minions. It's really important to juke his shadow Q's. If he hits 2 Q's on you, he will deal extra damage and get some energy refunded. Before lvl 6, he will try to harass with W + E + Q combo. If he lands everything, he will proc Electrocute and thus deal some damage. A lot of Zed players aren't very good and will try to cast this whole combo instantly and recklessly, so be aware when he reaches level 3, and try to side-step when you see him go for a combo. Once his shadow is down, he become very vulnerable for 22 seconds (when he's at 0% CDR), that's your moment to play aggressive. Also look at his energy bar, he needs 165 energy for the combo, so take advantage when it's lower than that. Once he reaches level 6 there's a couple of things you can do. Just like before, try to juke his Q's, they are his main source of damage, and they are a skill shot. After his ulti animation, he will spawn on the opposite of you from where he casted his ulti, basically imagine that he sort of dashes in a straight line through you, so if you have an ability with hard CC, that's where you must aim it. If you have stopwatch or zhonya, use the stasis to negate the damage from his ulti, but don't use it immediately after he casts his ultimate, a good Zed player will hold his Q's until he knows where to throw them in order to hit the target, so if you use the stasis immediately, he will just wait until to throw his Q's right when the stasis expires. The window on which Zed can stack up damage for his ulti is 3 seconds, so you have 2 seconds to try and juke him or CC him, then you can use the item. This sounds very complicated but with a bit of practice it becomes pretty easy. In mid to late game he will try to look for picks in jungle or gank lanes by flanking, vision is very important. If you don't see him on the minimap and you're an easy target, chances are he's coming for you, so be aware and try to stay in safe positions. Get a blue trinket if you need to ward bushes, don't use normal wards because if he's hiding there, you're dead, unless you can outplay him. One last piece of advice, try playing him. Sooner or later, you will run into someone who knows how to play against him and you can learn from that. Also, what champions do you usually play?
: So everybody ready for jayce and azir stranglehold?
As long as he replaces some of the Vlad, Ryze or Cassio picks, then I'd say HELL YA GIVE ME THAT PIGEON !!!
KronoszHUN (EUNE)
: Honoring Enemies & Replacing offensive words
The idea of replacing ''easy'' has been suggested a long time ago, and I really wish it would happen, but knowing Riot, it probably won't
Scoliidae (EUW)
: If buying skins would change anything, there wouldn't constantly be these threads on here where people say "I invested x amount of money! Give me my money or my account back!!!". Usually high numbers as well. You think there is a line after which you won't be banned? I think the highest number I read about here was in the thousands.
That's why afterwards I said ''On a more serious note''. But now that you mention it, I actually haven't seen any posts like that, although to be fair I've only been cruising on these boards for about a couple of weeks.
Cisney (EUW)
: Campion select dodging bug?
Yeah that has been happening recently, it's a bug, has nothing to do with locking in your champ, no idea why it happens. I've mostly seen it in ARAM games, sometimes I see an ally leave the lobby but the game still goes through, and of course if no-one else dodges, then it's a 4v5. I figured this out when I was playing with a friend and I tried to dodge, l wanted to log on another account but luckily my friend was there to tell me that the game was loading regardless.
: Can the system excuse a person for their faults?
I doubt that what you typed would get picked up by the system, it's more set to pick up racist or homophobic words, so I'm guessing that if you got reported, someone must've read the chat and decided to let you off the hook since you apologized, especially if it's your first offence. Though if that's so, I would assume that your account is still marked and next time you type something toxic, even if it's not as serious, you could face suspension.
pXHoney (EUNE)
: Whoops. Remake due to AFK
The first time it's not even a slap on the wrist, you are far from getting banned. The only thing you lost is your LP if it was a ranked game.
AIexander (EUNE)
> [{quoted}](name=AIexander,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yG1skl3J,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-01-04T13:51:55.791+0000) > > 99% of youtubers and streamers buy accounts And how do you know this?
: They won't be getting to bronze/iron without inting(which breaks the rules), trolling(breaks the rules), sharing an account(breaks the rules) or straight out buying them(breaks the rules). Cause no pro is iron level bad on their off role.
> [{quoted}](name=DragonessOfMagic,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yG1skl3J,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2020-01-04T15:16:17.456+0000) > > They won't be getting to bronze/iron without inting(which breaks the rules), trolling(breaks the rules) Actually, that's not necessarily true. Just listen for this guy's explanation.
: How should you ask for a gank top lane?
Do what every Solo Q player got used to, don't rely on the jungler. Try warding in front of the Rift Herald pit, then you have a chance to spot the enemy jungler, and if he's killable you might get help from your jungler or your mid, depending on their situation at that moment.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I mean who in their right mind would contact them to get boosted after they had their game ruined like that ?
I was thinking the exact same thing.
: I've had the most baffling report/player situation
Probably he bought too many skins to deserve a ban. On a more serious note, 6 days ago I played against this guy who out of nowhere started dishing out some hardcore real life threats, I reported him ofc, but didn't get any feedback. I checked his now, he still played for 2 days after that game, but nothing ever since. I can't tell if he got suspended for what he said that game, or for what he said in the games after, or if stopped playing on his own, but yeah, it's weird how some people get away with almost anything, like the guy in your case. An acquaintance of mine once wanted to joke around and said the n-word a few times in a game in all chat, he had no priors, and after that game he got instantly suspended for 2 weeks.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: why do people smurf?
Personally I do it when I want to try a new champion/role or simply feel like playing more chill, either because I'm not warmed up, or rusty, or tired, etc. I'm not Master, I'm only Gold, so going on a smurf doesn't have that big of an impact tbh. I made accounts on other regions to play with friends who aren't from EUW, and within max 2 games matchmaking detects that I'm not a new player and starts matching me with other smurfs. Sure I play normals too, actually I mostly play normals, but the thing is, in normals there are high chances to be matched with/against higher elo players, and it's always a coinflip, because people usually take those games more serious than ranked, or they don't want to try at all, so if I want to play with Golds, then I actually have to play ranked.
Blue009 (EUNE)
: The trolling report system does work.
But that's a low level account, it's already been confirmed by others that lower levels are more easily punished because of the possibility that they are alternate account of players who have been permanently banned.
Brwerw (EUNE)
: Practice tool with friends
: Nerf Zed
TBCrusher (EUW)
: Last stream of the year. Coaching gold jungler & a lot more. Everyone is welcome
If we really wanna boycott, we'd have to not buy skins from the next patch. Not playing for a day won't affect their income
: 5 Game Premade Duo Lanes bug
Solution, next time you run into a supp main, make them your best friend and never let them go
: can u help me please ?
No, they have the same missions and you can't redo them. The second ticket (with Lee) should now cost you 1000 RP, instead of 2650, that's because you already paid for the Pass.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: They have enough money to have enough people to work on both simultaneously :D There can only be so many people working on the same thing, after all!
Yeah but I don't see the game receiving too many benefits from them having all that money, and take it from someone who is somewhat familiar with corporations, they won't make any additional investment as long as it won't lead to a quick profit.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: I suppose... But the thing is true damage isn't exactly needed in the first place, can just balance the game without it! Would be easier I would say, even :)
It's not needed, but I don't see why to remove it either, would be just a waste of time which could be used to balance some actual broken stuff.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: I'm not sure there only being 2 justifies those 2 having it :o
If someone wants to complain about those 2, that's fine (although when is the last time Vayne was actually a problem...), but my point was that regular True Damage is not broken.
: When a rageblade Yi at 2.5 AS clocks you theres no amount of health that will save you, save for being a chogath with gargoyles
When a lvl 16 Zed auto's you when you're under 50% health he deals 10% of your max health bonus magic damage, ermahgerd let's nerf AP scalings!
HavickPT (EUW)
: Reports
Just lucky probably, I ran into this a couple of days ago and didn't get any feedback.
Zbum (EUW)
: Remove true damage
True damage is fine, and it's countered by Health items. What you're actually bothered by is Max Health True Damage, and as far as I know, there's only 2 champs who have that in their kit.
: Don't like it? Find another game.
If you don't like these forums, here's an easy solution, go to other forums lel.
: uhm yes{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Uhm, no, there's no reason to cater to a vocal minority.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Do you report botted accounts?
No, because I don't know which accounts are botted.
: Remove Duo Q plz
: > [{quoted}](name=Ulriah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PqxPT1t6,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-26T06:48:18.224+0000) > > That's a totally different definition of the word. Ah, so we don't 'milk' cows by that definition...? > [{quoted}](name=Ulriah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PqxPT1t6,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-26T06:48:18.224+0000) > if you're begging for something, by appealing to their compassion or by letting them know you're in a bad situation and stuff, then you're milking them. You're telling me that homeless people who beg for change are 'milking people'..?
You're just twisting my words on purpose and I'll drop the conversation before I get an aneurysm by trying to explain something that requires 10 IQ over and over again.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ulriah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PqxPT1t6,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-12-25T22:02:05.719+0000) all I wanted to say is that milking something from someone isn't the same thing as forcing something out of someone. So when we milk the cow, we are not forcing them to give us their milk..?
That's a totally different definition of the word. But even in that context, cows are meant to be milked, so no I wouldn't say that they are ''forced''. If you go on the street and rob someone, you're forcing them to give you what you want, but if you're begging for something, by appealing to their compassion or by letting them know you're in a bad situation and stuff, then you're milking them.
: After playing enough matches with Lulu. I finally came to the realisation, maybe playing solo Lulu isn't the best idea. I had to depend alot on the enemy jungler. I could hold myself quite well in lane, but in some match ups I only got constantly shoved back under turret. It is somewhat possible, that is if you feel like torturing yourself.
True. I do it quite rarely and only if I'm premade with the jungler or something like that.
: So Riot is a business... this isn’t milking this is just being a company who wants to make money to stay open... and as it’s beenstated before don’t like it don’t buy it it’s not like you have litterally any different experence if you buy something or not
Yes, it's a business move, they're milking the players, it's not something bad, but they are, all I wanted to say is that milking something from someone isn't the same thing as forcing something out of someone.
Wolity (EUW)
: And how they are doing it? Please explain.
Because they know that some players will buy them no matter what, especially during the holidays, hence they release more of them.
Wolity (EUW)
: "milk" like you are forced to pay for these skins xD
Just because they aren't forcing anyone to buy them, it doesn't mean that they aren't milking people.
: SUSPENDED for no viable reason.
I've seen much worse behaviour from other players without any action taken against them.
: Surrendered but didn't won.
Blotniak (EUNE)
: Wondering: Why is it so hard for people to actually enjoy the game?
I guess it's because some people are addicted to it, and just like any form of addiction, after a while the ''high'' turns into frustration.
: Ardent Censer Diana
Sounds like a bug to me, the AS and on-hit part should be granted only when healing/shielding an ally, not yourself.
: /yawn Chat logs or thread buried in the abyss.{{sticker:fiora-cool}}
> [{quoted}](name=MaMaDeW,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KFvNdN4V,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-23T18:10:27.897+0000) > > Chat logs or thread buried in the abyss. This
: Is Lulu still viable as Mid/Top?
She doesn't have the ability to carry on her own, that's why she's not considered a solo laner. She used to be good in mid lane as full AP, but her waveclear got nerfed, so she's pretty much useless against most mid lane champs. That being said, she can still work in a solo lane, but it's very situational. I would only take her in mid if I have 2 hypercarry champs on my team (for example a Jinx or Kog'Maw bot and a Twitch or Master Yi jungle, that way she can still contribute to the team despite her lack in damage). She can work in top as well, but only to shut down certain top laners with her harass. I'm not too familiar with top lane so I can't say when she would be good, but as a rule of thumb, I don't think she would be good against tanks as they can mitigate their damage long enough to wait for their jungler to gank you, but she can work well against assassins and maybe some bruisers, since she is a good peel champ.
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