: Looking for a team for competitive mode(EUW)
: Top laner looking for a team
what rank are you?
CaRexx (EUW)
: top main searching for a team to play with
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Trolexy (EUW)
: Looking for scrim partners. We are silver-gold-plat
Hey, my team won't be able to scrim today but perhaps I can add you and we can set something up for another time?
: Enlightened eSports
What Rank do we have to be to join? Me and my friend are interested, I am Gold 2 (peaked Plat Promos) and they are Gold 5 is that Ranking too low?
Jèffrey (EUW)
: LF Gold 1 + Top and Jungle
What do you mean by Team is not for right now? (Also I am Gold 2 Jungle Main but I peaked at Plat Promos)
Burdzo (EUW)
: starting a team
Just to clarify you have a Mid and Support already set up? Also I'm Gold 2 is that too high?
: Looking for Gold 2+ Jungler and Top Laner
I know you're looking for Gold 2 but figured I may as well try. I'm a Gold 4 Jungler, currently playing a lot of Evelynn and Nunu. Capable of playing other champs to suit the teams needs.
Jèffrey (EUW)
: Smite and Ignite Looking For people
Are you still looking for Jungle and Mid?
Acended (EUW)
: Gold4 mid/top laner looking for team
: LF ranked team
I added you in game so we can talk :)
Lupí (EUW)
: Rank?
He's Bronze 2 if im not mistaken
MozChops (EUW)
: Gold 2 Midlaner LF Team Gold+
I added you in game so that we can talk :)
: Gold elo team looking for a team to scrim against.
I added you in game so we can talk :)
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: Hello i would like to join the sister team since i am an ADC main.i have 4 years of experience in the game, reached gold 3 at the start of the season on the EUNE server and currectly ranking up my uw account sitting at silver 3 right now. I have Skype, Teqmspeak, curse voice and not a problem downloading any VoIP, i speak pretty good and understandable english and work okay in a team without any flaming. Add me ingame (CP1H) and i will accept as soon as possible. I also have lot of free time to practice with the team
Sounds good, I'll add you in game as soon as possible :)
: Here ADC , and what do you mean by sister team ?
Basically I will be running one of the teams and my friend the other. Both teams will be individual but we can use one another to help improve. Meaning we can set up scrims, talk about strats and picks etc. That way we can improve off of one another :)
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Εmperor (EUNE)
: Looking for a ranked team !
nonwar78 (EUW)
: Silver 3 looking for team
: New team recruiting (bronze,silver) with coach. All roles are available
Age: 19 Country: England Role: Jungle Rank: Silver 1 Champs: All Hi, I'm Umemo and I am currently looking for a serious and long term team. I have a wide champion pool that covers most of the meta picks along with some pocket picks. I've been the shot caller multiple times on other teams so have decent experience in doing so. I have taken part in multiple tournaments in the past playing against Bronze-Diamond level players. I always focus on improving myself and learning from my mistakes. I'd like to think that I am a friendly and open person open to meeting and bonding with new players. I know that my Rank is kind of high for a Bronze-Silver Team but I'm sure we can work around it if needed. Hopefully I get the chance to show you ^_^
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: Looking for Players to play rank with (im sliver)
: I'm away for the start of the day but add " Challenger Supp " and say you know me, he's the support I'm always with
added and ok
: I was s2 last season but I am now in b4 this season, i main ADC and prefer Lucian{{champion:236}} and Caitlyn{{champion:51}} at the moment. I'm looking to play with like minded people who want to improve individually and as team and eventually climb the ladder together. I never flame and am open to constructive criticism. if interested hit me up in game :)
Perdi2 (EUW)
: Silver Player looking for any ello team
I'll add you later this evening or tomorrow and we can look at tryouts
: adc looking for a team
What rank are you?
4hoggy4 (EUW)
: I was silver V last season, got into b4 this season and im currently in b3 I main jungle and support
I'll add you in game either later this evening or tomorrow and we can set up tryouts
: Im jungle main but can play the rest well, analyst is a support, hes been on trial doing analysis with a challenger team
I'll add you in game either later this evening or tomorrow and we can sort out tryouts. We'd need you to play either ADC or Mid lane then and your analyst friend can Support. Then all we'd need to find is which ever you dont play
: I dont have a team but i have an analyst with me if you'd like to start a team was high silver low gold last season
That sounds pretty good, what lane do you play? Also is the analyst just going to focus on the analysis part of will they also want to play?
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AceFeeds (EUW)
: Looking for top jungle adc support dynamic que! Between Silver 3-Gold 5 Last season!
My friend is Bronze after the reset but was Silver last Season, they still able to join?
: > [{quoted}](name=Elliot is Bronze,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=pc9AxVY3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-18T16:05:13.126+0000) > > Application Submitted :) Thanks for your interest. We are going to check your application and we will get back to you as fast as possible.
Thanks for the response :) - Will you contact via email I'd assume?
: LF Manager | Semi-Professional Organization
Umemo (EUW)
: Jungle Main and Top Main LFT
IGN: Elliot is Bronze (Me) IGN: Cylence (Friend)
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ViewTopiC (EUNE)
I've tried adding you in game but all I get is a level 3 account?
Kezako0 (EUNE)
: Looking for a ranked team to join.
: Support or jungler LFT!
I'll add you in game so that we can talk
: Silver 1 adc/support/mid LFT
I'll add you in game so that we can talk
Octane (EUW)
: Silver 3 ADC/Jungle Main looking for Ranked 5's Team.
: Forming Ranked 5's Team (Silver 1 - Gold 1)
Cylence (EUW)
: Me and a friend has added you, I'd like to DM you please.
1Sole1 (EUW)
: After an amazing day of games and Team-building yesterday (with a few pre-mades here and there), we'll be kicking off a little later this afternoon again. I've already got a fair few people interested, but happy to set up multiply teams if there's the capacity. Look forward to meeting you later today ^^ - Pop me a message either on here or add me on league! {{summoner:4}}
: NLO Looking For A Toplaner! (S5-G5)
Bump! Because I'm a pro
: Brand New League Order Looking for Support! (S5-G5)
{{summoner:11}} Can I jungle please? ;) {{summoner:11}}


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