Myster10 (EUNE)
: So you basically didn't wanna make a proper conversation, you just wanted to end up ridiculing yourself by trying to make fun of a person who is just making a discusion. You are really a big example of what makes this community bad. Don't reply back , i won't read or care to continue this conversation.
If you want a conversation dont post links or videos. I hate both wiki and youtube "pro player" bullshit. I speak of personal expireance, about what it is actually... if I cared, about "proes" or "LCS" or "Wiki" I'd go there, not here. IF u wanna talk with me propely make an EUW acc add me and speak, have a nice day while u plan to post links :3
: League of Legends loyalty system
tbh I deserve a Katarina loyalty skin or summoner icon XD 6000 Katarina games in 1 account is mthing with love Kit cat Katarina
Myster10 (EUNE)
: first of all, i can't base a conversation on random stuff "huge mobiliy,unbalanced attack speed/animation and huge damage" (not even gona comment on attack animation, just read what you wrote and laugh at yourself) huge mobility? what you consider huge mobility using q while you are in ulty?? and huge damage is your 3rd proc of w after you are ahead or you have many items, so basically you just complain about her late game?? No adc can be that?? Yeah, i prefer risky vayne than graves that gets a bf sword and just with q-r and one auto one shots you like he is a mage bursting you. So i am just gonna copy what i wrote above and post a video... Also vayne has many clear weaknesses, her lane phase is awful, it's like you basically accept that you can't win lane unless your enemies make mistakes (so that means that if you lost to vayne in lane it's your fault or your support's not vayne being strong champ). Ulty cna be countered with one simple upgrade of red trinket at lvl 9. She has no wave clearance and it's not so easy to farm below turret as it is with other adc. She has high skill cap and is a lot risky to play and really situational since you have to count on specific team comps that will cover for you. Let's say you are against a malph and you have no frontline to cover for you?? You are most probably out of the teamfight cause of malphs zoning. Her only prime time is late game and i don't get why a champ that has so many bad aspects shouldn't have at least a really good one. You will say she is also really strong mid-game but again IF you managed to lose to her in lane which shouldn't be the case.
sorry. Forgot you'rea vayne main... drink your pills... maybe you'll chill 'late game' vayne XD Ruin king is pretty much early game item
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Well, all i know is that as an adc i would never even try to get close to a kata if she is that fed...
Please... it's vayne... dont call that toxic fap an ADC... huge mobility, pretty unbalanced attack speed/animation and huge damage... no adc can be that...
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: > lowest dmg of all APC and assassin That was a good laugh.
Thanks for showing how low educated you are towards Katarina hater boy
gaby1best (EUNE)
: It means there's something wrong with your gameplay... _Oh wait you're playing Kata_
Excactly I play Nerfedarina...
: How to nerf Katarina
Her Q is 0.5 AP ration? Sure and Im Katarina Du Couteau in real life... I know im a retard, but she's already under powered, lowest dmg of all APC and assassin even tanks... And you want to nerf her more? Ok do these nerfs, but delete every single stun/silence in game nad all HP/MR items, so she cna stand a chance...
Myster10 (EUNE)
: i think kata can use faster her skils to one shot vayne (if she is 9/0) than vayne can e her into wall....
you havent played katarina after the 6 nerfs or the AP items rework, have you? Only chance Katarina has to OS someone squishy is if she's 5 items and lvl 16 + otherwise her damage is too low for an assassin to do that...
Myster10 (EUNE)
: So you are saying that a 0/10 vayne can kill you, a kata, when you are 9/0. Maybe then you are doing something wrong.... and xin, i told you, it's the new item, not him being op but the item making him strong.
Yes Im saying a 0/10 vayne can kill me as 9/0 kata by clicking E and 4 auto attacks
Myster10 (EUNE)
: I am gonna try and not reply back your insult and tell you this. You just said it yourself, the item is a buff on xin, it's not that xin is broken but the item is making him too strong. So you finally agreed with me. Thank you....
They were and idc... ppl can downvote all they want
: I'm a liar? Alright. Thanks. Going to offend me more? You're offending me nearly all posts and now you call me a liar aswell, fine... Go being an arse towards me... I'm not speaking with people who offend me at such high level Y_Y
Calling me fat or a liar are the 2 things that can make me block a person and never speak to again. Which you achived, goodbye
: ı hate rito
My history has 20 games with 15 lost and 16 games with nearly perfect score, so dont complain...
: yes, an inborn ability to admit defeat.
Stop talking to me offender
: you said you grabbed his knife, not his hand. i am not twisting it, you are. grabbing the knife when it is still in his hand would mean you grabbed the blade which would make it impossible for you to kill him with it. He is grabbing the handle and you are grabbing the blade, there is no part of the knife left you could kill him with. also changing the attackers hands direction doesn't make him kill himself. You are a proven liar. now stop. also to disarm someones knife you don't need to be military. You just need a brain. You can grab the knife or block the hits if you wrap some clothing like a jacket or shirt around you hand. Really is as simple as that.
I'm a liar? Alright. Thanks. Going to offend me more? You're offending me nearly all posts and now you call me a liar aswell, fine... Go being an arse towards me... I'm not speaking with people who offend me at such high level Y_Y
Myster10 (EUNE)
: I don't remember ww and feral flare but i guess yeah. Unless you think that without those 2 items warwirk is anything special... How come xin is so popular now with the devourer and not before that??? I really feel stupid when i come into forums and i have to explain basic and obvious stuf...
Really now? Guess you dont play LoL, becuase I saw Xin and Jarvan pretty often, if not all the time pre Devourer...
Myster10 (EUNE)
: THANK YOU! and it's just devourer making him look good. GOSH THESE PEOPLE! They just happened to get smashed by a champ in a game cause he was fed and then they run around in forums saying that fiora is op,vayne is op,xin is op,heimer is op. It's ridiculous and *SPOILER ALERT* most of them are low gold and below
Glad that I wasnt fed as a 9/0 Katarina and that FED xin was only 0/4 so he can kill me in 3 basic attacks just like that from full HP... Or that 0/10 Vayne simply deleting me in 5 basic attacks...
: Riot thought they wanted to be Deadpool, but they realized there's more merit in being Batman.
Batman? The dude in black that's too scared to kill and wants to keep alive the biggest murders in the world, so he can have some fun from time to time? Alright...
: League has funny champions, but is overall not supposed to have an insanely fun oriented story. I'd definitely love to see more comedic champions sometime though, Ekko's "I'm so cool I can control time" attitude pisses me off, and Tahm Kench is wrong in so many ways. Both gameplay-wise and with his personality. He is a corrupt bastard in fish form.
Tahm is cool, I wont mind drinking my tea with him every morning while discussing humanity \o/
: Rioters are agents of chaos,when boards sleep,they bring the servers down to make them crowded and busy again,then imply the new boards were a success. Master plan confirmed.
nah the actual owners of Riot are the Du Couteau family and you know? Noxians, they like to make people suffer from times to times, that's why i like em \o/
Heatblaste (EUNE)
: imagine losing 8/10 games like that, u would do the same
m8. I had only 2 won games the whole day with 12 lost all positive KDA and winning my lane, I just gave the worst cases...
: i read the post, you didn't. Earlier in the conversation he said he managed to grab the attackers weapon. "HE nearly stabbed me, but I managed to grab his knife the last moment and killed him with it!" You are making yourself look dumber and dumber in every post you make because you don't read the whole conversation. please leave commenting to more mature people. My point is still valid.
"Grabed" as it is still in his hand which allows you to control his hand to a point to not hit you but himself which is done by a small movement on his wrist... The result would be "you let him move it towards you and you die" or "small notch on the wrist" that makes the hand turn towards his head and he hits himself. Aka both ways to exit it is death or killing him, if you arent some military special forces or something there is 0% chance to disarm him... Except if you aint immortal and let him think you're dead... Pretty much ^^ Dont twist my examples or stories thank you. I hate when people twist my words
: good of you to admit defeat.
Admit defeat? Nah I just got this inborn ability, i think it comes from my sociopathic "sickness" I get bored easily and dont bother with stuff that bore me...
: that im crazy? That's old news
Simple, every person who made a major change in the world was considered crazy, because they saw things differently. Imagine if the case is the same, but you just denie it? Or maybe it's not and I'm just mentally unstable and paranoid, you'd never know
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Then you, sir, are doing something wrong. Or the Vaynes in Normals are really bad.
I dont know how they are at normals, but it seems you never played vs a vayne with more than 1 hand...
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Damage isn't everything, a good Dive on vayne by almost anything in the game will kill her. Want a list? {{champion:131}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:5}} (she can't 1v1 this guy at any stage of the game unless he is really bad){{champion:254}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:111}} And those are the easy ones, there are so much more champions that can destroy her if they have a half working brain.
I cant even play vayne and I win all of them in 1v1 with her, so "OK"... Banshe seems like an item you never heard off...
Heatblaste (EUNE)
: <333 gotta love this game
why are you ppl complaining. I made twice penta kill today and lost both games... and lost 1 with 19/1... Either katarina hates me today or this game hates me...
Kouèn (EUW)
: One of the best moments I ever had on LoL
dw m8. I got 2 penta kills in 2 differnt games today and I lost both games XD
: Did he come to my same conclusion?
that im crazy? That's old news
B14ckout (EUW)
: U sir, dont understand anything about "animation of aa" sorry ur wrong in everything u said.
Cuz you're a vayne main and none cares of your opinion, while u got no idea how the game works anyway
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: You basicly said vayne autoattacks faster then other AD carries even if she has way lower attackspeed That is not correct in any way
It's not correct, but not my fault it's happening and nobody cares
: let me educate you a bit. You would be going to jail for kill not a murder since it cannot be proven that you planned to kill him and a murder is something that is planned. Secondly the reason you would be guilty is because killing him isn't counted as self defense since you didn't need to kill him to stay alive. When you disarmed him you could have ran away but instead you decided to kill him which wasn't necessary. in other words, your point is invalid. Also this didn't really happen because you would be in jail if it did. I have done a lot of research about self defense because that is something the law is very strict about and i wanted to know what really counts as self defense. The physical self defense must happen in the same instance as the physical violence. for example, the guy is stabbing at you and you manage to dodge, grab the knife, and hit him with it and he dies. that is not acceptable because taking the knife removed the immediate threat. Now let's say you lie on the ground and the attacker is on top of you pushing the knife at you while you are trying to push the knife away. while this is happening you manage to hit him in the head so you can get him off of you. that is acceptable even if he dies from the blow because you might have died if you didn't do it. but if he doesn't die to that hit and you take the knife from him and kill him with it, that is not self defense. In reality self defense is very hard to prove and thus the court is very careful about treating violence as such.
Im too lazy to read it because it's probly something only think it's right and smart... Ima go to bed
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: You are so sheltered from reallity in this world
Actually you're right, about that... But Im still right, about the champion even if I live in my own world in reality :}
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Vayne main or not dude, a good player should know that saying that vayne is toxic is ridiculous. You can say anything you want, i could write an essay about why you are wrong but just because it's so obvious i will feel stupid explaining to you.... and answer back please, i won't read or reply again to stupidity P.S you must be the "i am bronze 5 but can't climb cause of teammate" kind of player
1 gold and 1 plat and 1 silver account, anything else? I m playing daily vs vayne with different champs, I stop and I get stomped by, that's how I know she's one big toxic fart...
: Old, not even gold.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: I'm glad you agree.
nah I didnt read, just passively avoided
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Do you even know what are you talking about? "Just make her attack animation slower, so she doesnt shoot 2 projectiles 0.2 seconds, it makes her attack speed twice bigger than the other ADC just becuase of that animation... or " "Just saying, because I am tired of a vayne with ruin king hitting me 3 auto attacks in 1 second, because of a fast animation" You said that her auto attack animation is FAST Do you fucking know what that means? When a champion has a fast / good autoattack animation Then their bullet travels fast and then there are no awkward cases where you cancel bullet which basicly hit an oppoment For an ADC Vayne auto attack has moderate speed Vayne auto attack is moderatly fluid Best autoattack animation has hands DOWN LUCIAN and worst karthus probably Vayne has average autoattack animation heck if you have 1.7 attackspeed on vayne Thumbling ll reduce your dps (Yeah literaly that believe it or not) Even if you use it perfectly in between autoattacks it will happend
You're boring {{champion:105}}
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Don't try to speak reason to this guy. A good player should already know that calling vayne toxic and op is ridiculous...and speaking of... I guess doublelift is noob....
OK vayne main
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Vayne is so strong.That's why it's a certain pick in lcs xD . She is really never picked and you know why?? BECAUSE SHE IS TOO RISKY AND SHE OFFERS REALLY FEW TO NON EXISTENT STUFF EARLY-MID GAME! Abuse her early game and you win. So she should also be bad late game as well? So let's delete her just because you don't know how to take advantage of a champs weaknesses! God, all these people who know shit about this game and come and cry in the forums about champs that are not even so strong just cause they haven't learnt how to play this game after 3000 games....
New breaken, Vayne is a solo Q abuse, in LCS they are actually teamlocking her and it's easier than here... the rest I didnt bother reading cuz, why should I ? You clearly are a vayne main if you defend her
: 1. Her passive gives 30 MS when moving towards enemy champions, not 60 (aside from when her ult is active, then it's 90). 2. Her Silver Bolts do 8% max health at rank 5, not 10%. Although they do 60 flat damage on top of that, so yeah still a lot. 3. She has no skill shots and can only poke with her auto attacks and by tumbling, which against something like Graves will result in her getting her face full of shrapnel. But yeah, overall I hate playing against Vayne, especially as a tank because even if she's not fed she can still melt you as long as she has BotRK, and if she is fed she'll just melt you faster. Not to mention Vayne with Sated Devourer is even worse.
60 at level 1... the big difference... She has too fast attack animation and can easily stack 3 bolts as poke And vayne's kit is just the true meaning of broken...
: I don't know if you know, but fast animations don't increase attack speed, and vayne doesn't have fast animation if you compare her to other carries.
dont jest...
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Yeah. Every player doing good is a smurf or a scripter or a booster. Every player getting rekt by these people is a boosted noob. And everyone but the player questioned on the topic is a flamer. Just the usual. (Edit: Hence rito should just ban everyone else but me. I would enjoy the long queues and bots.)
: Seeing that i got a hater now i just gonna downvote his upvotes.
I dont even know who's upvoting or downvoting, I dont actually got people who agree with me so do w.e. you wnat
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Haven't really had problems with Vayne, then again I play Normals so it's different from high-elo ranked but...just mess her up early. She is VERY squishy and if she has to back constantly or even dies, she won't be that big of a threat. She is like many other snowbally champions. If you let het get strong early, then don't complain about her wrecking your team.
Smash vayne? useless? Wot? She can OS you with 0/10 if she has ruin king XD
: ***
i did go to a great psychiatrist, he needed one after that :{
: Dear diary. Day 200,still begging for attention,can't earn it.
It's called off-topic .i.
Rioter Comments
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Her autoattacks can actually easly be canceled so I have no idea what are you talking about
What? Do you even read? O_o
: Get both banned. Both ruinex the atmosphere for a minumum of 3 other players. Is it so hard to understand it's not only "you" in a coop game?
So... I should go for jail because I killed a person who nearly killed me and was going to kill me if I didnt kill him first, because there was a random kid look by and he saw a murder and will be streesed for the rest of his life? Your logic is iron...
Shiroe x (EUW)
: point?
"He flammed me , so I counter flammed him and he felt bad and shutted up" Ban me for flamming him... That's the "point"
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: How did the ranked game improved?
Full of smurfs, full of elo boosters, full of boosted accounts sucking, full of flamers, full of ignorant people who hate me just cuz my name is Kit Cat Katarina, pretty much the same as it was before XD
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