: > "dude it's just bonze 5 to bronze 4 u can do that blindfolded" My cat could go from bronze 5 to bronze 4 blindfolded... that's to say, if it would stay on the keyboard the entire match time.
Like i said, it's not about going from bronze 5 to 4, it's about making the issue visible. This should only happen to Diamond 5+ players IF the leaver is their premade.
: Unless you paid money to be in Bronze 4, what compensation d'you think you would be entitled to...? You pay for RP, which in turn give you skins, champs and rune pages. This makes no impact whatsoever to your rank or matchmaking.
I'm "entitled" to decent support from the staff in charge of these kind of things. A reply would be nice
: And what comes to your demands.. "but I demand some sort of compensation" You are not getting any.. As there is nothing to compensate. Everything went just as it was meant to. Accept it or don't.
some kind of rollback to save me 30 mins of my time is all i ask
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Dromaius (EUW)
: Hi guys, This is something we're aware of and we're currently looking into what's causing it. While we're not sure how many of you guys are affected, we haven't taken any platform wide mitigation, so I'd recommend staying away from Ranked if you're having this issue. If you keep having this issue repeatedly, would you mind posting here what actions you've taken prior to having the freeze? Thanks!
This is all I know : The bug occurs during champ select in any game mode and blurs out the LoL window even after dodging the queue. It seems that a change in summoner spells triggers it, but it could be something else. It doesnt happen all the time, but it happens frequently enough to cost players LP and give them a time penalty.
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: Massive frustrating feed-causing cancer-inducing lag
Tried adding exceptions to firewall, and even deactivated it. Didn't help. By the way, there's this not so crazy theory that when you win more than 5 matches in a row, Riot smites you with fearful lose streak retribution to keep the win-lose rates close. Makes sense, since I've been bossing around with Xin before the patch.
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