MrPista (EUNE)
: Completed,cool survey :)! meow {{champion:157}}
: Nice survey, but I don't need the money :D Good luck with your research! :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
BK Prince (EUNE)
: Mission completed ;)
Oceancroc (EUW)
: It's really no problem. It's always nice to help people while sitting aimlessly at League boards :)
That is really nice of you! :)
: I would suggest something to improve your survey. In the end of the survey, or even after every subject of it, add a comment window so you can explain a bit more. In my case especially for the part where it asked if you'd buy a game from a big publisher or one from an unknown developer. I think if a game has the same price, the game from the big company is likely to be better, because the chance of the unknown dev making a better game for the price is small. But then again, Bigger companies tend to charge way more compared to smaller ones, so i doubt i'll ever have this exact problem. Anyway, well done, and good luck with your research!
Thank you for your suggestion. We have added an optional comment window at the end of the survey. Also thanks for the good luck wish and for filling out our survey :D
: Done , don't need the gaming credit tho
There need to be more people like you, thank you!
Joju (EUW)
: Very nice questions
Retreat (EUW)
: Very well made. Questions were clear. Did it :)
Doopsy (EUW)
: Very nice survey! I hope i'm going to win {{summoner:11}}
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