I finished at gold 5, climbed to gold 4 in preseason - won 7 out of 10 placement matches (with very reasonable stats in my opinion, quality games for once) and got placed bronze 1. This is total and complete garbage, I00% agree with the OP. This is a repeat of last season, everyone who played their placement matches in the first week got placed unfairly (I also finished in gold 4, won 9 out of 10 placements and got silver 5). Then a later riot said they fixed whatever was causing the problem and everyone who played their placements after that moment got placed very reasonably. This is total garbo, all the way. I wasn't expecting to get placed back in gold 5, but at least silver 2-3. Not bronze 1.. the sad part is Riot won't compensate for the ones like us, though they should. Add one more placement match and let our rank reset to the one it should be.
: I can't carry 4 bad players
I love these people who sit in the comment boxes giving _**passive advice**_ on how to snowball lanes or how to counter situations that you may have brought up as an example, and so on. Such as: > 'If he roams from mid then do ___' > 'if your jungler doesn't gank then do this ____' > 'if you're getting camped then do this ___' > 'just win your lane and carry the game' > 'get a good team comp' > 'become the leader of your team by pinging objectives and giving advice' etc. I'm sorry but have any of you played this game recently? The people in this community are generally scum, and I don't care, call me a pessimist and say that it's just because I have a negative attitude, but what do you think has lead up to me saying such a harsh thing? Because it's the truth. I'm speaking from the view-point of a gold player; the majority of my games are lost because of toxic flaming kids who refuse to cooperate. It starts in champion select, you're suggesting what someone should play, the typical reaction is something along the lines of 'I play what I want stfu noob', alright. You get ping objectives in games, typically nobody responds, or they spam pings because they are annoyed by your pings already. Toplane and jungle are flaming each other while toplaner leaves his lane to troll in the enemy jungle or sits in base, midlane is getting camped, adc is dieing solo on bot, support is doing the river crab. _You try to take initiative and be mature_, pointing out things and trying to lead or keeping to yourself and watching as the chaos unfolds around you. It doesn't matter what you do, 95% of players do not give a shit about what your opinion is, or what objectives should be taken, or if your lane has got camped and thus is the reason to you 'feeding', nobody has compassion, nobody has the knowledge in this Elo. There are the rare players I see here and there who are kind, caring and willing to learn and take advice, because they have the will and passion to move on and climb in this game. But this light in the dark lessens and lessens because of these reoccuring issues in ranked games. I'm at a point (around 1000 games this season), where I'm totally sick of this community. There is no soloq competitiveness anymore, this game has molded into such a team game. You can give advice on how to work as a team as a solution but jokes on you, your team doesn't want to listen. Then you say 'then find 5 premades and climb together', yeah forget about it, it's impossible to find 5 people who constantly play focused with a goal. Most people I find just get super salty, start to troll, lose games, etc. Can't find people who I trust to play rankeds consistently with. There are by no means a way to completely wipe a game of trolls or toxic people, because even the most pure player can turn toxic time to time. But last season there was a different mindset going into SOLOQ RANKEDS vs 5V5 (TEAM) RANKEDS. But now Riot has mashed everything onto solely teamwork, which is alright.. but it doesn't work for soloq players. Why do you think typical LCS games last under 25-30 minutes? Because the teams are well coordinated enough to take objectives, work together, siege, etc. But LCS isn't soloq, don't try to apply their tactics into soloq games because 99% of the time it won't work due to the attitude or different view points of your teammates. Or the typical 3 premades in your team who don't help, listen or do anything for the other 2 randoms left over in the team. Every Elo has its own set of problems right now and for silver to plat these are hardcore issues, because it's full of braindead apes who refuse to do anything. Sure I have a nasty attitude talking about this issue because it's to the point where I want to stop playing, these people turn my gaming boner off. 'Don't be mad it's just a game' yeah don't feed me that or anybody else, not everybody can stay as calm and cool as you (apparently) are. Giving passive advice on how to counter certain situations will not help somebody climb right now, if you're a solo-duo player then you're doomed at this point unless something magically happens and your skills improve comparable to a master tier player and you can suddenly solo carry games. Yes this is super negative but it's from a very frustrated players point of view, don't doubt it, because these are just raw facts I've seen in over 1k games and many many others are living this nightmare too.
: Actually you are insulting me since your first answer (i don't care about your insults sincerely). point number 2 : why you speak about Ego?? My ego is normal, i mean i'm a beauty guy but this is not the place :) Point number 3 : i am not sexist i just realised that you're a girl because you play only female champions, and is statistic that girls are less strong than boys at this game :\ Point number 4 : I don't need an history lesson from should be 13 y/o ... :) mad kid
Your reply to mine explains it all.
: So who says something "bad" (the truth) about you is "sexist, toxic, flamer, kid" ??? I think you're too permalous imho and you really need to focus on your games instead to complain your teammates..and as i already said stop play Lux, your lux is awful! :)
All you're doing is coming back again and again to this thread to put someone down. That just shows how childish you are. You didn't just say something 'bad', first you said I'm boosted for no reason, then you go on with complaining about my stats, trying to make me angry (which is an act of a negative and toxic attitude), then what made it worse was you telling me** just because I'm a girl** I'm_ bad_ at the game and_ I have no right to complain_ about anything? And you basically called the guy above bronze just because of the server he plays on. What purpose did you do that? To protect your damaged ego? Going so far as to be sexist, do you think that my gender makes your points valid? It's 2016, not the 1950's. But don't worry, I understand.. it must be tough for people like you with a brain of a toddler. But I'll finish with my passive aggressive put-downs, I'm not the bad guy here nor do I intend to become one.
: Ahah your madness make me smile, to be honest you don't need to be mad, i just typed that you are a really bad Lux (46% win rate on her on 250 games, trust me is really bad considering Lux one of the midlaner with the HIGHER win rate than every other midlaners) and i adviced to you to keep playing Janna because she doesn't need particular skills to be played good and is freelo. Why u talk about toxicity? If someone is toxic there is a valid reason. For example : i just got a Yasuo mid ending 0 / 8 / 0 in the midlane should i give a candy to this guy? Nope :) Just telling him that he is bad and he shouldn't play rankeds until he get a good skill cap. If you want to be a one trick pony can't have a 46% win rate... i'm OTP Udyr but go check my Win rate.. and if i go check ur is not stalkering, u dumb:). Finishing u play only female champions so i dont know if u are a girl or if you are but if you are a girl you don't have to complain your teammates.. your stats are bad , and stats always say the truth :) Bye bye madkid
You still pay absolutely no attention to the point of my original post, please take your crap somewhere else. You're being toxic, you think you're clever and sneaky making people mad? I've heard worse things from better people. And last but not least, of COURSE you need to bring out the gender-card :D Because what else do you have to say against me? That's right, nothing. You have nothing sensible to say against me that would prove you right or your 'point', other than being a sexist, toxic player of the community. I feel sad for you, please grow up.
: I just checked your op gg, why u complain about "i can't carry" if when you play midlane you just fail...keep be a Janna Abuser dude 61% wr with her (freelo noob champion) just use her and don't complain about "uncarryable" 46% win rate as Lux on 250 games is almost awful. Just don't play midlane and play ur noob champion Janna. 2° advice : Don't buy dark seal and then you end 2 11 as Lux.. don't buy Mejai if you have 6 deaths, titanic hydra on Maokai? Are you serious?? Ahahah just play the easiest role in league : Support and stop complain I argumented. Bye
Did you ignore the whole point of my original post, or? Firstly I'd like to point out that Janna is a top tier support, there is a reason shes not played commonly in lower Elos.. there is no 'noob' included in that champion.. her package is small but powerful and you need to know how to use it. Obviously I can, judging from your stalking :) And yes, like I said in my original post (that you didn't even bother to read apparently): > I'm just an average player, I'm never toxic, never have had a ban, I always try my best. Sure sometimes **games can be lost because mistakes that I solely make** If you're such a butt-sore stalker who likes to take the piss out of people, then go and look deeper into my games that I've had bad stats in. Look at my team stats, look at objectives taken, look at cs'ing from both sides, feel free to look at the graphs that show where people have died, got caught, etc. I've stated that I'm an average gold player, I don't have the skills to carry solo and neither do my teams. Feeding (by mistake) or not, the game is about positive attitude and teamwork, and I simply stated that those elements are completely absent in this game. 250 games with Lux and 46% winrate doesn't seems so bad for me. I've had great games on her and not so great games, but shes generally the champion I enjoy playing the most and with a team that cooperates with a positive attitude, wins come very easy, or at least good games come out of it. In the end I'm the one who has played on my account and been in the games I've played as Lux. I'm the only one who can judge that. Stats are not everything. But it's the players like you who look at stats and then abandon teammates, flame, continue to be toxic throughout a game, just because you feel superior enough to flame people who may have worse stats than your sorry bum :) If you need an ego fix, try elsewhere.. your argument would be valid against someone who had claimed something like 'I'm so good at this game but I cannot carry my crap team, the problem is with my teammates and not me', but I have not once stated anywhere that I feel that way. Go try to be cool and shut someone else down, it won't work with me.
: The fact is that @Unlucky Bella you just got boosted and now you are stucked in gold elo (the elo that you deserve) otherwise the game is unbalanced =)
What you said makes no sense.. I got boosted? Sorry I played around 400 games to get out of silver to gold, I wouldn't call that boosted.. and if I'm boosted why would I be in the Elo I belong in/currently in(?).. if according to you, I was boosted into this Elo.. ? What? What you say makes no sense, if you're going to try to insult someone then at least make your argument credible..
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