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MrFaker (EUW)
: Silver team LFP
Name:Enzo Age:23 IGN: Ihateyasu0mains Country:Italy TeamSpeak3: Yes Lane: Jungle Elo: gold5, silver4 in flex Main champs: Evelynn, Nocturne, Hecarim, Sejuani. These are my main, but I play many others.
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: LF support for some normal games (Plat3+S6)
I'm available, I was dia 2 on s6, main Thresh.
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: LF Support main for DuoQ
yo u traitor, i thought i was ur boy :'(
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: Support has to buy sightstone or get banned?
Well, it's not bannable but...why? I mean, it's not like the other supports, even in high elo, are stupid and they buy sightstone because they don't want to deal damage. If you don't ward you increase the chance of getting ganked (not only by jungler, even by mid), of feeding and loosing objetives (like drakes). p.s. I think i met you in ranked and it was a disaster because almost the whole map was dark...
Clucksson (EUW)
: I'm sorry
That's unlucky, try to always have a second pick to tryout though, so that this shit doesn't tilt you. Unfortunately that's not considered "trolling" because it's not written anywhere that you must call roles. (I know it's frustrating, but we must deal with it)
: not my fault you are unable to read
No one judged you lol. Just suggested you to focus on yourself. Don't post stuff here if you do only accept "AHAH mate you are so right! This happens always to me that's why I'm bronze!"
: I am not acting. I made my point very clear but you don't seem to have proper arguments. Again if you don't respect the enemy junglers ability to smite you are already making the first mistake, thinking you can't get outsmited because you are <insert elo here> is even worse and just cocky. If your only option is stealing though, that's a diffrent story. And there is nothing wrong with learning when and how to smite, i never questioned that. This being said... what is your point? > Lel chill I kinda get the feeling you are more interested in talking down on people and picking fights instead of contributing. Also i wanna see you when you can't stop your team from hitting dragon/baron while your smite is on cd and you know that the enemy jungler will steal. What is your solution, probably outsmiting with the smite that isn't ready...will probably work if your ego is just big enough.
Calling "Bullshit" what someone else thinks is nice bro. Keep complaining about the bad teams and don't listen to anyone, that's exactly how you will climb :)
: I am just talking about it, because i find it hilarious how some players are absolutely immune to any form of communication. And "learn to outsmite the enemy jungler" is bullshit. The best way is to ensure that he can't smite it. You need to respect the enemy jungler, you can't just assume that he won't smite when hp < smite damage, because it's really not that hard and no matter how "good" you are, if your ping is slightly higher for example, it can already reduce your chances. At best you have a 50/50 chance.
Lel chill, you are acting exactly like those guys. What if you are wrong? It may be bullshit for you but It's actually possible to learn how to "increase your chance"(better?") of outsmiting the other guy. Try to outsmite a dia1+ jungler...
: Racial Stereotyping and Such
For some reason many Spanish guys are so toxic in this game. I mean, I got flamed my own premades..... on fuc**** Skype lol And well, i can't count the times I've seen toxic spanish premades spamming "hijo de puta" in chat.
: Jungler has to have smite ready and always outsmite the enemy jungler?
Why do you even care lol Rankeds are made for improving yourself, not for making your teammates think that you are the best. Learn to outsmite the other jungler, make your own calls, and so on, but do it for yourself. F**k your mates lol ps If flame makes you tilt, mute the flamer and that's it.
Podqueen (EUW)
: [GOLD+] Looking for players for English improvement / Fun or serious games
Practising English while playing Lol sounds nice. I'm a gold top/support main, but Italian :/ However I'm available for some games if you don't mind about that. Let me know!
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ImANoob1234 (EUNE)
: Pls make new support.
I think Janna is fine for that, don't need new supports :)
Natt116 (EUW)
: yes but an adc cannot support another adc as for now, at least not without staying behind in gold for the late game. this would make possible caitlyn, ashe, ezreal, corki, and some others as supports, like kalista maybe.
Kalista with ad support item + frozen mallet = broken

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