: (NEW)? BUG! - 'Play again' from post-match stats.
I had this too but not only in the same case. i had it as well when i cancelled the queue. I'm back to home page but my status says i'm still in creating game and no buttons are available.
Xaytsr (EUW)
: When you Q as supp primary and mid secondary then you end up with mid and some poor bastard with auto fill got supp... Sad days...
just ask to switch during champ select if he's autofilled he'll be glad to change
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: Looking for Ranked Buddies!
Sent a request too. I don't play too often but if you're ok i main sup.
Hierios (EUW)
: Casual group
hi guys ! I'd like to join a team like yours. I have a job too so i can't play all the time (my work schedule change each week, morning then evening), it depends at what time you play. About roles i'm used to be support, sometimes adc but i'm willing to practice other roles with pleasure like it's what you need. I was silver 4 last season. Anyway good luck to fill your team :)

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