: Vote for who YOU think will be the best in LEC 2019 Summer Split Regular Season!
: Splyce vs SK: Creating a legacy in the LEC playoffs
Overall well written comparison, props for that. Just, try to use better statistics than total Kills, Deaths and Assists, they can be heavily inflated by outliers, different performance levels and game time. Proximity towards other laners is usually one of the most interesting stats as it shows you how much a player plays in a team with someone else and Werlyb is a great example for that, as he gave up personal gold leads for enabling his team more.
: LEC 2019 Spring player rankings check-in: Who’s lived up to expectations?
Selfmade has been by far the best jungler in the league, he has the most MVP awards for a reason and without him, where SK would be right now? It is between Him, Caps, Cabo and Rekkles for MVP.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Belgium is %%%%%%ed, we can't fix that sadly, they need to actually look up the word gambling in a dictionary because lootboxes are not gambling, by belgiums logic they now also need to ban all forms of trading card booster packs as those are also "gambling" they also need to ban things like kinder eggs because those contain random contents too Anyone who actually thinks a lootbox with a 100% guaranteed drop is gambling needs to have their head examined
Actually, TCG would be banned by the gambling rules if they wouldn't have an exemption of the rule in Belgium.
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: Deficio's Top 5 MVP Rankings - Week 6
After their recent performance, I would now add at least Kold to the list, if not also Samux.
Saljin (EUW)
: well, imo udyr is not an on hit champ and neither is xin. yi is a champ that is useless no matter what he builds edit: shyvanna is not a on hit champ either....
No, it is definitly not like Udyr and Shyvana use Titanic Hydra. Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra, melee only, only balanced on-hit items. Whooo! Another obvious point against what you are saying. This just proves the point that other on hit items are unbalanced.
: > So why do some items and runes then have a diference between melee and ranged, while some have not? Where is the logic? Runes are something different. They are basically made that as many champs as possible can use them - comparing runes to this would be the same as saying: Why do runes have adaptive damage, while items don't have it? Why don't all items have adaptive damage, so I can build a bloodthirster to get ap? Runes differ between much more than items, which is why I would ignore that in such a discussion. Some items have it, because they were to difficult to balance other way. I don't know how long you play, but items like tiamat used to work on ranged champions, but it was completely broken. The problem was that those items were made to give melee fighters wave clear - but it worked much better on ranged champions. A nerf wasn't possible, as it would always work better on ranged champions, which is why it was forbidden for them. Most of the items with restrictions can be described like that: They were made for a special reason, but people abused it and it was impossible to stop the abuse without also making the item to weak - therefore they were restricted. Dozens of old items had the same fate. > Your post makes no sense as it doesn't offer any logical background for the statement, basically the only thing you say is Riot is godgiven and right at everything and can never be wrong. So the same as you? You just said: Every item should be usable on every champion, therefore changes has to be made! And I say: No. It's okay that some items aren't useful on some champions. I think that it's okay if an item is usable on some champions and you don't have to force it on every champion. You gave no reason at all why it would make the game better. Also I didn't say that Riot is godgiven - of course you can change things and Riot isn't perfect. Rageblade f.e. is completely broken - it is the best item on EVERY marksman. You can literally buy it on Caitlyn, Tristane, Jinx and Vayne (even though some of them doesn't have ap scalings) and it is more slot-efficient than any other item. That is just completely busted and I think that it needs some kind of rework. > "Why balance any champions? Why balance anything? The players have to play with it, we shouldn't be allowed to care." I never said that. You are just interpreting what you want to read and not what I wrote. I said that it is okay that not every item is usable on every champion. That doesn't mean I don't want balance. If balance means that some champions can't use an item, because it's not strong on them - well then it is like that. Of course you can go full ad Soraka, but there will always be stronger options, but do I want ad to be stronger on Soraka? Nope. Balance doesn't mean that you can build ultimate bravery and expect it to be as strong as a "normal" build. I loved the times when every champion had ap scalings on his abilties and you could go full ap tristana/sion. It was really funny and I'm sad that it doesn't work anymore. But even then it didn't mean that you could build just everything. Also one more thing: If you start to differ between ranged and melee champions, where do you stop? As I already said you can also make tank items viable on ranged champions by buffing them only for that class. Also you can change ap items for champions which have no ap scaling and suddenly you have an item: example item Give you 100 ap. Ranged champions only get half of it. Champions without an ap ratio get half of the ap as ad. Melee champions also get 30 armor from this item if they haven't enough ap scalings. Sion, as it's still too weak on him, will get another 200 health. Assassions get another 50 ap, as the item is too weak on them. Champions with a switch will get only 75 in melee form, while ranged it's still the same as for other ranged champions. You see what I mean? If you want to balance items for as many champions as possible, everyone wants to have the items on his favorite champions and everyone will ask: "Why do those champions get the possibility to use the item with a special case in the item, but my champion won't get such a buff?" That's why I personally think that restrictions or buffs for some champions should be as few as possible.There is a handful of items which have them and that is okay. But you don't need to make every item strong on every champion.
And what should on hit reliant melee champs do? Never go on hit cuz fk them? All on hit items currently suck on them. Yi doesn't get any on hit item, Udyr doesn't get any on hit item, Xin doesn't get any on hit item because they are inferior on all of them since the items have to be nerfed to hell because Kog'maw exists. Also nobody gets Bloodrazor since it simply has to suck so Kindred isn't OP. And remember how Rageblade had originally the split between melee and ranged? Also, the original Tiamat sucked on everyone and everything, except if you stacked them on Shyvana and just randomly oneshot 5 people. (Shyvana, another example of an on hit melee that doesn't use on hit items as a whole)
: You try to fix a problem that isn't there. Yes, some items are stronger on marksmen, but there are also items which are stronger on melee champions or on mages. Do you also think that Zhonyas is unfair, because only ap-dudes can use it? Guardian angel, because only people with ad-utilisation can use it? Warmogs, because ap and ad carries can't use it? At the release of Azir, even Nashor's Tooth was complete garbage on him. There are a ton of items which are only useable for a special class and aren't usable on other champions, even though they might like the item a lot. That's not a balance issue, it's just the game. You have to think about the items you buy on which champion.
So why do some items and runes then have a diference between melee and ranged, while some have not? Where is the logic? Your post makes no sense as it doesn't offer any logical background for the statement, basically the only thing you say is Riot is godgiven and right at everything and can never be wrong. "Why balance any champions? Why balance anything? The players have to play with it, we shouldn't be allowed to care."
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So you suggest Kalista, Kog'Maw and Varus should also get on-hit true damage like Yi, but with half the effect?
Kog has percentage damage Varus has his W. Kalista has her spears. ???
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: If he looses every lane except vs wukong, does he tighten lane vs wuk?
The reason he beats Wukong in lane is because Wukong has no defense mechanism against Garen and Garen can always Q him if he wants to cs. Most other tops have a way to counter Garen's Q damage to make it useless, outdamage him while he is spinning with AA's or straight up never let Garen get close to them with kiting.
: > Yi is getting buffed nerfed you mean And same goes the other way around. Azir is viable in high tier play, but a bronze azir wont be able to do anything with him. Should we nerf azir, making him less viable in high mmr, and flat out dead in low mmr? No? Some champions are just mmr dependent. 8.1 Nidalee had a 51% winrate in plat+, and a 45 in bronze, just like garen has a 53% in bronze and now sits at a 50% plat +
That is actually how they balance champs, they balance them around pro play. Azir got nerfed multiple times for that already and will be nerfed soon again because pro play balance is the most important thing. Where is for Yi lower Q mana cost, Q ad ratio increase, more base E damage and increased E ratio a nerf? srsly? And my changes are directly aimed on players who know what they do. Also saying Garen should only be a tutorial champ is an insult. BTW: People play Shyvana and Annie in high elo with good winrates, what about that? They are noob champs as well?
: I don't even remember when was the last time I lost to a Teemo, Vayne or Illaoi and Gnar & Akali aren't all that hard either. You have to give up some cs, granted, but if you have it so bad against these guys I don't think you deserve to call yourself a Garen main.
Why then Diamond level Garen mains see most matchups as nearly unplayable because they straight up beat Garen without counterplay possible? Are you even in the Garenmains discord to know that much about the matchups?
: There is literally nothing wrong with garens current state. It's a noob friendly champ, so the 50% win in low elo is perfect. The higher you get, the more mechanically intense your opponents become, making you weaker in comparison when they're played right. Garen isn't supposed to be played in high elo, and having a weak early game is his thing. If his early was as strong as his mid and late, he would be stomping everywhere.
Yi is getting buffed, Nunu was buffed, everyone around Garen with the same level of easyness is getting buffed. Your argument is invalid. Plus, why a champ should be made strictly unviable in higher levels of play if there are ways to buff it without buffing lower players that much. 3 of the 4 changes mostly affect only good players.
: First off, don't say stuff "like this will increase such and such's winrate by X%", because you have no idea what the changes could do to his winrate, and you're just pulling numbers out of your ass. Secondly, these changes seem fine, but this one confuses me; > W: Courage - Now gains 10/15/20/25/30 Armor/MR per level instead of 0.25 per unit killed up to 30 Do you mean per level as in per rank of the ability, or per champion level? Because if it's per champion level, that is an obscene amount of free tank stats. You're talking 540 Armour and MR at level 18 passively! That would nullify the need to build tanky and full AD Garen would stomp around the Rift with more resistances than Rammus.
per ability level... And I can judge about the numbers because I play Garen a lot and I am in constant contact with all the Garen mains and I know which are his weakest points right now.
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: 2017 EU LCS Summer Group Draft
Group B is basically a freewin for UoL, also battle for 5. between Vitality and MyMo, hello Splyce and H2K in the playoffs Group A 1. and 5. is also set in stone, tho anything can happen between Roccat, Misfits and Fnatic.
: Don't Stress, Here's Your Midseason Survival Guide
Why ask Jankos about Zac, Xerxe was actually the guy that played Zac last split.
: Stats Science: Spring Finals Special on ADC Damage
Can you please do the stats analysis for the jungle with Xerxe vs Trick? There are some numbers completly out there which are way more worth mentioning. As for this statistics, they are basically worthless, as UoL centers around top and mid while G2 centers around bot.
: And the All-Pro LCS Teams of the Spring Split are...
Xerxe is obvioulsy missing in the top 3.
Îngwaz (EUW)
: League on Nintendo Switch?!
The Switch has USB-C, so with the right adapter you can easily plug in mouse and keyboard, if you want.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: the thing i agree most with is the W range it even looks as if it should go further than it does, however the problem is cho mid would become unbearable that's why the range is so short (even shorter than the animation) so instead just remove most of the delay from Q and make him less clunky to play, if you haven't played cho gath for a year after cruising the rift with yasuo and then play cho gath you will understand how clunky and bad he feels as a champion. Other fixes > make cho gaths w increase in range but apply in ticks after several ticks 3 and above say it applies silence this way it becomes better waveclear from range and isn't cancerous to all ap champs unless used smartly.
Cho'Gaths W is totally fine with its silence as it is part of his identity, the only problem is the free amount of damage you can put out with it, which gets reduced here.
: Yes it does. You call for buffs and I'm a naysayer.
Buffs? That are equal changes, not buffs
: They are fixing something that should not have been there in the first place, and he's even getting compensated for it unnecessarily.
That has no link to the topic...
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