icarusso (EUW)
: For all those laners who love to flame at jungler.
'It's not your junglers fault if you are pushed under turret with 70-80% hp for around 7 minutes while being 0/0/0 and your jungler just farms the entire jungle without ganking other lanes or taking objectives like drakes or herald and then goes 0/3/0. You are just bad and should learn how to win by yourself, but don't die or get too far behind in cs or I will flame you, noob top laner!1!1!1!11!1!1!1' {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: i swear this matchmaking system is super super bad like extremely the game should be made 18+ with a face identification so kids dont troll in it
Ok, this is just straight up a stupid idea. So, if the game is 18+ all toxicity magically disappears? Do you really believe that kids troll and adults are good??
AB54321 (EUW)
: Remake rules
It would be nice if they actually listened....
: Zed needs buff
Are you kidding me? He is top tier mid laner rn.
: think the client broke down, me and my friend also have problems it even says i have 0 blue essence
yeah same, 0 BE and 0 RP
: Wish we would get LP losses softened when you get an AFK. But a solution like that brings problems, since people can exploit it.
Why don't make the afk only lose 1.5x LP?
: I completely agree, but watch how are you gonna get bashed by people here who say "you just dont know how to play against him".
__yOu JuSt DoN'T kNoW hOw To PlAy AgAiSnT hIm!!!!!!__
: Support mains guide me
Hard engage supports are mostly easier to climb with.
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Life of a Yasuo Player
Lol 90% of yasuo players call me ''noob'' and ''piece of %%%%'' and ''trash '' for not ganking even though he got solokilled and was pushing 24/7 :?
RallerenP (EUW)
: Blaming other is punishable. Just report it. It might not result in a punishment instantly, it's not really hard flaming, but it's one of the largest reasons people get chat restricted. My advice: Report, mute and play normally. If you're the jungler you should still help whoever is blaming you, because you'd be hurting all the innocent players in the game by not playing your best to win.
Which report option would you have to check? verbal abuse? negative attitude?
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Rstonius (EUW)
: Basically because Crit adcs arent good anymore and they also nerfed adc runes like fleet footwork, its just so much better if you run anything other than adcs because adcs are useless in terms of damage and their spike is way too late for a meta where games end before the 30min mark.
Ah, I see thank you for the explanation.
Rstonius (EUW)
: Please Riot hurry up and change the meta.
Rioter Comments
: Does anyone even care anymore about ranked ?
Why would you care about ranked? The chances of becoming a pro player is 1/14 x 10^9. Play the game for fun, don't play ranked.
Zefirez (EUW)
: Suggest me a champion
Renekton is fairly tanky plus his Q and ult, has a W that stuns, has an about 6% pr, has tons of damage and takes skill to properly execute (if you dont snowball well you will fall off) {{champion:58}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:58}}
: The second Aurelion's Sol skin
Fake. It's 1th april. Stop trying to give false information.
Mαgie (EUNE)
: Premades in Co-op and Blind
I have experienced it too. They should be punished.
Guswea (EUW)
: Dont be aggressive to others
"I was in alpha!" *cowsep intensifies*
Cardinal (EUNE)
: One Trick Pony
Don't just play her tho, make sure you watch guides, look at your own mistakes, improve, change playstyle when in different matchups and you will improve greatly with that champ.
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: About BE drop
The IP wasn't fast either, you only got rewarded more for fwotd instead of leveling up.
: What Chemp best for otp in jungle
It depends. Are you playing this game for fun or not? If not then sure, but keep in mind instead of otp'ing you can also just main one so if your champ gets chosen or banned you have an alternative choice. Personally I like {{champion:113}} and{{champion:19}}
Rioter Comments
: Here we go :)
I had a {{champion:201}} mid with press the attack and he won lane soooo not all troll picks seem so bad
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Agidyne (EUW)
: How to deal with a flaming teammate.
: Blue essence....
Yeah riot f*cked that up.
elin990 (EUW)
: is this reportable/intentional feeding?
> It happens often to me in Low Bronze and it is NOT fun. Low bronze players are usually stupid so it isn't really surprising. Unfortunately, I don't think it's reportable.
DunkMäster (EUNE)
: Bad Teammates
I got the best advice for you in low elo. GIT GUD
Wadud92 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Avalegg2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UXu1XAE1,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-12-02T09:30:06.180+0000) > > What do Graves and Lucian have that makes them so strong in overcharge acccording to you? > I'm asking because I don't know. :P > They seem fine... Graves can dash into you and get his Q off easily. Meaning like Vayne's E it is extremely consistent. He can also make you near sited in a game mode that is already difficult on vision. As for Lucian, he has a pretty packed kit. When you take the runes out of the equation he is really strong. He is also extremely mobile and has great chase potential thanks to his W and E. He is more of a caster rather than an auto attacker meaning like Graves in short fight there is a better chance of him coming out on top vs someone like Ashe, Trist etc
thanks for answering. I recently played Lucian in overcharge......... Lucian is indeed good in overcharge!
Mr LinK (EUNE)
: why i dont have my rewards?
If you post a question, please make sure others can understand the question. Your sentence isn't understandable.
fifek900 (EUNE)
: wait does this mean support should take {{summoner:7}} and adc{{summoner:3}}
So this means heal power improves {{summoner:7}} ??
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Graves is worse. Graves Vayne Lucian. If that is not your team than you have lost
What do Graves and Lucian have that makes them so strong in overcharge acccording to you? I'm asking because I don't know. :P They seem fine...
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