Shiroe x (EUW)
: Sure. I haven't tried it yet. bit scared too. but maps look really cool though.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Guess you can do a map skin? GOt link but haven't dared use it. Incase of a ban. Maps looks really cool. Guess if errr.. brofresco use it without a ban maybe we can. Like the idea though. Same map gets a little old.
Could you link me? would love to check that out!
: but are you really vanity? i like the idea. it would also be a change from constantly having to watch the exact same field. though the layout would still be the same it would still have somewhat of a diffrent feeling to it. riot should totally do this
Exactly, i mean it cant be too hard to give an allready existing map a few new textures and such.
Arturs1670 (EUNE)
: Same as ARAM, they already have a Butcher's Bridge variant. Maybe make it random, like in HotS, where there are multiple random gamemodes and maps.
Yeah thats exactly what i was thinking, maybe not different gamemodes but yeah.
Rioter Comments
: liar league players dont have girlfriends stop lying
lol... dont get jealous
: no alot of the riot devs have these accounts
haha, yeah i now realise that, apoligies
T4underbolt (EUNE)
: 100% would fap during ranked :D
True story..
: Reconnect button doesn't work
Ah bloody hell, riot you better get a crack on or a riot will happen...
: how long will this take??
erm dude i think the fact he's level one and doesnt have a developer title he has nothing to do with it, just a troll...{{item:2050}}


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