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: Any ideas on couple names
''He heals''.. ''She sucks d*ck''
: LP for win/lose
Thats nothing, I HAD a 60 % winrate, diamond 4. After the reset i got 9 LP for a win and lost 23. That shit tilted me so much i was gonna try new champs in ranked and I demoted to plat.
Wulfris (EUNE)
: New Jhin skin idea
''So Jhin's dragon grows big,and starts hovering above Jhin.Jhin takes a position standing on both legs pointing at the direction the dragon should face.Each shot is a fireball and for his 4th shot I dont know.'' This isn't possible, OR the dragon should have the same size as Jhin.. Because how would a hovering dragon work with Jhin's hitbox?
: First pick in every game
If you're partyleader of 5 @ Flex, you're first pick.
Xande LFT (EUW)
: LP gains in D4
What the flying %%%% do you mean?
: Shen support
Shen has became useless lategame since the rework tbh. Even @ toplane.
Lari (EUNE)
: More bans in champ select?
Then they should increase the BE costs for champs, because level 30 first time ranked needs 20 champs, if there will be banned 20 each game.. ye you know...
RiIeyy (EUW)
: LF Duoq to hit Master+
Im willing to duoq very much, i never play soloq because i like playing with someone else. Im willing to play any role. add me bro!
lulose (EUW)
: How I think they should fix Akali
The old was much more fun tbh.
mks96 (EUNE)
: Okay so how do you actually play vs rengar top and what do you pick?
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Shamose (EUW)
: Why can't I queue with my platinum friend but I can get matched against plat players?
: Shen won't get a revert, since his old kit was insanely unbalanced and very boring compared to our current game flow. If you got his kit back, you would probobly switch champion. (Gained around 200k mastery points on old Shen, So don't shout at me for not knowing this.)
Boring? The %%%%.. the new one is boring as %%%% :/
: Looking for a new summoner account name
Klobeard (EUW)
: Zac Revert
Yeah please Shen too... miss you buddy.. xxx Old shen main.
: Yasuo is easy to play? You have been lied to in a big way there my friend. Yasuo is popular, but he's also despised among the community. The reason is that he's very hard to really get right, but if you are good enough on him, you can absolutely dominate a game. This leads to a situation where yasuo players either play terribly, dying over and over whilst accomplishing absolutely nothing, OR they destroy their opponents and carry games single handedly. In either case everyone hates you xD That said, I personally enjoy playing yasuo just because I think his playstyle is really fun and has more variety than most other champs. (Unfortunately, that doesn't make me suck any less at actually playing yasuo tho...) However, if you like playing agressive, he just might be your cup of tea. I personally don't like lucian, just because I think there are better marksmen out there that fulfill the same role he does except they do it better. Also he requires good mechanics and falls off (gets weaker) late game, so I don't think he'd be very rewarding to play for a beginner (or anyone outside of the pro scene really). Kindred is a very odd champ, and her playstyle is pretty unique. Also she's a jungler, and that is not a role I'd recommend for a beginner. So yeah, I'd say avoid her. Zoe is kinda the same story as yasuo, even though the two of them play rather differently. But she is very fun to play as well (especially if you like literally killing someone with a single spell from full health, mwahahaha {{sticker:sg-syndra}} ) Also her design and voicelines are kinda... Well, I personally like them, but a lot of the more, shall we say, edgy members of the community like to complain about how she's too much of a disney princess. But if that doesn't bother you, try her out. Xayah is a very solid marksman, with a relatively straightforward playstyle, and she's strong throughout pretty much all stages of the game. So if you want to learn how to play adc in bot lane, she's certainly a good option. In the end it comes down to what kind of playstyle you prefer. If you're looking to be agressive and make flashy plays, killing people left and right, I'd go for yasuo or Zoe. If you want to play a more calculated style, staying back and carrying your team by dealing big consistent damage from the backline, go for xayah. (Ezreal is also a good option for bot lane. He also has an ability that is basically a built in flash which means you can get out of sticky situations more easily and are harder to kill than most adcs.) There are also other options: Looking to be able to go in first, setting your team up for good teamfights with tons of cc while being nearly impossible to kill? Try Sion or nautilus. Wanna play a more supportive role where you mainly help your adc in lane and provide healing and shielding for your team later on? Go for Lulu. It's really all a matter of preference, and if I were you, I'd use the free champion rotation every week to experiment and try out different playstyles and champion types so you can find out what suits you most.
He's right. Either way people hate you when you play Yasuo :P Yesterday I played Yasuo on my smurf and single handed carried the game. I was like 23-3 because after my 1st blood my i roamded a lot. My Kai'sa went AFK because I took her bot kills and farm .. lmfao. The final score was like 25 - 35 so they died like 32 times together and got like 2 kills :D Love this community.
chεf (EUW)
: When do people become hardstuck?
When you have like over 100 games in 1 division.
: looking for people to play NORMALS - but we lose in the end
Can you do this in ranked so i can snipe you? I need some wins.
: Jungle Smurf LF Duo to grind to Diamond on new account.
Yo I'm dia on this acc, got a fresh smurf 1 win 0 lose. pref mid / top. Add me on this acc and pm me, we can play tonight.
: Why cant I stick to one account lol
My main is diamond 4, the LP gaining etc is terrible so i made like 4 other accounts lol. Just waiting for the reset.
: LF duo plat+
add me, dia 4 atm. We can play tonight ill be here around 18:00
Smoothini (EUNE)
: Carrying with Pyke
Just play Leona ;)
Avalia (EUW)
: Why do you guys buy RP and Skins in LOL
Does the artist get a certain percentage of the skin he made when we buy it?
Cranda (EUNE)
: Xerath & Nocturne
Just wait till they are played much again or they get buffed. XD!
: Our majestic River Shen
River {{champion:98}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:4}} Is legendary hahaha :D ..if he knows how to play it.
Shamose (EUW)
: Unless the UK is gonna float off into the atlantic, yes. You are leaving the Union, not Europe itself.
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Trefzz (EUW)
: Is this how we want the game to be like?
The game is FREE, stop complaining. I quit reading after the first sentence btw.
Hansiman (EUW)
: The reset is floored at D4, so you should stay there. But with the MMR reset you may find yourself dropping soon if you don't actually belong there. I doubt it removes your match history, but I haven't seen specific information on that.
Thanks bro, do you know the exact date?
Hansiman (EUW)
: Your MMR will also get a soft reset.
Hey Hansiman, thanks! I am DIA 4 atm so ill stay D4 right? Also will my matchhistory be gone? and winrates with certain champs?
Puffis69 (EUW)
: Support Platinum 2(Ex D4-D3) LF ADC to duo with !
Blakex13x (EUW)
: Sort your match making!!!!.
If you're better than Silver 4 elo, you should carry yourself. Play {{champion:113}}
: Champ select issues
They do that with people that have such names.. 420 blaze it..................
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: Yep neeko is my perma ban untill they do something about her. Not a bot laner but as a top laner, she's really annoying to deal with, feels like fighting morgana in top lane with her Q being on drugs since it can pass through minions. Try playing juggernaut against AS neeko, if you thought Teemo is hard mode then Neeko will be expert mode.
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Suphix (EUW)
: MMR stabilizes itself over time. The MMR system gets a good idea of where you are supposed to be skill-wise and I believe it takes into account lucky winstreaks. Basically the MMR system believes he should be slightly lower than the ranking he is at now. 14 LP for a win isnt too bad though. It will eventually even itself off.
14 over a win is bad of you you lose 22.
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: New loading screen - opinions?
: LF duoq friend to climb to Dia' with. Plat 2 atm. I main jung
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: They won't do that either.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=MEgHiJHg,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-07T22:26:30.702+0000) > > They won't do that either. Ofcourse they won't, Riot is very broke right...
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Riot won't be able to alter results retroactively. I get that it's frustrating, but these things can always happen when playing an online game.
Okay unlucky! Riot is able to provide me a mystery skin though!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That is rather unlikely. There's many factors that can cause this. The one you mentioned is not a common one.
So is there anything going to happen to my game? I feel like I've been robbed from my LP.
: Winning game suddenly gone.
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