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: Bad players always blame the game. Sylas is good but he certainly isnt broken. Keep blaming balance, dont look at your own play because its obviously rito screwing you.
> [{quoted}](name=Teemo XDDDD,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=U5erhVqZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-18T19:50:11.856+0000) > > Bad players always blame the game. Sylas is good but he certainly isnt broken. Keep blaming balance, dont look at your own play because its obviously rito screwing you. but that a champ has heal and shield at the same time, especially on an assassin or mage, is pretty much bad game design
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: What rank are you now? I am d4
> [{quoted}](name=Suiryu,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=TwX4Ik3I,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-27T13:44:37.708+0000) > > What rank are you now? I am d4 i am currently plat 3 84 LP, so we cant duoq
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: LF People for "3 or fewer Aug" or "5x Ziggs"
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: Odyssey tooooo hard.
not too hard or impossible, just git gud, cuz most ppl alrdy done them (even myself)
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: LF P2+ DuoQ Partner, Jungler/Mid here
: Because you can have 1 guy that gets fed aswell on your team and you play around that guy? This is not speculation, this is just the way it went in Season 3 that people are talking about it You could be the "Hero", can't really be that way now. If one guy is worse on your team you pretty much lose.
ty for explaining
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: That's not even the issue. League has always been a teamgame, there was no issue last season with grouping up. There's an outright refusal to cooperate right now - and that shit started only this season when they came up with the %%%%ing ranked quest. That shit nuked ranked gameplay so hard and it just won't recover from it.
u are half wrong and right, cuz in the earlier seasons like season 3-4 or something like that, if u got fed in the lane by your skills, then you literally could carry 1v9, cuz u were so powerful that u could transfer your lead to top/bot really heavily, now u can still but not as impactful as in the past cuz they nerfed the "solo" play, for instance the shutdown gold got splitted in the team and also the shutdown gold got raised, the killingspree gold got nerfed so yeah, less rewarding if you became fed as fk etc. you got my idea now
Pyrosen (EUW)
: I think hecarim can still be pretty good but yeah for the most part you're forced off champions you want to play because they simply aren't good, why pick fiddlesticks when your team will yell at you for not picking Sejuani? I heard in a rift video they did with the balance team they're trying to make it more solo individual skin orientated which I hope so but I cannot carry on Sejuani, I'm an amplifier lol
na heca got nerfed a ton of times since the rune changes: -no MS runes and riot didnt compensate that besides only AD, well then i could take the MS from sorcery tree but triumph is too good on heca since he needs that to survive more in TFS -no lethality runes, well you get Lethality by using a dash/etc. now but its only for a limited time as well -Domination/Precision tree got changed, it gives less AD but more atkspeed for Heca which i really dont need... -mana issues on heca, you cant jungle without blue effectively anymore, also shitty HP sustain since u dont really max W as 2nd cuz E is too good and WW vs heca? ez q+passive sustain, great ganks and totally powerful counterganks with his W, great engage with R as well etc. you got the idea also in the past with the old game system, you could 1v9 as sejuani which i did in the past where i got diamond before the last sejuani rework (guess last year or 2 years ago) and yeah climbed from plat5 to dia with sejuani spams only and she wasnt even that OP meta champ i that time
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Ranked is UN%%%%ING playable.
yeah ranked became more RNG reliant than ever before cuz riot have to make soloQ more "team oriented" so you cant 1v9 anymore like in the so stupid, also you have to pick OP meta champs as well to climb effectively which i have experienced too, like since i picked ww i am climbing and i have NEVER EVER mained or even just played him before cuz i am a heca, vi main, its so fkn ridiculous kinda
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randE420 (EUW)
: how is this a 14 day ban
that ppl cant even admit and see that they were toxic.....sigh
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zeyix (EUW)
: Hi, I have been Diamond in Season 5 and Season 6. Right now I'm in Platinum V 22 LP. Add me if you want, and we can talk.
ty for ya offer, but i think i found my true duo buddy alrdy who is a GP OTP as well and we are pretty stomping nearly every game :D
: Hello looking for a player for team and for duo Q ranks. If you are active and want to reach anything then add Falconhoof and say 3MPORiO sent you for trials. He’s currently dia 5 after placements and was dia 1-2 last season. As well please add me if you are interested in joining a competitive team. Cheers
ty for ya offer but i decline cuz i wont be active and competitive after i have reached dia cuz at that point i will play ranked once in every 4 weeks to prevent elo decay, ty again tho!
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: Can you still dodge in placements and it won't count as a loss?
you can, cuz i literally dodged over 10 games on my smurf in my placements to get ez bronze, but nothing happenend rly
: > [{quoted}](name=Mada,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ZB3gZhrr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-23T12:47:13.895+0000) > > Tell him if he doesn't get his shit together, you won't waste your time playing with the likes of him anymore. Wouldn't that be ughh "harsh"? I sometimes threaten him to remove him but you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
not harsh, just say that if he doesnt give a fk or getting better, you just dont play with him but still be friended with him, cuz u know RL =/= virtual world, so 2 different worlds :)
Grevius1 (EUW)
: Permanently Banned for typing "%%%"
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: you play ap nasus and wukong mid , why do you even wonder that you lose games
yeah like alw ppl judge by picks, if a challenger like betsy plays ap nasus midlane and is rocking which became meta eventually like last year then ppl dont consider that as trolling ya? fkn hypocrite peace of cake, also with those picks i alw got diamond since season 3 :)
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: hm, i'll check that too. weird though, that would mean they increased the requirements for the game in the latest patches :\
for me its the other way, fullscreen is more fine than borderless....but now both are shit for me, so yeah wont play league until next patch it seems and just do FWotD mission every day via 3v3 map
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Doñ (EUW)
: I would Just give them time to smooth it out! Alot of bugs probably sprung up that burn fps {{sticker:sg-janna}}
yeah ik, just wanted to ask if i wasnt the only one, but seems more ppl have that
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: LF PPL For Close Combat Mission
bump (works here?)
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Terano (EUW)
: We are 2 players, looking for close combat group
: i never play riven for a reason but rushing bork just seemed good to me so i put it like there... Ohh and the else there is nothing actual as a counterplay here just giving me some champs that i coud try like if i do it on blind.
and thats the problem, if u dont know anything about riven, you have kinda no right to complain, like here you expect bork is a good or even a core item on riven, but its not, because u need a ton of AD and dont need atkspeed even the one hit effect is pretty nice since u do a lot of AAs inbetween Skills cuz of her passive, but the amount of gold u have spent on atkspeed will make u weaker, so it is better to buy other items Edit: but dw, we are here to help you and to teach you how to play against riven :)
: Riven Counterplay
ehh you rush bork on riven? ok another salty post about riven, it seems back to topic, there is counterplay, just pick a bruiser like darius/renekton/etc. then she cant outtrade you, unless your skilllevel is below than the riven player, even nasus can win vs riven if u know how to play (u wont win early ofc tho but u can kill her even at lvl 6 alrdy) also no, i am not a riven main, i played vs many rivens tho ah also the best counterpick is Poppy vs riven, even cassio/singed can work if u are skilled enough, since their spells grounds her so she cant use her mobility for a fixed time
: Unfair 14day
how the %%%% did u demote from dia 3 promo to plat 3 within 5 days? then you must be tilted as fk and threatened ya mates a lot so ur winrate has decreased dramatically to drop there, cuz usually if u were a true diamond player u would hold that league over weeks/months/for ever especially that u HAVE to lose like about maybe....10 games on 0LP in a row to drop from dia5 to plat1 if your MMR was normal? so yeah deserved ban it seems
Kayanumo (EUW)
: Have you played Onslaught? its winnable :)
: The Comp: Jinx, MF, Ezreal, Janna and Poppy works great too , got 2 wins with it , otherwise dont know , the second "run" mission is to hard with 1000 vel'koz shooting their q at u :D
yeah i hate stages with those fkn velkozes....but we somehow cleared that one with the long path where u have to move slowly, the strat was to kill the velks asap which spans behind us immediately, and then just survive until me as poppy can rush to the port with flash xD
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Nope, that's generally the worst source since they'll just say that to justify their behaviour by claiming that "everyone" else does it. It's just not true.
welp w.e then, stay in ya believed dreams then
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > cuz most ppl just buy accounts and most of the accounts are botted I'd like to see credible evidence that truly suggests that this is **most** accounts.
well i know some ppl who does active elo boost shits and those guys told me that, kinda the best source/evidence isnt it?
Doomley (EUW)
: >cuz a system doesnt know from start if its a smurfer, only after the placements kinda Actually it is confirmed by riot that the system recognizes a smurf fairly early during the leveling process. This is how new players will have better experience playing the game and not be matched against smurfs all the time.
only IF the smurfer plays the acc himself, which is not the case most of the time, why? cuz most ppl just buy accounts and most of the accounts are botted via bot games
Doomley (EUW)
: New accounts do not start with the same mmr. I can play on a smurf account and get to gold with 2-8 like i did last season (new account). then a non smurf can play and go 8-2 and get to bronze 5. I think this might be due to normal mmr but i might be wrong.
normal MMR doesnt/shouldnt affect ranked mmr tbh, so if they are both were new accounts (no ranked games before), they should start at the same default MMR, regardless if it is a smurfer or not (cuz a system doesnt know from start if its a smurfer, only after the placements kinda) but oh well u never know if riot have changed something secretly again, so the normal MMR has influenced it, like they did a ninja with solo/duoQ, in the past there was no 2 duo premades in 1 team (no 2+2+1, only 1+1+1+2) EVEN they said they bring back us true solo/duoq, but apparently not, and this is confirmed by riot tho (got evidence via reddit)
Doomley (EUW)
: I have a bronze 5 friend who won all of his placement games and and got bronze 5. And he still belongs there. It doesn't mean anything if you win most of the games or even all of them. It just means you got lucky with teammates in those games.
but as he said, he didnt play any rankeds before, so he should start normally at 1200 MMR kinda, so after 8:2 he should be at gold now kinda, which is why nearly all smurf accounts start at gold after a great placement but maybe the OP duoqed with a bronze, which is why he got placed bronze 5 with a very high MMR kinda?
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