: Legit Bronze? or new player? Looking for friends?
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Shapinex (EUW)
: Which Champion fits me?
Hey i suggest looking at what lane you would like to play first mid/top/jg/bot/adc/support once you have that down then you are able to deicide on maining a champion in that lane for example master yi jungle, Zed mid,Yasuo Mid, Tryndamere top, Kai sa adc, Sona Support so on so forth i suggest picking a champion that is easy to understand and play as you are new to the game and dont pick up zed on first game like i did haha made me a zed main tho hehe but yeah bro just have a look i suggest Tryndamere Master Yi Garen Trundle Malphite Darius Ahri Lux Malzahar Xin Zhao annie teemo poppy sion kayle These are just a few of the easy to play champions i had in mind. If you want you may add me up and i can help you even further :)
: How long will Championship Zed be available for purchase?
it will last a day or 2 after worlds finishes
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Dirrty (EUNE)
: Free Odyssey Skin Shard Mission ( Would love if a Rioter could Reply)
this should definitely be in EUW if they are sticking to NA means that riot are just basically favoring NA players over all other players :/ this should be on all regions
: Can't login: Trying to Reconnect everytime after login
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radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
No. Dont listen to these guys xD download steam start playing games like final fantasy ,riders of icarus(Free) ,SMITE(Free) Assassins creed, ryse son of rome theres also rainbow six seige, northgard ,ark survival evolved,DOOM, Warframe,No Mans Sky,the witcher 3 wild hunt,Blizzards: Diablo III reaper of souls, Blade and Soul and much more...
Valeriay (EUW)
: How long are the world cup skins staying for?
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Mada (EUW)
: Can't create normal lobbies since clash started
Yeah same for me and friends guess it is because of clash!
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot crashed the servers again with Clash...


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