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: You should not walk that path if Talon can all in you. If you want to take a safer route: Vision and knowledge about the enemies is also important. If other enemies that poses a big threat to you (reminding you talon is near in any case) like their jungler who could be in that quarter of their jungle you should be twice as careful or don't follow at all.
There's just no frigging way for me to get there before lucian is already dead and these people flame me for not following
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: A question to everyone (dilemma, sort of)
Tell all the parties involved to come to lol boards and discuss about it
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BillWithIt (EUNE)
: 1) If you dont have time to read the slides then you can simply pause the video. Im sorry if my calculations were incorrect but i have over 7 years of english class experience and now I can read very fast. 2) I realized from your comments that my biggest mistake was to give all the theory and ideas without the reasoning behind it. I lacked the time, but I will ensure that it is mentioned in future guides. Well, if you have any questions about the reasoning behind everyhthing, ask me and I can answer everything. Thank you for not trying to be rude.
oh wow, i just opened boards for the first time today, and you replied 1 minute ago.. creepy
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: Asking for support
Some slides went too fast for non-native english reader (especially those with "funny" nonsense) I would also have prefered to read some reasonings, and not just "Nightblue is wrong, i'm right" with zero explanation why that is. Think it like this (don't take it personally or the wrong way) : Why should we follow a guide coming from a silver 5 instead of just being sheep and follow "the allmighty nightblue"'s guide? my 2cents
: [Resolved] Had my first penta but I cannot get the replay
: This is why I wanted to make the post, to get some discussion on the subject. I know I probably didn't convey my own thoughts on the matter that well but I largely don't care what someone plays, where they play it. The whole point is to try and talk about some sort of system in place to stop people holding a game hostage because they are not happy with something. Obviously you can report people in the end-game lobby. But if someone dodges because of what the pick is, then I'm not too sure on the subject. Because on the one hand, like you said, there are some unorthodox supports. With Ashe she has a perma-slow and a huge stun, with kill potential. So many people would consider that a good support. There are some picks that are not so great at it. With my Zed example, he has a slow and a small amount of kill pressure until he gets items. Which can be difficult for him if he's playing support. But I do agree with you, it's the play style, no the support. But with Riot defining the role as support, I would have thought they would want a certain type of champion in the role. This can be seen with the jungle over the past few seasons where they have made it harder for a lot of, back then, niche junglers, limiting the pool of who can actually jungle. I just wanted to get community feedback on the subject. I would have added a poll on the end but I kept on getting an error whenever I tried.
There's also a fine difference when someone picks zed bot because he got autofilled and he's just going to play the way he wants, take all cs and not buy sightstone etc, compared to zed support who actually intents to play the role. But that's hard to detect who's doing shit on purpose and who's actually trying to make off-meta work, and it requires cases like the [Singed support -major hassle]( before someone's off-meta pick , the viability and the "legality" is brought to the table, let alone punishments are handed... And from what i understood your point here is to find a way to punish/prevent people from trolling with (for example) zed with the pure intentions of playing complete garbage just because they got autofilled, and not the "actual zed supports". I think that that's just where the system and the report feature and everything fails, it really requires manual review before anything happens. I really, really do not think that anyone has ever got banned just from end-game player reports just for ruining games by troll picking something shit with the intentions of stealing the bot lane and holding the game hostage. Only if you do something super-obvious like disco-nunu in every game and feed around the map, that's when you might get penalty. But picking disco-zed and stealing the show every now and then when you're getting autofilled.. ye you are gonna get away with it with ease.
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: Hextech chest
You most likely got an icon? Did you experience a client crash when you opened the chest? I've read plenty of threads about it now and the same happened to me, client crashed when i opened the chest, i thought i got nothing but i actually got an icon.
: pls
If you didn't get anything, contact Support. But check your icons, you may have got an icon gift which doesn't work the same way Champion or Skin shards work, it just permanently unlocks the icon. I had the same bug some days ago and made a thread about it and that was exactly what happened. I thought i didn't get anything because there were no champion or skin shards in my Loot , but an icon was indeed added to my collection.
: Afking
> NO ONE WANTS THAT. I'm pretty sure that's the exact point of it. You are not supposed to like it let alone "want" it
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: Is the Xerath bug still unsolved ?
I just watched a video about it, only feel bad for the enemy team who might get flagged by the intentional feeding system ..
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: ***
But it's fine, everyone who'd get their feelings hurt are in the kitchen so they won't be reading that joke. LUL
: Go to shop>account setting>puchase history there you should find an icon that you got out of your chest
yeah that's it , thanks. totally forgot you can get some stupidass icons <,.<
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