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iPhail (EUW)
: Unable to earn rewards for watching LEC finals
Same here, idk why, sometimes it work, sometimes not {{summoner:3}}
: EUW need people for the Plat Dogs vs Cats icon Mission
: WHERE IS URF???!?!?!
: you know he's gett a god skin right? for the new vs event
I know but instead of this: (3:44 in the vid) make garen ride his running lion
adids123 (EUW)
: skin alistar
You can get one alistar skin for free here
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: With Pyke, will we get the Bilgewater event/gamemode?
I hope, i realy like temp' gamemode and mission {{sticker:galio-happy}}
: why the fck do I lose 21 LP
Game think you don't deserve your rank.


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