: +10LP ???
You know that the only issue was in champion select yet? So you took my fairly won LP and cut it to half? Thanks dude, pretty nice.
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SepharU (EUNE)
: Just another day at LOL
If some Champions get fed, you cant do shit against it to counter it. If the enemy Team has Zed, Eve and Illaoi, one of them will allways be able to flash- facecheck you as adc and its done. League´s champions are way to much balanced on Teamplay, as one individual you will suffer from that decisions anyways. The kit of new and reworked champions seems also to be pretty toxic. Champions like Eve and Kayn are a pure Nightmare for an adc... Some Champions are way to overloaded and should have gotten other spells to focus on. There is a reason, why this relic shield meta has been created.... Besides the Champion Design, its just the usual Problem of Solo Queue (and even more in Flex). At the beginning of the Season ur getting matched together with people from Silver to Plat in one Game. In Flex Q you even got players from silver reaching up to diamond. This is just toxic as fck. And it´s also a fkn lie to tell people, that the Flex matchmaking tries to match 5 premade groups together with other 4 or 5 premade groups. Im playing solo flex to practise and it is tilting to play always with max. 2 or 3 premade groups against full Teams. Thats not queue health to wait 1 Minute for a Smurf premade stomp... I´d like to wait 10 Minutes for a fkn balanced game if it would be possible... stop arguing with things people never needed like a shorter duration of queue time. Its the same with Autofill. I´ve got no problem with picking supp, but when i do im sure that nobody in that Team will be able to do shit for a win. For me it´s even hard on other lanes to win, because people feed pre minute 10 like hell and i prefer to pick scaling champs... There are so many things, which are just wrong in the way they have been "designed".
: gtx 1080 fps drop rip lol?
My GTX1080 struggles at staying above 144FPS , which is the main reason why i didnt buy a new monitor yet. My GTX750TI performed better in league which is sad. Dont tell me its my Pc´s fault, i´m playing GTA 5 , BF1 and Forza Horizon 3 maxed out...
: This has to stop.
Well if u´re boosted you get the flame you deserve lmao
: I don't know what is worse, matchmaking with feeders and flamers that go and start "helping" enemies and you are the one trying to get higher in your league (which is impossible) or the fact, that you will start in lower league even u win most of first 10 games...and you HAVE to be in that all FEEDERS and AFK crowd... do you understand what I am trying to say? There is no way of getting out of BRONZE if you are not PLATINUM by your skill and you will not carry all the team... because most of games I have played the win of game depends or on broken, unbalanced champions or people, that most of time start to flame or trollpick and go on "it's only game,chill out man" mode. I mean.. I am afraid of how many people are in bronze league now and they throw people that want to get out of it with them back to the bottom...{{item:3151}}
I climbed from Bronze 2 to gold but i struggled still pretty hard because it took me almost 200 Games. And since im Gold 5 i´m getting those mates anyways in any game which makes me kinda sad... Since Flex Queue exists there are so many people who play rankeds just like normal games. If you queue up in Flex as 1 -3 player you could still struggle at winning, but if you go for full premade your LP will skyrocket up. As 5 i havent lost a single game. meanwhile 8 wins in a row. Flex Queue is doomed and this matchmaking just cant work at all.
Grozni89 (EUNE)
: If yo wont to go then bye a skin or be there and boost players who do bye them. It is simple as that. They can't let people who bye in game things leave because they are not happy with matchmaking, and they do not care about people who do not bye it. A lot of people leave because of this so now you have something like 40 % win rate Platinum 4 and there was no things like that in S2 , S3 and S4.
Pls change that bye to buy.... at any word... before it gets awkward
: I'm going to reform, wish me luck
Fix matchmaking -> there wont be flame anymore- solved
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: First of all, this is normal in a new season. Many players have a much higher MMR than their rank, often as much as or even more than a whole tier. Secondly, no, flex matchmaking is objectively worse than soloQ matchmaking due to it being the first season for flex and there being fewer players in flex. That said, I agree that it seems worse in flex than in soloQ over the last season. I played flex and got masters in placements (and still get masters as P3, P1, D5 premade) regularily, and on the other hand we sometimes get last season G5 randoms who get absolutely destroyed.
It has been more than a month now and you want to tell me that its still so new that the matchmaking cant work yet? Im playing since season 3 and it has never been like that.
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GLurch (EUW)
: Riot will not promote you. They can't make any excuses. If they would promote you, others would also want to get promoted and there would be many "crying" about fairness and such. You are just unlucky. Maybe you'll have more luck in the future. Just try staying positive and when you feel angry/sad/unhappy pause for a bit. Maybe play some other game for the next few days, watch something or do sport. Do whatever makes you feel happy.
Nothing makes you feel happy after you started playing league, this game kills your attitude of anything in life.
: Riot please HELP ME!
As long as you use /mute all and wont write anything on your own you can do whatever you want, trolling, feeding the hell out of anything... doesnt matter, you wont get any ban unless you write a bad word.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: Playing in the same server, was in the exact same position, previous gold, had to climb back from bronze. Did it with ease, failed my gold promo 2 times, but wasn't "stuck" in lower silver. I find it funny how you think it's actually a differnce between s5 and g2, it's same s.hit, toxicity and skill level. Or the difference is so marginal that it dosen't really matter. S5 an Diamond, maybe.. s5 and high plat, maybe.. but s5 and g-wahtever... :) it's same fking s.hit, the skill is about the same, the flame is identical, I should post some screenshots from when I play on gold account (coz now curently playing on silver with a friend). Other then that, I don't know why people post this kind of threads, there are like zillion youtube video debunking this "myth", coz pretty much ure advocating for "ello hell", it's not them, it's YOU, just you.
If there is no difference between silver 5 and gold 1 the whole elo system would fail at its task. You got clearly no clue but ur trashtalk, big words for someone who didnt do anything better... just because you lucked through your promotions instead of dropping again. But hey, as you said, there is no differenc between silver 5 and gold 2.... U´r also a lucky silver bonobo by your own statement. lmao
MontagneDew (EUNE)
: League of Legends community
You can mute the flamer, but the boosted bonobo cant help you anyways in ranked...
Aladoron (EUNE)
: Wow, what is happening here? Where is a comment which says: "If you play good you should carry them" or "If you cant carry you deserve to lose" etc... Did the community realize something? :O
There are some people still downvoting so i guess they are just silent... Something went full retard in matchmaking this season... it wasnt that bad last season... I´m sure
: Matchmaking?
I´m hardstuck in gold 5 0 LP cause i keep getting those in my team. Just lost another game because of a lee sin with 0/7... and before cause of a katarina jungle and Lee top (same game)... and before cause of a Draven with 0/11 on toplane. This game isnt fun anymore and i dont know why i should improve when any game is uncarryable since champion select. BTW ill get demoted whilst my next 3 games for sure, but i dont see any reason why i shouldnt perform good enough for gold after i carried 5 accounts up to gold lmao ....
: After 50 games.
After more than 200 Games im getting monkeys any game like Draven toplane feeding Darius hard, Katarina Jungle etc. , and only in my team, its like they all know that I´m about to drop to silver 1 .... It just doesnt stop... And im so dumb that i cant stop playing either cause i think "It cant happen again" but it happenes again... anytime... I have to force myself to play flex now until i can probably climb my MMR out again... but i think I wont be able to do that anyways because im giving already 110% to carry this unlucky teams.
Vapertank (EUW)
: Psychological Aspect of beeing Hardstuck
This response kinda hurts me. Already got now the message that im getting demoted soon, cause ive got again such a 0/11 Flash Ghost Draven Toplaner... EDIT: and katarina jungle plus lee top at the next game
Tarolock (EUW)
: so ppl play ziggs adc from out of nowhere and you want to ban ppl who play teemo supp? where is the logic in that? as for matching ppl based on kda, is everything all right in your head? why are ppl so dumb and why noone knows how matchmaking works? lately the only thing you see in topics about "broken matchmaking" is ppl QQing about getting trolls: MATCHMAKING have NOTHING to do with trolls, trolls are the issue with the community not matchmaking and riot cant fix the community with the magic "fix shit" button...
Because these people never get suspended for beeing trolls, thats riot fault ffs
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Doubt you got your highest farm as Alistar though. =)
If Riot can measure your skills with the Champion Mastery Ranking System , they will be able to do it for ranked Queue too...
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > My point is, if you match peope by KDA and farm You probably won't get many supports in your team then. ;)
KDA = Kill Death Assist Got my highest KDA with Alistar...
Adama (EUW)
: Is it possible to keep improving at League?
Probably try to play some flex to improve... Im also gonna Queue up Solo or Duo in Flex to improve because im Hardstuck in Gold 5 for like 5 Months now... And to be honest nobody cares about his Flex Rank so its a good way to improve there + you see your LP Gain, which you wont realise in normal games.
Viavarian (EUW)
: If it's just mechanics: 1) buy a precise mouse and perhaps a mousepad. 2) use attack move click. You can't accidentally run into the enemy team when you use it.
Starcraft 2 Hit´n Run Mechanics , back then... Since i played Starcraft 2 i played any game with A - Move instead of right click.
: The BIGGEST REASON why League of Legends is DYING
It´s so sad that anyone downvotes these threads. I´m sure you all just never faced these people in ranked just because you are lucky or you dont care about your rank anyways. If you lose because of these ignorant people , because solo carrying gets slowly more impossible than ever, you will also see this as a problem and you will get pissed for sure. The point that the enemy team can have in summary 1 more troll than your team does also nothing in reality. And it doesnt even have to be a troll, i had to play 3 promotions until i hit gold this season, and anytime in promotion i went to lolnexus and saw that my Team consists of Silver 4-5 whilst the enemy Team were full of Gold Players. How the hell should this work? I dont know how you can deal with that without getting frustrated, i can only tell you that i CANT deal with it. But since i cant stop playing this trash game ill just spam Flex rankeds Solo to improve until i can probably carry these strange teams, trolls, boosted people etc. I´m anyways curious how Solo Q should work... I Mean you are one out of 5 in your team... If you Team doesnt want to win you are just 1 out of 5... You dont have any impact then.
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Rstonius (EUW)
: For any ADC mains out there suffering the wrath of Riot and their hate for ADC - Champs to play.
Just tried it, Urgot works great! If your Support has a bit of a brain you stomp the lane.
LovroLox (EUNE)
If you got fucked up at work as adult , and got after that into a league ranked to see a flaming GP with a bought ebay Plat Account.... you are kinda mad and could also be a bit toxic at this point.
: If you can't climb out of a certain rating, you deserve to be there.
When you got higher in your previous season it´s the failure of matchmaking.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Isn't this game just great?
When Ziggs Bot works better than any other adc.... thats season 7
Rioter Comments
: Playing something that isn't meta is not, and should not, get someone banned. If the person is trolling and intentionally trying to play badly, that's a whole other thing and IS banable, but a lot harder to detect than flaming. The punishment system is not broken, but yes it IS flawed. A punishment system can never be perfect. You can only try to make it better.
Full AD Garen jungle is useless and trolling -> ban it, nobody needs these people in a competetive gameplay. Not following the Meta actually is inting, because people who refuse to pick a.e. AP mid when the whole team is based on AD , these are obviously the reason why you will lose this game for sure after minute 30. If you say to somebody " hey, pls pick a mage , we need AP damage" and he ignores it, its basically refused communication and someone who doesnt try to win games. The Game is based on teamplay, and even in Solo Q it shouldnt be possible to troll down any game as inting Teemo without getting consequeces.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xenoid,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ugpamjyA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-11-23T08:44:34.516+0000) > > Hello Riot Cosantoir, > > While it may improve queue time in numbers, it decrease positive gaming experience. Being enabled in ranked doubles the negative impact. In ranked you play the role you are comfortable with for your best performance, being assigned to a role you are uncomfortable brings down your and your team's performance. I find the "autofill" approach wrong, take for example "World of Warcraft Dungeon Finder", there is always lack of tanks and healers, but they are rewarded with loot cache. Riot (or whoever responsible for autofill) here are forcing players to play "Jungle/Support". > > P.S.: I main ADC/Support, but I find forced role a negative experience. I agree with forcing people to consistently have to play a role they dont like to be a negative experience but that's also why they have it that if you do auto fill for 1 game that you are immune to it for following games for a period of time. I too was a support main at one point and I understand your perspective however given that we all know that there is a strong chance that you are going to be auto filled as support at one point or another (not too often but now and then) that before going into a ranked game I should be able to play at least 1 support champion to hold my own in the event of this happening. I personally agree that autofill is far removed from the best experience in the world but when I want to get on and play a game I want to get on and play I don't want to wait for 30+ minutes to get a game especially in the event that it turns out to be a bad one where we forfeit at 20 because we have an AFK or something along those lines. I do think that the auto fill is the better solution.
There are 2 options, accept the Queue Times and remove autofill, or bring the old Champion Select of Season 5 back. And I´d be happy about the old champion select... Nobody ever said that he is pissed of queue times, you just invented Autofill without any reason, and now i can play every second game with Teemo Support or Garen Jungle. Its anyways like nobody takes ranked serious, especially Flex Queue.
: Off meta picks
Because People are Sick of Singed and Teemo Support. Autofill just raised this behavior of players for like 150%. Its basically luck to win flex Q now. If i get decent players with meta picks -> i can carry the game for pretty sure If i get trolling guys like Garen Jungle full AD -> i cant carry the game cause the enemy Team has obviously even a better teamfight .
: i'm permabanned
Its totally normal to get banned... You can watch Garen and Teemo jungle + AP Kha Zix runing your ranked games without getting anything, but if you are that mean guy who gets toxic at themyou will get toally fucked.... its league, mean words are bannable instant but it took like years to ban a smite support singed. This System is just broken.
: Wood League Warriors: Champ Select
When anybody plays well with his team there is no reason to flame them -> Win When anybody is a boosted animal there is a Reason to flame -> lose See the problem? Tilt + Toxic Behavior starts when people are simply crap, so sure you will see that "Friendly" players have a 27% higher winrate, because they dont have a reason to flame lol ...


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