: Looking for teams for scrims in EUW
Hey, Feel free to add me. My team is around Gold/Plat. We can organise a Time that works for both teams :)
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Syrreth (EUW)
: [GOLD/PLAT] Competitive 5v5 Team LF MID, TOP and JUNGLER (Dutch preffered)
Nationality: British Languages: English, slight french Age: 18 IGN: DFG Woody Main role(s): Mid/ADC/Jungle Main champion(s): Mid: Syndra, Lux, Zed, Cassiopeia, Xerath, Swain, Vladimir, Annie, Azir, (Long List) Main Champion(s): Jungle: Rek'sai, Gragas, Lee, rengar (few others) Why do you want to join: To be able to better myself as a play along side other players with the same goal, as well as being able to prove myself to be able to get somewhere that others haven't projected for me.
Flinch (EUNE)
: [LFT] Jungle Main, Plat IV
If only you were on EUW :'( i cri
: Daydream Insomnia (Gold +) Looking for members!
Role: ADC Champion pool: {{champion:67}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} Rank: Gold 4 Age: 17 Language: English Motivation: To get better within a group of people who have the same goals as myself, also I wish to be able to get better as an individual player mechanically Time you can play: any time after 6 PM most days (may vary due to work schedules)
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Twinbo (EUW)
Able to use TS/Skype (Yes/No) - Yes (bailey.woodhead1) (Teamspeak and skype) Age - 17 Language(s) - English Division - Gold 4 Primary Role - Jungle Secondary Role - ADC Main Champions - Rek'sai, Elise, Nidalee, Rengar, Kha'zix, Lee Sin, Gragas Will you stick to a time schedule (Yes/No) - Yes (Somedays later than others cause college/work) Why should we play with you - Equal mindsets, Enjoy playing in a group looking to get to a goal.
Déàth (EUW)
: [LFM]New team looking for serious members for Season 6 (See inside)
Name: Bailey Age: 17 Country: England Timezone: GMT 0 Role: ADC League & Division: Gold 4 Playing since: Start of season 5 Highest division reached: Gold 2 Lolking link: http://www.lolking.net/summoner/euw/64919949 Available hours/day: Normally all days, Part time work so some days are not available Working microphone (Y/N): Y Skype/Curse Voice(Y/N): Y Speaking English fluently (Y/N): Y Anything you might want to say: Negativity is the bane of my existence Do you hate Teemo(Y/N): N
Krippaify (EUW)
: Creating New 5v5 Ranked Team! EUW Rank: Gold+
Age - 17 Nation - England Role - ADC Rank - Gold 4 Main Champs - Kalista, Lucian, Graves, Corki, Caitlyn, Draven, Kog'Maw What I'm bad at: Greeding Summoners (Flashing too late){{summoner:4}} {{summoner:7}}
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