: 14 days ban for first time flaming?? %%%% Off!
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: No reward for watching VOD or live game
same issue, lemme know, if you'll find a fix.
Just Cat (EUW)
: game completly broke
Same, it shows that I have 0 BE and RP, and I can't even load the game.
: Hooks of champions have a really bad hitbox
Boy, you should've seen my last scrim game.
Smerk (EUW)
: So in the end you agreed that you're just being greedy? You could save some time and say that at the beginning.
Don't feel like wanting something complete is being greedy. Like orbs gave us full skin shard.
Smerk (EUW)
: And you got that reward, so why aren't you happy? Reward is not big enough?
Exactly, I thought I was clear with that.
Smerk (EUW)
: Can you be even more greedy?
I want reward for playing, don't see anything wrong with that...
: They could give you just 30 tokens for the 3 days when there were problems with Client, but they gave you 125, so I think you should be glad and not complaining.
At the time when I wrote this, I thought that masterwork chest doesn't require key, now I'm even more mad.
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW] Compensation Mission Live in Client!
It's not even 150, so we could buy a chest smh...
: I wouldn't advice Nami. She is much harder to play and to coordinate with your team than people realize IMHO.
I disagree, Nami is very good choice in team play or in solo q.
Naqqinator (EUNE)
: Is this champion pool good?
Add Nami, Lulu or Karma.
Neflys (EUW)
: First ranked placement bug
Nice iron 4 smurf, bronze smurfs became reality today.
: You kidding, right ?
Don't do these missions, you get the tokens which are useless, as you cannot buy anything useful. Wait for snowdown missions.
: Billion dollar company can't keep servers up
MonsteRock (EUNE)
: Didn't play for a year, just did 4 ranked games and got iron
tudodark00 (EUNE)
: Cmon Riot. I need honor 2 please...
You are lucky that it's only chat restrictions.
fr3akisback (EUNE)
: ....
Wow, Idk as well.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: "silver 2 kid is going to preach me about league of legends. I'm" silver 2 playing for 5 months and climing every day. btw. youre just gold 1. youre low elo 2 you know
Can't even. Btw nerf for Pyke is already cooking.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: the fact you dont know how to play vs champ dosent make him broken.
silver 2 kid is going to preach me about league of legends. I'm done with you. Enjoy it while you can, and gratz on the victorious skin, oh wait you didn't got one.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: they said who is getting nerfed next patch... + every champ can get nerfed thats not being smart to say that, pyke is not even S tier support. Heimerdinger 54.8% (adc) means he is broken? no.
Live on a dream while ya can. It will last 3 months max doe.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: pyke isnt broken and he is not getting nerfed next patch
You can live on that hope, more like a dream tho. He will get nerfed, not saying next patch, but definitely before season begins.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: pyke
Abusing broken champion which will prob receive nerf soon with broken key stone which will definitely receive nerf soon.
Oberon98 (EUW)
: Default Finger Placement
Q,W,E, thumb on space and pinkie on TAB button. My pointing finger is doing all the multitasking between E,R,D,F,T,G
: ranked banner
no, all are out. No borders left for you prob. gg wp.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are some people on the boards so toxic?
if person is on boards, then it's most likely because, they don't have anything better to do and they are bored. What's the best cure from that? Being rude, toxic or any other form of that.
XZGenesis (EUW)
: still do not get my season award
: got banned for this
It's more because of the "I'm afk" part.
Earrl (EUW)
: The true Problem
Yes please, give me more of that silver wisdom mr. 150k pts on Yasuo.
heacarim (EUNE)
he's speaking the language of gods.
canablyss (EUW)
: please review my ban tencent
PTOnevıR (EUW)
: is this gonna get solfed by itself or what do i have to do
Change your internet provider, but if that's not an option. Then I suggest you using your mobile data, like I do. I use mobile data after 5PM, because then when my internet hits 10MBps. And no, it's not going to fix itself, unless they lower clients data usage somehow.
PTOnevıR (EUW)
: just tested it i got a 10M/bit upload
Yup 100% this is the reason. I had 10Mb upload as well at the time.
YaBoiGottem (EUNE)
: Banned IP address
I think riot banned your IP address, not sure though.
PTOnevıR (EUW)
: even tho i dont have problems with any other game? No high ping etc
Yup, same was for me. No issues playing PUBG, streaming Netflix or YouTube. It's just because league client is very bad... I'm sure that your issue is due to your upload speed. Try checking your upload speed.
Atlas (EUNE)
: Is there a way to reduce getting matched with premades?
PTOnevıR (EUW)
: My Client keeps Disconnecting randomly
I think it's your internet upload speed. This happened to me as well.
DeadEye48 (EUW)
: like why dont they invest :(
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: What's so bad about someone that regens tons of health, deals more dmage than any supp (except brand) has Darius's ult and stuns
Nah everything is fine. The invisibility is what I'm worried the most.
DeadEye48 (EUW)
: true but no 1 will investment money for playerbase/customerbase there is no rich guy care about games so they can investment
nick67 (EUNE)
: i dint get my rewards
LOL, rip rewards fam.
: I Got Hacked And i Got Permaban from it.
Lol, rip acc. Nice Yas jungle fam.
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: What champion do you permaban guys?
Pyke, if I'm adc. And 95% of the games I'm adc.
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: Why is Neeko Homosexual?
: Can we get some buffs to mage items plz
Sure, liandrys and hextech are not broken enough.
: My chatlogs, gl with it
Cya in the clash, oh wait nah lol.
Shaunxp (EUW)
: Season is over but my ranked border isn't showing
Yeah, try to be non-toxic player in the next season and you will get it in 1 year.
: Hey there, I can see you have been granted XP Boost and BE for your victory manually (instead of the Orb) :).
I see what you did here. I can't check it, so can't say that if it's true or not. Cheeky. GG WP.
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