: Does anyone enjoy playing against assassins?
Play Heimer and take barrier and stopwatch = gg {{champion:74}} +{{summoner:21}} +{{item:2419}} = win
τεεmσ (EUW)
: [v8.3] BUG ~ when trying to queue solo , it says im the one who is not ready...
: cant buy RP error 118
Same issue, I wanted to buy some msi capsuals. If any rioter sees this can you let us know that you are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. Thank you
: I have to report someone for intentional feeding every ranked game its getting out of hand.
Let's take top lane, if you guy goes 0-3 he's probably having a bad game, if he continues to try and rush ravenous hydra before buying any defensive stats and ends up 0-6 he's probably just and idiot. He may look to you like he's intentionally feeding but honestly he thinks getting his hydra finished is gonna make him come back to 6-6 and then carry the game, he's still trying. He just has no idea how to play from behind, he's not intentionally trying to lose you the game though.
: Why do people like this exist?
The point the OP is trying to make (badly,) is that it would be courteous to offer champions to others in aram before rolling them if you do not wan to play that champion yourself.
Infernape (EUW)
: One does not simply stop Cactopus from memeing.
Stage 3 cancer is not a meme....
: I'm sorry snowflake. Reddit should be a safe space of course. We're terribly sorry that you felt triggered by something a Riot employee said. But in all seriousness, people adapt their speech to the people they are talking to. I'm not gonna use big words when talking to a toddler. So why isn't it ok to talk to bunch of memelords like a memelord? Also, why not just call him out on it then? Instead of making a pointless thread here.
I check reddit for news not to communicate with the people who use it, It isn't worth the time. It's just un-necessarily offensive and un-professional to say 'some reddit threads give me stage 3 cancer.' Nothing to do with talking to people like they are toddlers.
Infernape (EUW)
: https://img.memesuper.com/4e91ff3ef5a0fbe88a1f481b0a142358_putin-meme-no-more-allowed-no-more-memes-meme_460-287.jpeg
Their is a difference between memes and fun and Riot employees saying some reddit threads gives them stage 3 cancer...
Rioter Comments
: Where are the rune pages?
This issue comes up on a weekly if not almost daily basis on the boards. It's to do with the 'Tier' preset to tier 3, and of course rune pages are not any tier. As a result you have to select all tiers as demonstrated in the screenshot provided by Jesperr101. They should find some way of making the pages 'sticky' at the top of every tier selection. By the way their 'may' be a sale on rune pages coming up rather soon. For the last 2 years I think they have gone on sale for a short period when the season officially starts. Which is as you guessed it at typical Riot "soon". I think around middle of December is the target (12th maybe.) These aren't normally announced in advance and when I have asked on these boards if these sales will return their has been no official response. Personally I'm going to wait for start of new season to see if we have another sale before buying more rune pages. It might be worth waiting as they cost a fair chunk of IP and maybe you can get 2 for 1 "soon".
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Optimal PC build for League Of Legends
Do you want to run the game at max setting or the new client? In the current build the new client requires a much better PC than the game. Go figure...
pokemad1998 (EUNE)
: Still didn't get the Pumpkin item from gifting someone during the halloween event?
I have not received my pumpkin icon exactly 2 weeks after the even ended as riot said I would. The fact this is a pumpkin icon and it's arrived 17 days after Halloween still bemuses me but oh well, at least I have it for next year right.....
pokemad1998 (EUNE)
: Still didn't get the Pumpkin item from gifting someone during the halloween event?
I'm in same situation. Now whilst it did say please leave up to 2 weeks after the end of the event, end was 3rd so 2 weeks takes us to 17th (tomorrow as I'm writing this,) I would have expected to receive it sooner as most other icons are distributed relatively quickly. I gifted my friend well before Halloween and was hoping to have the icon for Halloween itself. That obviously didn't happen. I am a bit disappointed that this icon has taken sooooooo long to arrive especially as it is seasonal in theme and that season has now long gone. I'll be pretty annoyed if it hasn't arrived by tomorrow.
: Honest Question about Trump
He intends to make {{champion:57}} and {{champion:427}} suffer greatly and his policy is called climate change denial. gg wp
Should be here in time for Halloween 2017
Eambo (EUW)
: I'm only here for funsies, no stress at all :-P The stress is in the background with deploys right now haha ^_^
Seen as a Rioter seems to be checking this thread at least I have 2 questions. 1. Where is my pumpkin icon? I gift people not because I'm nice, I did it for a pumpkin icon. Will it arrive for Halloween 2017, coz it sure as hell didn't arrive for Halloween 2016, and looks like it might not even arrive by Christmas at this rate.... 2. Normally rune pages go on sale (2 for 1 offer) in pre season, are their any plans for this to happen this year? I haven't seen anything posted about this, I and many others would just like some conformation one way or the other. Cheers Ve5pa
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Riot, shove Blind Pick up your back entrance
I feel your pain guys, fortunately I'm on EUW, where we will still have draft pick (for a while at least) that being said they do want to remove it from here to in the future, as a result I could see myself quitting league when/if that ever happens, as a result I wont be buying any more RP for my acc until I know for sure draft normal is gonna stay. Normal draft is where people go to learn new champs after they got rid of team builder, why are rito making it hard for people to learn new champs? This is bad for business.
: Runes pages
It is normally in pre season but I haven't seen any announcements as of yet. I too am wondering, they are so expensive otherwise as are some runes, they should make them cheaper imo, or at least have the 2 for 1 offer on more often.
I am really glad they are keeping Normal Draft for EUW, if they were to remove it in the future I would definitely see myself playing less.
IamShăno (EUNE)
: All starts 2016 Icon .
At least it should be here by the time of the event, I gifted a friend in order to get the pumpkin icon hoping it would be in my account by Halloween, I gifted my friend on the 21'st of October, 10 days before Halloween. I do realize that it would take maybe up to 2 weeks after the event had ended but normally they were pretty quick in the past. These days they seem to be a lot slower distributing things like this. Anyway, Halloween came and went and I still don't have my pumpkin icon..... At least I'll have it for next year i suppose... I still would have thought that would have arrived within 10 days though... Edit: The skin turned out to be Brolaf and my friend was pretty happy with it xD
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BillWithIt (EUNE)
: Can the word "cancer" become blocked?
The fact it isn't banned is extremely insensitive on behalf of Riot. As the OP said many people are effected by cancer and many people play League as a way to get away from real life problems. In my opinion it should be blocked and anyone using the word should have the message flagged and if it was said in a derogatory way (basically 99.9% of times) that person should receive penalties, temp bans or whatever. The fact nothing is done about it basically encourages this toxic behavior. Maybe someone at Riot who has been unfortunate enough to be affected by this can raise this issue if they happen to read this post. Let's be clear, calling someone a shit player in the heat of the moment is bad, but those utterly toxic people who wish cancer on people on the summoners rift are utterly deplorable and should be dealt with.


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