Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vedixsz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R1j8A5mT,comment-id=0000000000000000000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-02T18:25:32.126+0000) > > Okay but do i get ludens on Cass or no and just settle for the move speed quints? Get both, makes her incredible at kiting/chasing.
Alrighty i will try it out in theory its sounds really fun!
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vedixsz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R1j8A5mT,comment-id=00000000000000000000000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-02T18:14:53.620+0000) > > Lux sounds interesting i will try her, what do you think about cassiopeia with move speed? Dont think she need cdr really because of the way her E works. Cassio is also great with ms, and flat/scaling ap glyphs would be better than cdr.
Okay but do i get ludens on Cass or no and just settle for the move speed quints?
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vedixsz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R1j8A5mT,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2015-08-02T17:54:48.352+0000) > > I just played Ahri with movement speed quints and it was super fun! I really liked it! > Im thinking that i might have found my thing, which is "champions that can use movement speed and cdr runes"!! > Its so fun! Even someone like Lissandra who is hated before, i freaking love her with movement speed + maxing E second so you can jump all over the place xD > Im going to try out some other champs who i suspect might be fun with move speed and cdr setups. > Do you have any suggestions maybe? Fizz, TF, Lux, Xerath, Ekko
Lux sounds interesting i will try her, what do you think about cassiopeia with move speed? Dont think she need cdr really because of the way her E works.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vedixsz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R1j8A5mT,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-01T15:25:35.863+0000) > > I just played her once and i did kinda like her, my team was terrible so we lost but the gameplay was somewhat fun. > Im not sure about her runes and masteries, do you have any suggestions? Just check my rune pages and masteries, those that have "Ahri" in the name.
I just played Ahri with movement speed quints and it was super fun! I really liked it! Im thinking that i might have found my thing, which is "champions that can use movement speed and cdr runes"!! Its so fun! Even someone like Lissandra who is hated before, i freaking love her with movement speed + maxing E second so you can jump all over the place xD Im going to try out some other champs who i suspect might be fun with move speed and cdr setups. Do you have any suggestions maybe?
: i disagree,ranked is a place where you do your best to get higher divisions,that guy who plays shen knows that he will be good at him,i main sion,i have played him like 80% of my games in ranked,why? to win and get promoted,if players want to try something they go to normal,and if you feel sorry to players that plays his best role over and over then you are missing something big from your gameplay, they want to go to a higher tier so they need to play there best champs
Muttsmutt (EUW)
: {{champion:60}}
I actually wanted to have Elise on the list but then i watched some youtube vids of her mid and top lane and she runs out of mana SUPER fast! I guess you dont notice it that much in the jungle since you use spider form allot but her mana costs in human form are soooo big!
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vitUUTYJXu4
Hoodwink (EUW)
: My friend once played Rammus for 75 games in a row.
Holy moly... Rammus is probably one of the most boring ones holy moly how did he do it xD
Xêm (EUW)
: Get Shaco. He is not very expensive and has a lot of different skins. He is a very good jungler and not super popular right now. He has tons of different builds like ap, ad, attack speed, heck, even tank! He does do kind of the same thing, but you can do that thing in so many ways. The thing is catching people offguard. Just jump around with invisibility and place boxes everywhere and make your opponent think that the clone is the real you!
Like i said to many others Shaco is jungle only and im not prepared to become a dedicated jungler atm i dont have the time to spend on learning the ins and outs of the jungle. But thank you very much for the suggestion mate.
: what you want sir is shaco and azir. they are fking hard to play but if you master them,the game will be yours.
Shaco requires me to become a dedicated jungler since he is jungle only and im not prepared to spend all that time learning when to counter jungle who to counter jungle etc etc. I dont like Azir i have already tried him but i didnt get into him and i feel like he will get a bigger nerf pretty soon since his laning phase is quite stupid imo biggest bully in the game.
: {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
Draven is adc and im not a fan of that role, he is also not very mobile and mobility im a fan of but thank you for the suggestion.
SamsKaa (EUNE)
: ***
I will deffo try maxxing E on yasuo next time i play him, i feel like i might have been missing out on some good fun.
: {{champion:64}} I love this champion, I just think he has so much to his kit, and he has so many ways to outplay someone, without being massively overpowered. I never get bored with him, and it's so satisfying making plays with him. {{champion:41}} - His rework has actually made him more than a 1 ability champ. His heal is nice, his ult is very rewarding, his Q is good, but his barrels oh my. Late game having 40% cdr, I managed to line up 20 barrels or so, from blue side wolves to raptors, and hit a nidalee by setting of the chain reaction, obviously didn't kill her, but did chunk here and was very interesting to watch. Very fun champion to play, also if you get ganked pop your ult on yourself and barrels around you and 1 small mistake and get you a double kill. {{champion:121}} - I'm gonna pick him up soon, his jump reset looks really interesting, watching some montage and he makes some crazy plays with it. {{champion:27}} - I find him so fun idek. There are so many champions out there, but since you seem bored of them, try and play some mechanical champions that require lots of practice to master, like, I said above: {{champion:64}} , there's also {{champion:268}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:238}} etc
I actually didnt get the chance to try out the new gp, i will make sure i give him a go when he ehh isnt dead anymore lol.
: Some time ago I bought {{champion:106}} and I played him like 30 games in a row. I really enjoyed playing him, but after a while he gets boring. I still play him sometimes, but not that many. So I know what you feel. What is your favorite role? Try to find a champion in that specific champion for that role, which isn't that popular. But I have to say, popular champions like {{champion:76}} are really fun to play. Just play some games with random champions and maybe you will find the one who fits to you, and where you can stick to.
Holy Volibear for 30 games? But how? :O I couldnt do that mate no way in hell. My favorite role might be mid but top is a very very close second. I liked AD nida back in the day but i dont like the way she is played now.
: Why not Diana? I mean, people rarely play her in ranked/normals unless when she's free(which is now). But she is one of the best champs there are, like, big burst, good cc, she can even jungle with W. Basically she's the Akali V2.0 The only thing I find in her kind of bad is her early game like any AP assassin. {{summoner:31}}
The thing i dont like with Diana is that she doesnt have much pre 6, its just pretty much taking them down with Q until 6 kind of like making them killable for when you get ulti. You are not going to get anything pre 6 unless your oppenent is stupid enough to get in range of your E. But i will think about it if the others dont work i will try her out. Thanks for the suggestion!
: I know EXACTLY what you mean, except it's worse for me... I get tired after a few games. The champs I did play for a really long-ish time though are {{champion:236}} I decided to take him straight to Ranked after buying his Hired Gun skin, and damn. Just fell in love with him, he's really good and fun if you know how to use him (Played him a few weeks ago, despite being considered low tier, he can do some good stuff) {{champion:104}} He's rather similar to Lucian, but... his character, personality, is so different, the 'manliness' makes it not boring {{champion:268}} I've never really got around to playing Azir... decently, despite spending a hundred Normal Games, I always sucked at him, but when I get some free time, I'll make sure to get back to him. Anyway, really, really fun to play AND fun to learn, he's also supposedly good now. {{champion:42}} I mostly play him at Mid when I first started playing on EUW, because he's damn strong in laning, and has decent teamfights. He's very fun to play with the tons of poke that he's got, plus you can ride a Manatee. (Hence my name :P) {{champion:81}} I find him fun due to how his kit is... shaped? He's got a lot of poke and skillshots (Really learned how to land after playing him for a while), what's worth mentioning is that he can be played in a lot of ways (Blue Build, AP, AD Mid, Standard Adc, Combination between Blue and adc, and a lot more) {{champion:157}} Similar fate with Azir, played him for long at Normals, but didn't really master him. I love his lore, and he can be quite fun with the endless dashes and chopping people up. AD {{champion:76}} I mained AD Nida when she was nerfed and started losing popularity, despite everyone going to AP Jungle Nida, I still sticked with her on Top lane as AD. She has a lot of damage, and quite frankly, is really really fun to play, I prefer the AD over AP playstyle any day. That's about it, there's probably some more, but these are the ones I thought were worth mentioning (And the ones I remembered :P) You could give some of these a go, and hey, you might just like 'em. You could also recommend me some champs to play :o
Yeah it sucks having this problem, and it doesnt help that im just really picky about most things so that only makes it worse. Im the wrong person to ask about what champ to play mate haha but ahm... Quinn? Since you seem to like adc... You can play Quinn top and even mid if you are a bit crazy xD I actually did like AD Nida back in the day i actually enjoyed it allot idont know what happend with nida i cant remember but now people just play her ap jungle which im not a fan of at all. And you know it hit me, the problem might be deeper than it might apear... Maybe its this whole season not working well with some of us... Like i dont know but maybe the champion changes and item changes just dont work well with some of us or something.
ThePompf (EUW)
: His ult gets reworked, its basically a skillshot with longer range now that bounces off other shrooms.
Well dam i did not know that... maybe is should give Teemo a real chance then :D
PavoolonD (EUNE)
: Every champion in the game is pretty much the same in their own category, if you want diversity, try DotA 2.
I gave dota2 2 chances over the last year but it failed to catch me, i didnt like the pace of the game i dont know what it is. I dont really want to spend time learning a whole new moba right now either i have school soon as well so.
: This is my history of league, I never played a champion more often then 32 games. http://gyazo.com/3d54fa31ee74e5a49e23da8f223cf883 I also get bored really fast after playing a champion some games.
Mate if i can play 30 games on a champion and not be bored out of my mind i will be happy... Right now im getting bored after 5 games, yes its that bad lol. I dont even know how i was able to play 80 games with kayle in season 4.
: Wait til he gets bouncing shrooms :D
: well, i personally feel sorry for people who play the same champ over and over and over again and not get bored, no offense but i think they have some mental issues even though they seem to be normal. some of them even stream on twitch, you know im currently not playing, but the most games i had was with Shen, 120+ ranked and much MUCH more normals, i guess around 250+ i didnt get tired of him, but tired of the game id say to me Azir looks like a very interesting champ with high skill cap
Yeah i dont know, for me the main thing is i want a champion that i can focus on and get really good at and that i can allways rely on when i have to gain elo. But for me to be able to have that champion i need to have fun playing that champion. I cant just jump around from champ to champ and play really good on all of them, im not good enough to be able to do that. Also, most people in the high ranks do have that one champion that they are really really good at even the pros. Sure they can play all champs good but most of them have that one champion they are feared on.
xMidnight (EUW)
: ^^ well the cd of e is reduced by 0.1 sec every time u level it up, at max rank its 0.1 sec cd, so thats why maybe :P
Hmm i guess they max E then... i allways max Q. What do you max? Maybe they even have some CD reduction runes?
: I think you need to look into kennen further. I'm a bad kennen but I love he's deaph. It's kind of like zed. He can do amazing outplays but let's face it all most zeds will ever do is do the most basic of combos going rweq
I added him to my list, i will try him out again and see what happens. Its weird sometimes i did like him allot but other times i got bored... i dont like how smal he is either makes it hard to make a nice skin for him i think... i have the arctic ops one but i dont like it at all.
xMidnight (EUW)
: Well, i dont see it like that, cus i usually hit 2+ people with my own tornadoes which i then can ult on. I like to think of it as a + if teammates have knockups aswell, but i can manage just fine without them since i just need to hit my own :)
Alrighty i guess im just terrible haha. There is something i dont quite get, it seems like some people can E around allot faster than me i dont know why. Like when i watch some youtube vid the player playing is able to E allot faster than i can... Why is this? Am i missing something completely like how the E works or something?
Vedixsz (EUW)
: Bored of most champions, cant find a champion to main (play over and over again)
Alright so here is the list i have got right now guys, Ahri Akali Anivia Karma Kayle Kennen Lissandra Talon Yasuo Ziggs Im adding Kayle back in because a friend told me that there will come a time when Kayle will go back to being not so popular, she is just a flavor of the month thing right now pretty much. Some of these can do mid/top which is nice. Now, i should be able to find my self a champion i enjoy right? I mean all of the champions on my list should be fun and have depth right? This will take some time to go through most likely because im going to play each champion several times in a row to see which ones are able to keep me interested. Is there anyone you guys feel i really really should put on the list who isnt already on?
rAafu4 (EUNE)
: Take {{champion:17}} . He is never boring!
I will try Teemo as soon as i can just for the lols, if i find him fun then i will give him a legit chance xD
Bükachu (EUW)
: Ha, Well now that you're interested i could explain. Ill skip yasuo. Lets pick teemo, you say he's weak but today i won a lane vs gragas as teemo at Diamond elo with this sums. Picture below v http://gyazo.com/35e55a2595f3926a1a135c3acb610a51 Not gonna disagree he's not the strongest champ right now but in terms of a splitpusher he's pretty good. his 1v1 is awesome he's fun to play in terms of mechanics/playstyle and last but not the least, you can build different paths on him. Unlike adcs where u rush IE then PD or SS etc etc. u can have fun play him ap ad hybrid tanky or w/e. that's why i love him :3 Wukong isnt the funniest but he has interesting mechanics and his W is fun. you can press S and enemies will thing u used W then u use real W etc etc. :D Zed is getting out of meta so I'd say pick him up if u got nerves to main him, he's kind of a trash tier atm. imo. And Shaco, well i dont think words can describe how funny that champ is. also his late game is REAAAAAAAAAALY good even tho people disagree u can 1v1 pretty much every adc, i killed 6 item devourer kayle just a few hours ago today so he's not really weak. Unless u're gonna be 0/5 in that case every champ is weak xD
I might try out Teemo i havent played him in ages, maybe i will find it fun who knows even if people call me troll for picking Teemo mid the hell with them xD Shaco is jungle only though im not really a fan of jungling, i would have to become a dedicated jungler to have fun in the jungle i dont think im prepared to spend all that time learning how to do the jungle thing. I can jungle but i wouldnt say im a good jungler because i dont know when to counter jungle who to counter jungle why do this and that etc and i dont time my stuff so xD
: Strong but arnt played? Basically ur looking for hidden ops? Top Wukong Strong all game good 1 v 1 has stealth and highest scaling and spell in the game. Quinn, if you play Quinn top u are living cancer. !as e be teemo 2.0 Jungle amumu People think he's weaker then he is, true he cant 1 v 1 at level 1 but at about 6 he can duel a lot of people and flat out win most 2 v 2s. By the time it hit late game he can pretty much 1 v 3 easy ( like.. Really fucking easy....) Khazix, fun assassin, high risk I'm sure u know about khazix. Mid lane Kennen ( seriously tho u can play anywhere but jungle and it works, even ADC kennen is good, not as good as say jinx... But still good) Kennen landing phase is highly dependant on what skill u Max, if you Max q and don't land ur lose it if u Max q after 3 - 4 as you won lane. If you Max w you can go for level 1 stuns by going w process. Keep auto attacking until passive is about to time out. Active w. Process w again. This will take lot of people off guard. Kennen bursting people is similar to ahri, go in land everything and they did. He's teamfight is like wukong run in stun everyone and do a lot of damage. Main reason people don't play kennen is playstyle a lot of people don't like being a support and kennen is like a damage support. Runs in does 70% of the enemy teams health and let team clean up resulting in only assists for kennen unless he focuses ADC for example. Veigar, buy Athene's afk farm then nuke people to fuck. He's also extremely forgiving since he's ult scales with enemy ap and he can scale to infinity. ADC Miss fortune is properly the most fun ADC just bullying people out of lane and in teamfight just unload the ur fun as fuck ult in everyones faces. Kennen ( seriously try kennen ADC.....) Take an assassin as ADC. For example master to, fiora, ect. Support For along time support has just been copy the pros a fucking good example of this is janna. No one played her then pro ( can remember he's name) played so normal games on her and he was like...dame Janna's really good.. So he took it into a Korean tournament ( can't remember which one either I just know what happened) no one else played jannan even he's own team was like wtf janna? She's so useless. Needless to say he did good on her, he's team didn't make it to the final but he's performance on janna took janna to the final and now everyone and their dog players her. Now how does this relate to what I'm gonna say? Because people blindly follow pros utility supports are all that's ever in flavor because if they took a kill or ap support they would abuse it to fast. Because it doesn't work in pro scene it's not copyied because its not copyied its not played. I.e. try assassin and mage supports Some examples for assassin, khazix, jarvan, skarner, rengar Mage examples, Annie, Leblanc, brand, veigar, anivia. Hoped I helped sorry for long post
Well not necessarily op i just want someone who isnt terrible right now. My main thing is that i want the champion to have some depth so that i dont get bored after just a couple of games. I would lose my mind if i were to play lets say Tryndamere for 50 games in a couple of days, i just couldnt do that. 5 straight Trynd games and i would probably have to stop playing league for a month just to get over that boredom that i just experienced lol. You are the second person that mentions Wukong now, i will put him on the list and see how he does then. With this list i mean notes of champions to try. With try i mean play in a few games i a row to see if i still find that champ fun or already getting bored. I tried to get into Kennen a little while ago but sadly i got bored quite fast. He is all about that flash->ulti->zhonyas thing so it got old pretty fast for me.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vedixsz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R1j8A5mT,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-01T15:25:35.863+0000) > > I just played her once and i did kinda like her, my team was terrible so we lost but the gameplay was somewhat fun. > Im not sure about her runes and masteries, do you have any suggestions? Just check my rune pages and masteries, those that have "Ahri" in the name.
Bükachu (EUW)
: Teemo, Shaco, Wukong, Zed, Yasuo.
Teemo i feel is really weak though? Shaco is not very versatile, you just try to get kills early game and if you succed gg if not ff xD Wukong i dont know how fun he could be? I mean he seems pretty straight forward to me. Zed is one of those that thousands of ppl main i would be a bit late to the party. Yasuo i have on my list and i will give him a go and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions!
: To be honest, he probably isn't the best option for solo Q right now. He was a lot better last season when his E was almost instant, but since his Q is a skill shot with longer range than before he can use it to poke from a safer distance. And once he's fed he can delete any squishy pretty much instantly with his ult. When I play him I personally like to max CDR to 40% to farm his Q more effectively and be able to zone more often with his E. With {{item:3174}} he'll pretty much never go OOM, and if you're playing against an AD heavy comp you can even get {{item:3110}}, since your Q stacking will somewhat compensate for not having one or two AP items, and well you can't deal damage if you're dead. Also, I run 3x MS quints to compensate for his lack of mobility, since he doesn't really need flat AP other than for his early game.
I will keep Veig as a backup then, if the others dont works out for me ill try Veig.
: It helps if you find a niche you enjoy, and look for champions that are part of that, for example i really enjoy champions with an engage and a disengage, so i play alot of champions like maokai, gnar, wukong and ekko, so even if i get bored of playing one champion can rotate onto playing another Also don't forget not everyone mains just one champion, i for one have 3 champions that i play regularly toplane. (this is also really good in ranked, as it's alot harder to get counterpicked or banned out)
The game is so much more fun when you have YOUR thing in the game. When i have a champion i actually enjoy playing then the game itself is 10000 times better for me. I play allot better, dont rage, dont make mistakes, motivated to play more games etc its just allot better on every level. When i dont have that champion i tend to make dumb mistakes and sometimes even rage on stupid things but it all comes down to enjoying the game. I remember when i had Kayle the game was so fun i couldnt stop playing. But that was back when she wasnt that popular.
: Play {{champion:4}} with speed runes and {{item:3285}}/{{item:3100}}
Im thinking you watch some Grossie Gore? Am i right? xD I do like TF but so many people main him its ridiculous.
True Sight (EUNE)
: How about the less "noticed" champions like: {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:43}} **Yorick**: Very fun to play, both AD and AP, even tho' AD is better to play. One of the best ultis in the game, keeps you alive for 15 (?) seconds, if I'm not mistaken. **Urgot**: Ridiculous range on his Q while the enemy is hit with his E. And it's a LOCK ON ability. Tanky, yet dealing ridiculous damage. Troll ultimate that's best used under your turrets if the enemy draws aggro from the turret. **Zilean**: Let's face it, Zilean is one of the best support mages in the game (For me atleast). His Q has a .80 ap scaling. You get 2 free bombs with his W. If you hit two bombs on one target, it stuns them. You can make amazing plays with his ulti. Let's just say you ulti your ap or ad carry in a teamfight, they return to life and help you ace the enemy team.. 'nuff said. Also he has a permaslow. ;) **Karma**: RIDICULOUSLY OP Q, both with ulti, and without it. A point and click root that deals damage over-time, an aoe shield with a movement speed buff that scales with ap. What else do you want? :D
The only one out of those i can see me atleast trying out is Karma. Yorick is a snooze fest imo xD
: I disagree, knock up from other teams should be considered a bonus, you should still be able to land your tornadoes. Played him top a few days ago by accident (I intended on playing Darius in custom, but got assigned a random champ). I was never good with him before until I realised his kit is actually pretty simple (ahem spam q cough{{champion:6}} ), he's also way easier to play if you put his dash on smartcast (and im not even a smartcast player). You get this rush during those moments where you could 1v3 people that I think is unique to Yasuo, you can dash everywhere through minions which generally pressures players who don't know how to deal with him. Play the flute in front of their fountain while your mates destroy the Nexus for maximum disrespect. If you like to disrespect, if you like to mess with players, if you like to make them cry and if you like to uphold myths like "skill champs" to further your evil agenda, Yasuo is for you.
Im probably just bad at playing Yasuo but i cant land my tonados for the life of me lol xD
: Yeah shen is getting one soon (in theory it will be between the 4 I just mentioned and poppy, so sometime this year). We don't have a lot of details but he will likely be a lot less binary which was your main issue with him.
Yeah i cant wait for that! Shen is basically just ulti->taunt game in game out and as soon as i realized that i was like, yeah i should probably play someone else lol.
Zhonyas (EUNE)
: Try Kha'Zix.
How is he mid/top? I feel like ppl might see me as a troll if i were to go lane as kha?
: {{champion:150}} Interesting kit and really versatile. Devourer AP jungle is also fun.
He is one of the champs i have on my list for trying out actually :)
: It depends a lot on your playstyle, like for me I like late game hypercarries so I play {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:5}} (and formerly {{champion:13}}, but after looking at his 5.14 changes I haven't touched him). Also depends on the role you want. I generally don't like playing support, with the one exception of {{champion:412}}, but I love playing him. His kit is fun and he also scales into late game with his passive.
I like champions and roles where i can matter on my own so mid and top are the main contenders. Veigar is interesting out of those you mentioned but im not sure how well he would work for climbing solo Q?
: Top: {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} Jungle: {{champion:60}} Mid: {{champion:103}} Support: {{champion:412}} ADC: {{champion:67}} {{champion:429}} one of the above is the main champion for a lot of players, so, they got to be a bit fun.
Yeah thats the thing i dont like to play champions that everyone else plays, im weird like that haha.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I'm enjoying {{champion:84}} & {{champion:57}} atm personally
I played Akali a bit in season 3 i think, i havent felt the urge to play hre since then but i might give her a try if others dont work for me. Mao is not my thing, im looking for a carry champion mostly.
: Don't play the same champion constantly, pick a couple and alternate so one doesn't get old. There is also a fiora rework next patch, 4 more reworks the patch after plus shen is getting one soon so they are potentially what you are looking for.
Im not a fan of the Fiora (i dont think i am atleast from what iv seen might like playing her i cant be sure) rework. I will keep an eye on the upcoming reworks you are talking about for sure i didnt know Shen was getting one.
Cl1337AH (EUW)
: play elise mid challenging smite runeglaive^^
Thats a "cheese pick" i feel thats not allways going to work, i want something where i dont have to worry that it might get changed completely any moment. Thank you for the suggestion though.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vedixsz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R1j8A5mT,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-01T14:23:02.556+0000) > > Hehe Ahri is actually one of the very few i have on my list of "try outs", meaning champions i will try out for a couple of games and see what happens. On a serious note, it's exactly the type of champion you want. Yes I'm biased, I main her, but trust me on this. She has so much hidden depth when it comes to combos, item builds, runes, team compositions. It's also a champion where you feel a sense of achievement when you make a great play, because she has a high skillcap. She's not overplayed, in fact most people below plat kinda forgot she exists after the removal of dfg. Her kit allows her to survive pretty much every matchup mid, she only really struggles against tanks. Being a squishy oportunistic assassin/mage packing hard cc you have plenty of chances to outplay your opponent, and man it feels good when you dodge a critical ult with a dash, turn around and oneshot people. Safe laning, high mana costs and low kill potential early unless the enemies keep running into your Qs. She excels in the mid game but remains relevant in the late game if you build rylais (to kite the tanks which you can't kill). Also her skins are beautiful.
I just played her once and i did kinda like her, my team was terrible so we lost but the gameplay was somewhat fun. Im not sure about her runes and masteries, do you have any suggestions?
xMidnight (EUW)
: Yasuo{{champion:157}}
He is interesting but i feel like when you dont have teammates that can knock ppl up for you its a huge penalty, what do you think about that?
Cl1337AH (EUW)
: i didn't play LoL for a few weeks and when i play next time i have two try a few things and maybe i like it so maybe try that out too (stop playing for a period of time) yes {{champion:157}} is legendary ^^
I actually played other games for like 2 weeks before i came back to league but that didnt work for me, the second i was back i was like "oh god wtf do i play" :/
I like BDSM (EUNE)
: As a support main I sometimes do have a huge problem choosing my champion in Team Builder. Each just seems so boring really. It's often fixed by playing other role, for example jungle (because I hate jungle.) and I start missing dem tornados and I jump to Janna after a few games ;_; Buuuut if you don't consider any role as your main, I'd definitely recommend trying out {{champion:34}} . You MIGHT think she is pretty bad, but her power is insane after 30min mark especially if you choose to build RoA, you can take teleport for the teleegg, troll people with wall,.. I like the bird lady.
Im mostly looking for a champion to main not really a role, if that champion is mid only then i guess im maining mid. I play mid/top/jungle trying to stay away from bot because i dont like those roles at all. Anivia is actually somewhat interesting now that you mention her. Her farming pre 6 is atrocious though im not sure i can handle that and her mana costs are huge. I might give her a go if Ahri and Ekko dont work. Thank you for the suggestion.
Cl1337AH (EUW)
: I feel like u do, bro!{{item:1051}}
It sucks :/ i keep hoping that the next upcoming champion will be "the one" but then comes Bard -.-
Emillie (EUW)
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} best decision of your life
Hehe Ahri is actually one of the very few i have on my list of "try outs", meaning champions i will try out for a couple of games and see what happens.
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