SpyderTek (EUW)
: test
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eRoxTX (EUW)
: ***
I'm just looking for a team, not a flex team, not a ranked team, just a competitive team.
: Katastrophical Katarina Montage #7: LONELY DUSK
Up your standards a bit with the clips, I understand how it feels to want to get the montage done but quality is the most important aspect.
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: Looking for Players to make a team.
Hi, Mid laner here, add Dage
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Βaz (EUW)
: Team Dangerline looking for a mid laner UK ONLY GOLD/PLAT
Hey, I'm a very enthusiastic mid laner and i'm from the UK! I'm currently Gold V and main Ahri. I can also play Orianna/Vlad and pretty much every champion in the game. I'll add u my name is Dage
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