: Zilean Sikns
Shen's last skin was released in 2013... And I am a Shen one trick {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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Nénimë (EUW)
: Server does not respond
Can't log in to either of my accounts. My EUNE account is working just fine, though
: Mastering League of Legends.
Let's just say you'll have a win rate of 50%. That means you'll have to play 1670 games per champion to get to 1 million mastery points. There are currently 131 champions in League. It'll take you 218770 games to "master" every champion. Assuming you play 10 games a day, it'll take you 59 years and 342 days to do it. Not to mention, by then the game would be dead. And, even before it IS dead, there would be AT LEAST 50 other champions released. Thus, that extends the number of games you play by 83500 games. Thus, adding 22 years and 320 days. So, the total time it'd take you is over 83 years. So, gotta say, that sounds rather impossible. XD
Nénimë (EUW)
: Server does not respond
Can't log in to either of my accounts. My EUNE account is working just fine, though
Nénimë (EUW)
: Server does not respond
Can't log in to either of my accounts. My EUNE account is working just fine, though
Nénimë (EUW)
: Server does not respond
Can't log in to either of my accounts. My EUNE account is working just fine, though
ExoFiddle (EUNE)
: 6.13 - Tibbers doesn't follow my commands
He's all grown up now and does what he wants. They grow up so fast :')
: i was more tilted when I had my 3 S+ shards for a month untill I finally farmed the IP to buy x3 champion shards so I can ugprade to level 7 :D
I have IP saved up already, but getting an S on tanks is very difficult. One game, I went 5/0/9 in a 20 minute game with the highest number of kill participation. I still got an A+ XD
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: If i was in your game, the first statement wouldn't do shit to me. I'm high-Platinum and i have enough game knowledge to know when i'm fucked. Especially since i main bot lane/Jungle which fall behind pretty badly if they do. Yea join in teamfights when i'm 70 farm behind or when they are overfed and can delete me if i go into their flash+ability range. And as a fyi, the way i word it almost always has worked, even for trolls.. Only on some occasions they start talking shit back but it works like 80% of the times. I've played with people that try to act nice to them, it won't do anything. Just someone to laugh over especially for trolls.
You're a high elo player, I barely play ranked. Ever. As for teamfights, a lot of champions have utility. So, even when they're behind, they can help in a teamfight like Malphite, Lulu, Blitz, etc. Sure, they may die soon after, but their utility can single handedly change the face of a team fight. If your main carry is almost dead but a perfect Lulu ult saves your carry and knocks three enemies up and you win the fight, does it matter that Lulu was 3 levels behind/100 cs behind? Same for Malphite. Malphite's ult can change the game. So can a single hook from blitz. Just saying, but I've found a gentler approach to be more effective, I've seen even trolls come back because of nice words.
: You should thank your teamates for being generous in honoring you. Common Sense.
If someone finds you to be worthy of being honoured, it's not their generosity imo. I honour a lot of people I have played with because of their teamwork and communication/friendliness/advice. I don't expect to be thanked for giving someone what they deserve.
Barr0ck (EUW)
: Bill Gates dissaproves
Oh no! Not Bill Gates! D:
PauIo (EUW)
: Congratz again! I lost mine a pretty long time ago >.>
Olu bro! <3 Thanks :3 You are an excellent teammate bro, Idk why you lost yours :/
: Ahh Nice one man, I remember when I had mine, good times http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/qmNceWjX-i-have-received-3-honor-crests-within-24-hours-i-love-everyone now your next challenge is to keep it ;)
Thanks! XD I intend to keep it up :3
LePu (EUW)
: ggwp How many Honors were you getting per game on average ? And how much did it take to get it ?
Thanks ^^ I get at least 1 honour each game, almost. And I'm not sure how many it takes to get it, I had about 87 teamwork honours when I got the green badge. I now have over 180 teamwork honours as of now. I also have about 117 friendly, 37 helpful and 59 honourable opponent honours. Hope it helps ^^
: Already do all that. Even had the yellow one a while back as well, But eventually every body that I seem to play with never give honour. No matter how much of a good person you can be it doesn't mean you'll be credited/noticed for it because some people don't even care or probably know that the feature exists.
A lot of people said I'll lose my green badge in a couple of months, too. But I had kept it for over 8 months. And the only reason I lost it was because I got the yellow badge. I hope I can keep it for long ^^
MOON 1v9 (EUW)
: Wauw you must playing so much premade games and getting honores from them. Even when I am doing 25/4 and leading my team to victory they not even honor me. People dont care about honor system. Its useless :)
I don't play a lot of premade games. And whenever I play with my friends, we don't honour each other. We just joke around and have fun. Just today, I got 3 teammate honours in a solo game. The system may be useless but I appreciate Riot recognising positive players. It's not about going 25/4 or anything. I've received "friendly" honours even in games where I went 3/4 or something. It's about your body language and communication. More often than not, pings are not enough. I ping and I type in chat, too. I type every thing: "Gotta b guys, care" "Ss top, care" "Top no f" "Top no tp" "Help ___" "Ward ____" "I'll go split push, they have a better team fight comp, keep them distracted." If you don't write everything for a team you just met, how will they know what you're doing? There's a reason why we have chat system in game. And it's not to flame or be passive aggressive.
Nakhishia (EUW)
: That's awesome! Keep up the good work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: That's literally what every OP says on these threads though hate to break your bubble, but people don't get off tilt unless you make it seem like what they're doing is pointless and sometimes it takes an aggressive approach to get them to work with the team. Especially with trolls. They won't give a damn if you try to be nice, it's not like they care what you think unless you make them feel ashamed of what they're doing.
That's the wrong approach, instead of aggressively insulting someone, try this: Bro, can you please play safe? ^^ I know it's hard to lane against ____ just build some armor/mr and hug your tower, I'll roam soon Or Dude, please join us in team fights, you have great utility and we need your help. Instead of belittling them, try to point out the right thing to do in a helpful way. As for trolls, nothing you say or do will change what they do, so why insult and flame them and get banned/punished yourself? Instead, mute and ignore them and take a loss. You win some, you lose some.
: Good Job at being this positive while playing League. Are u playing normal games, ARAMs or RANKED? I myself try to ignore all the hate thats beeing created in ranked. Disabeling all-chat really does help to stay positiv. Lets make League great again :D
Thanks ^^ I mostly play normals simply because ranked is too toxic. I actually enjoy striking a conversation with the enemy team. Like today when I was playing Yi jung, enemy Ahri, Voli and Trist tried to kill me, but my team came in and saved me and we got a three for 0. I survived with about 50 HP, so I write in all chat "careful guys! You almost killed me! D:" it makes things less tense and everyone can see the fun side, imo ^^
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Good job
: When people actually use the honoring system consistently..
I'm not sure if it helps, but, I try my best to make the best out of every situation. And if someone on our team ends up feeding, I encourage everyone go NOT flame and/or insult them for having a bad day. I also tell everyone who go for "report ____" that report calling itself is reportable. Just try to keep an interactive and positive environment for your team and your enemy team ^^
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Well done :)
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Activate Windows :D Hope microsoft wont see this!
Hahaha! Yeah, my windows is asking for the serial number but for the life of me, I can't find my laptop's box that has the information xD
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mr Wade (EUW)
: Hextech Crafting - Skins and Champions
I've opened like 20-ish hextech boxes so far. 3 Ward skins, 1 champion. 16 skins. I was very frustrated because I didn't get champion shards. I needed to get lv6 on Shen. (This is from 6.10, later on I used mystery champion shards to get lv6 on Shen and Vlad)
: Tips And Tricks
Hey there! Here are some of the things I do when playing the game. Note: I don't play ranked much, but if you look at my match history, most of the games I've been playing in the past few weeks, I've won most of them. So, what changed? I picked up a few tricks. 1) Itemisation. This is probably one of the most important things in laning. You have to understand your match up. Who you're up against and what items you should rush. I encourage you to read guides and look at pro builds because they are, obviously, pro for a reason. But, treat every game differently. If you're against an AP top laner, for example, rushing armor or sunfire cape wouldn't help you. Sure, some guide by a high elo player must have said how it's a core for your champion, but that doesn't mean it should be rushed. If you actually read the whole guide, more than one build is provided to you and situational items are also added. 2) Last hitting. Practice it. My CS score used to be absolutely terrible. And I never realised how much it mattered. If you're at a CS advantage of 15 over your enemy laner, you have extra gold equal to one kill. Always count that in your scores. Sometimes you think you're behind because you're 0/1 but if you're 15+ cs ahead of your laner, you're actually ahead of him. 3) Map awareness. Wards don't do anything if you don't look at your mini map. Make a habit of looking down at your mini map once every five seconds. (That's not a tip by me, it was actually a tip by Faker in an interview.) Make a habit of it. If you look at my last Vlad game, we had a jinx jung who died to a counter jungle of Master Yi. My laner was away and there were no wards around, so I sneaked up near his blue (Where he was recalling) and killed him. If you also look at my build path, since I was against a Viktor, I got early MR and rushed Spirit Visage first item even though I was ahead. You have to respect the burst of your enemy. Simply by looking at your map once every few seconds, you can learn a lot. Like, if their jung ganks bot and goes up the river. He only has two real options there. Either take drake or gank mid. I immediately stop pushing mid and get out of lane. 3 seconds later, Yi is pushing mid with Viktor. I didn't need a ward there to save myself from a death. Just map awareness. 4) Never be greedy. It's often better to not go in for a kill when the enemy is low because more often than not, they're baiting you. Again, I'd refer you to my last vlad game where I had just killed Viktor mid and I was at 20% health. I saw Yi coming from our jungle (map awareness ftw) and baited a recall under tower. He was full HP so, he thought he'd kill me and use ult to get out of turret range. He came in, I Q'd him and charged my E. Waited to him for finish his alpha strike before releasing my E and then used my W to get untargettable. He took 3 turret shots and my damage combined, died to give me a double kill. 5) Don't blow your summoners. Don't burn out your flash in a 3v1 gank if you know you're gonna die anyways. Because then you're down a summoner and down a kill. And if you're playing an immobile champion, not having flash puts a target behind your back and everyone would camp the living hell out of you. Mid/top will roam to your lane, enemy jungler would camp you. They'll try to push their advantage out as much as they can. Sometimes, it's okay to die and not burn a summoner in case of a team fight. Specially if you're playing a tanky champion. Most tanks are immobile and can be kited easily. So, you'll need some form of engage on your enemy team. Flash can help you get that. These are my five tricks. Hope they help you! ^_^
: The support actully needs to do sme damage in B5-B3 since specially the ad carry often fail to. They should be played like a tanky topplaner whit a {{item:2303}} as first item. Above B2 you can start to go for less damage and tank items and more utillity. I would guess that "true supporting" is getting the upper hand above these tactic somewhere in low silver.
I personally don't play a lot of ranked. It feels too toxic and negative to me. Personally, I've held my ground against gold V and above players. But, I won't say that means I'm a gold V player or anything. League is a team-based game and me being able to win against higher elo players means I'm good at 1v1'ing them, not actually playing the game better than them. While I agree in lower elo you would want a supp who can deal damage, dealing more damage than anyone else seems a bit off for a "support" champion. My personal recommendation of an off-meta pick would be for you to pick Malphite support. It has everything you'll need in lower elo. Great engage for your team, great damage (Considering your W scales with armor and you stack armor. Plus, your enemy adc also deals physical damage, so you can tank better bot lane), and great utility. Plus, it has the element of surprise. If you're willing to learn a champion, I'd recommend Shen support. It's very easy to pick up, but you need to be good with evaluation to play Shen effectively. Shen has a Yasuo effect, in a way. Just because someone is knocked up doesn't mean a Yasuo should go in for an ult. Similarly, just because someone is close to dying, doesn't mean Shen should ult them. It's often a time-impacted decision. Considering if your ally is very low, your shield early levels isn't great. But if you cast it at the right time, it's the perfect bait and enemies (specially in the lower elo) are too greedy for the kill and don't care about positioning themselves. You can easily get a 2-3 man taunt and let your carry escape and/or help him get a double or triple kill. Shen isn't necessarily a hard champion to play, in fact he's pretty easy if I'm being honest. But you need to learn to take advantage of the time window of his skills. Cause, you can make some crazy plays as the new Shen by being dangerously low and if you play your cards right, you can abuse your passive often. Late hame, your passive is on a very low cooldown if you play your cards right.
: off meta picks aka trolling
An off meta pick would be something like Malphite/Warwick support. They build tanky and have utility. Malphite's Q is a crippling slow. Both WW and Malph ults result in almost guaranteed kills. WW's W buffs your adc's atk spd. Ez has no utility and needs farm to be efficient. I go with a lot of off meta supp champions. My main being Shen, so, I've played Shen literally everywhere (except for adc of course). Jungle Shen is an off meta pick which is pretty fun to play, has utility and good ganks (Ult and E). Shen supp is an off meta pick that works amazingly with carries who have some form of CC like jinx's snare. Plus, with Shen supp, you can always E towards your carry, press QW and prevent your enemy adc's autos from damaging your carry and get a shield. Ezreal support isn't off meta, it's simply not meta. (Meta = Most Efficient Tactic Available). I'll even argue that support Veigar has some potential due to his E, but I won't consider him a supp in any way because he needs cs and items to be effective. Same for Nidalee supp. EDIT: It's not a supp's job to deal damage, so the fact that you dealt the most damage in your team simply means your carries weren't able to utilize themselves. A supp's job is to provide cc/initiate/help/SUPPORT your team.
: gg wp
Thank you :3 I was so glad to get Shen lv6 that I just spammed 3 more games as Shen just to flash my mastery over and over again XD
Najns (EUW)
: Woow good job :D Happy birthday^^
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Eveninn (EUW)
: You can only gain one mystery chest per Champion per season. You can see who you gained a mystery chest for already in the "Champions" tab of your profile. And the S must be gained by either you or someone you invited into your game, and not just any teammate. At least those 2 are the things I see mistaken most, is either of those what causes the problem for you? :s
Ohhh!! No wonder! XD Thanks for clearifying it bro! ^_^ All the S's were me cause most of my friends that I play with usually play at night :P Thanks again for your help :D EDIT: I am a Shen/Vlad main, so I already have earned mystery chests on them XD
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IkOerman (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=VenomousVermin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ZNrXrU1O,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-31T12:16:28.159+0000) > > But, I have won 1v1 matches against Gold I players, and so on. 1v1 is not the same as 5v5
I know, but it does give me validity in terms of laning phase, since that is 1v1 for every lane except for bot. And I never said I was a good player.
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: > [{quoted}](name=VenomousVermin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tooK9EMU,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-05-31T09:26:13.244+0000) > > As a guy who plays a lot of Vlad, I agree. It&#x27;s almost hilarious when you escape with ~300 HP. Just last game, my entire team fed the enemy team. Mid laner 0/11, jung 1/7, and so on. I was 5/2 on Vlad. We obviously couldn&#x27;t win that game. But, it&#x27;s funny cause I killed someone in a 3v1 gank and escaped, flashing my mastery. Ahh, Vlad, I dub thee Tiltasaurus Rex :3 not only vlad. There are quite a few laners that i give up on ganking. Not worth the time. there are also these people who push their lane like crazy and the bitch at me for not ganking. and the times people start dragon/baron when i say 'cd smite' and then flame me for not smiting. and people who dont react to my ganks, and then bitch at me if i die to a countergank. there are even people who flame me, even if i do really well, coz they lose their lane. tl;dr jungler's life is hard
I know, a jungler's life is pretty hard. I have played A LOT of jungle recently. As a top lane main who rarely jungles, this week I had to jungle about 12 games. Laners really want their junglers to be everywhere at all times possible. If I ever go to gank top, my bot will flame me hard and vice versa. I main Shen, so enemy junglers have a lot of problems trying to gank bot when I'm top. *Goes top to gank, gets my top laner a kill* *Enemy jungler goes bot lane to get a double* *Ults the adc, gets a double kill bot lane* XD "there are even people who flame me, even if i do really well, coz they lose their lane." I know! I actually had the displeasure of meeting one of those today. I was playing Shen supp. We're having a teamfight mid lane, Jinx starts splitting bot with 0 vision, dies to 3 man gank. "Omg shen worst supp" All chat: "Report shen for feeding early and being useless" my early score was 1/2/2. And I was so useless I had more assists than Jinx's total number of participated kills. My ending score was 7/9/22 because I had to take (Quite literally) a lot of bullets (From Lucian's ult) to protect my carries. In the end, we won the game thanks to a Yasuo (who kept thanking me for saving him and initiating). The funniest thing that Jinx said was "Report shen for not warding. 0 wards." http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2689949482/222780240?tab=overview I placed the most wards in the game. Both teams included. "0 wards". Still, I have a record of never once flaming in any game, so, I didn't say a word to that Jinx. The rest of my team was pretty cool. ^^
Perilum (EUW)
: I just gave up to gank a Vlad. He is soooo slippy.
As a guy who plays a lot of Vlad, I agree. It's almost hilarious when you escape with ~300 HP. Just last game, my entire team fed the enemy team. Mid laner 0/11, jung 1/7, and so on. I was 5/2 on Vlad. We obviously couldn't win that game. But, it's funny cause I killed someone in a 3v1 gank and escaped, flashing my mastery. Ahh, Vlad, I dub thee Tiltasaurus Rex :3
: Before typing "I have no jungler" please, ask yourself this question
"does your jungler have a laner?" Ouch. Damn that burn, though XD Honestly, I've only asked for ganks. I never say "jung 0 ganks gg" or something like that. Simply cause... that makes no sense. Insulting your jungler will only make him NOT want to gank. This one time I was jungling, bot lane kept crying and flaming me when they kept dying recklessly until the point they were 1/6. And, I was helping my top laner snowball cause he was 8/2. I mean, I could try and save your lane and die trying... Or I can help make a carry. \o/ EDIT: We won that game. I was shen jung with Teemo top. Teemo carried us.
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: bruh, next patch champions shards can be purchased with ip lol
Oh god, bruh, I wish I knew ;-; Kill me now XD
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Clan HoA (EUW)
: HoA - (Spoiler Alert)
I've had great times in the club. Though I am, in all honesty, Probably the most inactive member xD it's a fun and welcoming club, doesn't matter whether you're wood V or Challenger. Everyone is welcomed :D
: than Talliyah instead of Trundle :P !!! #MakeShurimaGreatAgain!
But Jarven is from Demacia, Anivia is from Freljord and Yasuo is from Ionia. *MakeRuneterraGreatAgain*
Iao (EUW)
: Well kiting correctly is something that comes with practice, and the easiest way to practice this is definitely with minions. Every time you're attacking minions (As melee this works aswell) be on the move, and try to only auto attack again when your AS let's you, rather than standing still cuz it's still winding up. Always. Be. On. The. Move. Whether you're attacking towers, minions or champions. Just try to move towards / away from said target, and repeat 'till perfection. And regarding the last part of your post: Try to get a good read of the map. It's only "worth" getting 4 man ganked if your team can't get anything off it, so if Dragon is dead, your team isn't close to a turret et cetera it's not worth risking such situations (Where you attract a lot of attention). Constantly look at your map and how the vision on it looks like- if everyone is pushing then it's worth to also push, if your teammates are planning to recall calm down on the pushing. Wards aren't even necssary for that ^_^
Alright, thanks a lot for your help and sincere wishes for your dynamic queue in the future! :D You're probably one of the most positive adc I've ever seen, considering I do play supp quite a bit xD It's literally impossible to not get blamed. Me as shen: *ults in to save top lane and let them win in a 2v1 by giving them a shield and taunting the jung and top* Top laner: omg shen that was so good thanks Adc: supp 0 help. Never around gg. I have had great adc's in my team, too, though. Some who were nice enough to help me become better at supp than I was. But the ratio between the flamer and the nice is like 80-20 xD Anyways, I have taken up enough of your time! Thanks for your help and time! And once again, congratulations! ^_^
Iao (EUW)
: Thank you ^^ Well, it all comes down to this: Hard work beats talent and practice makes perfect. Can you be good at every single role? Most likely not. You'll always have to sacrifice certain things to achieve others, so I'd stick to 1-2 roles if I were you. General tips and tricks for carrying as an ADC hm, I'd advise playing ADC's that truly fit your taste. For me that were Vayne and Ezreal when I begun, but they've switched over to Draven and Jhin lately. If you're already taking it up on yourself to learn all the roles, I'd strongly advise sticking to only a few champions for each role, otherwise it'll become near impossible. Further I'd recommend getting good at kiting and positioning, as those are way more important than fancy mechanics and timings. Notice what you're good at- for me that was teamfighting- and minimise the losses on the things you're bad at (For me that's always been laning phase.) So what I do is take it as a victory if I can survive/outfarm my lane opponent, and then get straight into the thing that I'm naturally good at. That means that for laning phase I have relatively low, but achievable and realistic goals. It also prevents tilting / negative behaviour, since even if I lose lane I know that was simply to be expected as I'm not a very good laner. Find out what you're good and bad at, and play accordingly. And for my most important tip for any ADC player out there: If you're dead you're not dealing any damage, so focus on surviving before dealing damage Playing with a DuoQ partner as a lane buddy is also really smart, and it obviouly also prevents the botlane blame shenenigans that are so common these days.
Thanks for your help! I know I can't be good at every role, but I'd still like to be at least decent enough that I don't end up feeding if I'm given the role. XD One side question, though. How do I kite efficiently? I usually play tanky champions (Shen main) so, kiting and positioning aren't exactly my strong points. As of recently, I've been playing a lot of Quinn and Vlad top because of how fun they are. The games on Quinn go somewhat like this: I'm against a melee top laner, mostly a tank with cc and not enough dmg, so I poke and push down to their turret and keep increasing my farm, since I get better late game. Most games, at 10 minutes, my cs is 50-70 and the enemy's cs is about 20. But, during mid game, I keep dying to 3-4 man ganks that I can't escape even though I place wards all over my lane. I can see my enemies coming, but I can't prevent my death. So, I'm not really great at kiting XD
Iao (EUW)
: Master ADC AMA
Firstly, congratulations on getting masters! ^^ Secondly, I've been trying to increase my playstyle. I'm trying to grasp every role and learn to perform at least decent on it. And, I'm a top lane main, with supp secondary. And, I can perform decent in mid and jungle too. I just outright suck on adc. So, can you give me some general tip and tricks for carrying as an adc?
Clan HoA (EUW)
: HoA - Alright! Calm down! Just calmly click this, don't go nuts
As someone who's been part of HoA for a while, I can vouch for it to be super fun and awesome :D
Mepodis (EUW)
: How is Jayces status atm?
Top lane and I'd say a decent pick rn. Most top laners are tanky/melee ranged so, Jayce gets good poke dmg and a counter engage if you're in danger. Plus, you'll have a lot of move speed due to your passive and E. He isn't too strong a pick as of now, nor too weak a pick. I'd say if you like poke champions (Nidalee, Ziggs, Syndra, Xerath, Azir, etc.) go for Jayce. Although, personally, I suck at Jayce, so I don't play him that much. XD Also, Jayce is one of those champions where you'll need to land a lot of skillshots and calculate risks, so even if you're counterpicking as Jayce (Against, say, Malphite) you can still die. I had someone counterpick Jayce against my Malphite and I believe Jayce counters malphite as he has long range and poke. I even dced that game and he was 2 levels above me, I still was able to kill him under his tower because he misplayed and flashed to kill me. Hope it helps! ^^
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