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: Skin Boost SUGGESTION !!
It used to be that Skin Boost would unlock all skins for 1 game during the last One For All (on the Howling Abyss). I am not sure why they changed it...
: ARAM accounts Ruined ARAM
Wait... Are you telling me there are people who make accounts with only OP ARAM champions?! Isn't ARAM like... supposed to be not tryhard? I want to add that I don't recognize your story. Sometimes I get strong champions in my team, sometimes the enemy team gets strong champions. Nevertheless does your first solution appeal to me. All champions available makes it possible to play some expensive 6300 champions you've never played before.
: You know how Anivia's passive changes her name to Eggnivia briefly? Squill is the same deal, but with Lulu's Polymorph. Anyone turned into a squirrel by Lulu briefly gets their champion name changed to Squill :p
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Kapfel (EUW)
: Smart Cast - Range Indicator
You can bind it manually in the option menu. Some with indicator some without.
Petsho (EUW)
: The reason why people are so toxic
In my humble opinion, these are the tiers that are most toxic: Bronze 1-5, Silver 3-5, Gold 5, Platinum 5. The other tiers are okay most of the time. Of course, there is always the chance of a flamer in the other tiers, you can't expect different from a competitive online game. But most people in the other tiers are nice and decent. Also note, people in their promotion series tend to be more on edge than people who aren't.
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Yousef47 (EUNE)
: Well, don`t bring URF back. Bring the Doom Bots again!
Doom Bots was easy if you got the hang of it, URF is way harder and thus way more enjoyable.
: [BUG] No Range Indicators
It still isn't perfect though. Before 5.8 I was able to tick _Display Range Indicator when using Quick Cast_ off and ALL range indicators disappeared (that's how I play champions like Ryze or Katarina). I had every spell on quick+self cast. Now with 5.8 this doesn't work anymore: toggling the _Display Range Indicator when using Quick Cast_ does NOTHING when you have your spells on quick+self cast (or quick+self+indicator cast). Rito could you make it that with 1 toggle I can switch between indicators and no indicators, while keeping all spells on self cast?
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: SUGGESTION: Remove the surrender-box
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: Random bronze acts #5
That Lee Sin @blue was probably lagging hard, by the looks of it.
: [Bug] - Ranked became the new unranked
: LoL Client freezes the computer for 10-60 seconds after logging in
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: Why do people feel the need to be such assholes in every game?
Why do people feel the need to whine on the forums about flamers in game? It's an online game with chat-function: of course there's gonna be people abusing that. Welcome to the internet. Just use the mute button and report them afterwards. By caring more than that you're just making your own day worse.
: I use open broadcaster, its free and got a nice quality :)
That's a screen recorder though, not a LoLRecorder. Won't it affect your fps? EDIT: Also, doesn't it consume huge amounts of space on your HDD?
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