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Sightburner (EUNE)
: If they sell it again it will not be rare (like you said a lot of people would/will buy it). Personally I think they shouldn't sell it again, there would be no point in making special occasion skins if they put them up for sale again. I guess I am a bit bias since I have the skin though.
:( i want it pretty badly xD i mean if rito wanna sell it for 20k rp not a lot of people can afford that still making a very rare skin though
: Is Darius worth buying?
As a person who has played darius a lot in the past (mainly because he was about the only champ i could play when i first started) i would say he is definitely worth buying his passive if like an infinite ignite in a fight as a 1v1 a stacking passive that can deal over 100 damage per second with 5 stacks it is definatly a very op passive, to get his passive going all basic attacks and his Q and W and Ulti all apply a stack each of his passive combine it with ignite as well and u can walk away as they slowly die a painful bloody death his q while doing a good amount of damage, deals an extra 50% damage to those stood on the edge of the radius making it a very damaging poke and adds a stack of his passive w is very good as it a basic attack that deals extra damage but can be blocked by abilites such as jax's counter strike ability e pulls enemies right into your face but does NOT apply his passive but it does give you bonus armour pen to all those who you grab for a short time now for his ulti it rely's on your passive heavily while it does a lot of damage without your passive stacks on the enemy, it will do a certain amount extra damage per stack as true damage (not sure if it is true damage but i think it is) and if you kill someone with your ulti then you can recast it again within the next 20 or so seconds and if you get another kill u can recast again potentially a pentadunk if you can get the stacks on each enemy all in all he is a very strong top laner who has fallen out of favour somewhat but is very strong there is only a few champs he doesnt do so well again but then again it depends on the players skill with these champs personally i have trouble again champs such as renekton yorick jayce and the devil (teemo) all other champs its pretty easy to snowball with afterwards his waveclear is amazing as well stand right in the middle and use q and then tiamat (ravenous hydra) and boom whole wave gone :D) my typical build with his is merc treads/mobilty boots depending who your against ap then defo get merc treads if not then your base armour is quite high so i get moby boots black cleaver ravenous hydra randuins omen spirit visage/banshees veil guardian angel/sunfire cape i get the damage and boots first if i win my lane but if not then reverse this order guys before u decide whether to hate on my way to play him remember this is how i play him and it works for me may not for you but it does for me so no hating pls
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