: out of the 8000 games i have played i have only seen one real scripter. there isnt that many out there and if there are then they sure as hell dont last long as its incredibly obvious when someone is either really good or clearly cheating
I've probably played about 4000 games... I've only seen a scripted vayne once. But you can definitely tell when it's a scripted champ... The behaviour is just not logical. Also the timing and dodges are to fast... Also the way in which they dodge is 'odd'... Though its probably hard to prove... it's just as you say. People notice straight away, so they very likely dont last long.
: Xin Zhao Rework
Seems like a reasonable update tbh. 'I like it *thor face' .. I've had the feeling that xin is being out performed by most other champs in a way. Since his skillset seems a bit lacking and tbh a bit boring. Though I don't play xin that often, a friend of mine does, and I do understand his frustration in comparison with other champs (especially since the juggernaut update).
: normals are just no fun due to premades.
*sigh all this ranting on premades is always the same. Usually soloQers are just as toxic and to be honest I find this to be more true then premades are. (Since they have to share their thoughts in the chat and not on Skype or Teamspeak between themselves) For some reason they think themselves superior because they are soloQing and therefore deserve more respect or whatever? If you hate 3-4 man premades so much go play some ranked (well while you can since this is being changed aswell) In the end it all depends on the players, whether they are soloQing or not. You can always encounter trolls or hatefull people. Judging the tone of your post you are most likely the 'superior' soloQer.
Bombardox (EUW)
: League is awesome game but ruined by people who play it
The people I know who hate LoL basically do so for a couple of reasons: * Games can be quite time consuming and not all people are dedicated gamers (they'd quit in the middle of the game since they just don't care) So they dont like lol since this is not accetable. * They're just not that good at gaming. (lets face it. LoL is quite hard to play. The learning curve is really high and the people who play the game are quite often experienced. Getting stomped just isnt fun so you either have to invest a lot of time to learn the game. Or learn to deal with getting stomped until you can stomp back) * They're whining... So they either think LoL is to mainstream.. or pick your poison. I know a guy who hates LoL be cause we like to play the game and therefore rather play LoL then HoTS with him.
Borbarad (EUW)
: Ah a shame, he already gave two of my reasons I was about to post, so much wasted time. Anyways, I still got another one: Another problem is that many people have problems communicating both with teamspeak with their premade and in chat / with pings with the rest of the team. I am not saying they act selfish, I just think the concept of DuoQ, in terms of total teamplay, is just worse for most people because they can't deal with it properly. Heck, I constantly told MY premade to fucking type the stuff in the chat, he just told me about timers and enemy movements, but its important for everyone, not just me. And last but not least, often if one is negative, so is the other one, they deliberately try to defend each other and raising negativity by more comments in chat. This problem does not occur often, but you are more likely to remember this behaviour from duo partners.
Again understandable reasons, though the last one will occur on any lane with people who are duoQing. Not necessarily bot lane. To the defence of duoQ bots though - For us I find the main advantage is our knowledge of each others play styles. When I like to engage or when I prefer playing safe. We know what to expect of each other in different situations. I also find that shouting 'GO GO GO into his ear' tends to be more effective then pinging and hoping the support knows my intentions. (this may be a bit exaggerated) . - but te be honest - I think I have more success in general when soloQing but this might just be my imagination. I have more fun when duoQing though.
: Because you say things like "Hia Folks"
I suppose I should have said 'Howdy'
: I think the most common reason is because of people using the DuoQ system as a Legal Alternative to ELO boosting - and before you downvote read it up: **- Often premades go to the botlane just because its the only lane where they can directly have impact on the other players game, rather than because they main adc/supp - this obviously puts them at a disadvantage even if they use Voice Communication.** **- Often premades ares something like Plat 2-1 + Gold 5-4 (or of a gap paralel to this one), making the skill gap obvious (unless one of both is smurfing); then you have following problems: ** - If you put the lower bracket player in a Solo Lane he is likely to lose that lane because he probably gets outskilled by the opponent. - If the higher bracket player plays in the Same lane as the lower bracket player he has to play on a higher level than the opponent by himself, kind of to make up for his "lacking" partner - this often fails leading to a loss if both of the enemy laners are on the same (higher bracket) level of play. - The lower bracket player will often also expect his higher bracket premade to "Carry" the game, or at least the lane - and a SoloCarry isnt always possible; especially if the higher bracket player is playing against opponents of the same skill level. **- Besides both of the above, Premades often act negatively in champ select, expecting to get their roles just because they are premade - and trashtalking, insulting, or trolling if they do not get their respective roles. However being premade does not give them any right to do so. ** These are, in my honest opinion, the main reasons why people dislike playing with premades - besides the usual bias of remembering more negative premade results than positive ones (this however is neglectible in most cases imho, because the real effects of DuoQing in SoloQ are heavy either way)
Thanks for reply. Seems like a logical reason... Though it saddens me to say so. I suppose in future games it would just be best to continue on calling lane prefs adc and sup. Since there's a very low skill-gap between us (I'm obviously the better player! (lol :P just kidding tbh I dont care who's better ) I suppose most of the stuff wont apply to us, but I suppose it does for a lot of other players. But this might help me to avoid the negativity of other players before the game even started ;)
Eveninn (EUW)
: > 90% of question staring with 'Why...' can be answered with: 'Because People are stupid'. This is one of those. Mainly it is due to the fact that negative experiences seem to affect People way mroe than positive ones do. So lets say they had 10 premade bots they knew of. (as there will be so often cases which they don't know of it) 2 did insanely well and carried. 4 did neutral. 3 lost lane. 1 lost lane and flamed. For some reason, when not having this listed like that, but actually palyed through those games, humans fell like the negative ones are at least as much, if not more. This might be that the ones flaming are so vocal (loud minority), and you obviously notice that those are premades, while they might even Forget that the ones who carried were actually premades. (2 solo Players on bot can carry too, no?) ---------------- As for your problem... I'm afraid there are only 2 ways if you are scared of People getting negative towards you: - Don't give a damn. This might not be that best thing... but sadly it's the only way you can still call it. Usually when i see it people don't comment on it, not sure how they feel about it. I personally do judge them, but not because of premade bot, but bacause of the way they say it: "premade bot with XXX" is the same \*sigh\* moment for me as when someone just goes "mid" or "top". "Bot with XXX please/If possible" however is something I don't mind at all. - Don't call premade bot, but both of you just call their Position (ADC/supp). Often has the same chances of getting you the roles, just without all the fuzz about it. I personally hardly duoQ, and when I do don't get into this situation as I main mid, so I sadly can only talk in theory and not from experiences.
I usually just say - prefer bot with ... and finish with but other lanes are fine as well. - when asked for lane prefs... but I've gone to just saying pref adc... Also I know I shouldn't care about others opinions except I do. I like this game. I care if I don't perform well. And being a bit vain I care if people don't think I perform good enough. Lately it seems there is a lot more negativity towards duoQers then there used to be (possible because in the current meta - bot lane falls a bit more in the background in comparison to the other roles).
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EmEx (EUW)
: KS when I do most of the damage?
To be honest I believe that if you're playing your support like that you should be playing a different role. The idea of the sup. on bot lane NOT taking the minions and trying to give the kills to the ADC is to shift the balance into your advantage. You're now taking this away making it harder for your caries to get their much needed gold. Now i'm not saying that doing as much dmg as you do is wrong, you're doing a great job. But there is a reason you try to stack as much gold as possible on your carries. Remember your job is to provide SUPPORT.
: One for all is over soon - overall experience
In comparison with other game modes I found this to be the WORST game mode as of yet. I just had so many bad experiences... People tend to forget they're playing on Summoners Rift. There's no more warding, no ss calling, no more tactics its just everybody for themselves and and flame if people perform badly or flame if you didnt get the champ YOU vouched for because that would have meant an instant win. The champion pool was to low, which meant that any other pick then (x - x or x) would mean you where trolling and should be reported. And the flame between teams in general was just really bad... The rage already started in champion select when person X didnt get Riven which means flaming even more will probably get you RIven? My friends liked it and I joined in a couple of times, I believe I played about 20 games.. and out of these games maybe 2-3 games where actually fun while the rest was either 'to easy' or 'impossible'. I'm glad it's over. I love this game.. but this game mode was not a success for me.
: Fiora - Risposte
*sigh another rage post. Just so you know the current champion pool for worlds is one of the most diverse pools as of yet. Balance these days is hard to find I agree. So change your play style and adapt...
: Spamming surrender votes perhaps the worst and most overlooked form of toxic negative attitude.
I have to agree that it is quite disheartening to have to endure the constant surrender votes from that one guy who's having a hard time... but you can easily click it away and be done with it. How about some alternatives aswell: * An increased timer to retry for the person who started it? * Or this may be better. The surrender won't show up until at least 2 or 3 players have decided to ff. The result will be even more spamming and begging for the /ff in chat... BUT less surrender votes. Which would you prefer?
: Anime! Top 10!
What is this? no One Piece? Sir you have some watching to do
: Confess your lol sins here.
I like to play with friends... but only a few of my friends are decent LoL players. We kind of 'put up' with the rest and end up telling them 'dont worry you are doing great' ... I usually end up with a headache *sighing silently.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Players flaming me with awful language skills
It's kind of pathetic though... like a child... it's the way you respond when somebody else is putting you in your place and instead of proving somebody wrong you respond with ' it's you're not your... you're missing the point OP. grow up...
PoroChan (EUW)
: This is my personal opinion, but I believe that you should not be playing ranked casually, people want to win on there and to get somewhere, so playing casually is not much accepted and admitted, neither do I like casuals on ranked~ Just as I am entitled to my opinion, so are you. This is my subjective opinion and you may feel free to disagree obviously.
Well I kind of disagree, I suppose most 'casual' players are not playing in gold or above. As he said he's playing in bronze with players who should be his level. So this is where most casual or inexperienced players should be. Though, you are playing a competitive game. So giving me the 'its just a game' bs will result in annoyed players. When you're playing in this style go play some normals with your friends. Most smurfs shouldnt be in your league for long anyway. I know they can be annoying.. Its most likely those skilled 14 yr olds or whatever who like to crush people who are inexperienced... ( I dont get this myself, if something isnt a challange then where is the fun? Its like playing a game with cheats... it gets boring so fast).
nics5 (EUW)
: Afker in ranked
I think harder punishment is required. Also when reporting the AFKers it would be nice to get a notification if the culprit is actually punished. A lot of people assume their reports are useless... Should you at some point get the message. "a user you reported has been punished for AFKing" or whatever. No need for summoner names or whatever. But some sort of notifications or statistiscs concerning reports would be nice
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: TSM's fan base is disgusting, even more than i could ever expect before.
TSM just had some bad games... The added pressure from the 'fans' isnt helping either. The real fans will back them up anyway ;) They'll pull through groups. I know they will. Go TSM!
Ergo Law (EUW)
: Good picks for 3v3 ranked?
I always find {{champion:122}} a great option. Not very mobile though. {{champion:31}} is also one of my favs. Usually with one dmg dealer like {{champion:103}} {{champion:76}} or {{champion:1}} and 2 tanky champs 2 keep your 'squishy' safe. *im calling it squishy but it usually shouldnt be TO squishy. {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} or {{item:3001}} depending on enemy setup.
: Server issues or Drophacked by the enemy player
I had this issue aswell, both yesterday as today... during series.. bah. It is as you said... lagging, everybody stops. A friend of mine was spectating he said "Well I guess the minions are going to finish this game for you... because you are all just standing still. " Unable to reconnect to the game with the message that it might be a firewall issue or something. For me the game didnt even show up in my match history. I hope this bug wont stick around for too long...


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